1. $CSU.CA this is staying strong.. wonder how it will do in ER


  3. Earnings announcement: $CSU.TO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Apr 29 2015

  4. $CSU.CA Here comes $500

  5. Brace yourselves $TSX.CA investor types. The long-awaited pullback in $CSU.CA may be upon us. I m buying with both hands if it hits $450

  6. INK Canadian Insider Index closes at 2015 high of 1,106.04 +4.95 (+0.45%). Leading today: $CSU.CA +3.3%. YTD #INKCIN Index +7.04%. $HII.CA

  7. $CSU-CA big TP at 500$, will be on sideline after...

  8. My main complaint with stocks like $CSU.CA, $NHC.CA is the lack of dips to buy.

  9. $CSU.CA Heading for the 15% in 5 days. this is on fire. 500$ is actually really coming through

  10. $CSU.CA 500 is coming. I m just amazed with this stock.

  11. Breaking out hitting new 52 wk high 20 mins aft open $DRT.CA $DH.CA $HBC.CA $CSU.CA $CTC.A.CA $FSV.CA $DOL.CA $WSP.CA $BYD.UN.CA $CCL.B.CA

  12. Notable stocks hitting new 52 week highs: $CSU.CA $BAM.A.CA $GIL.CA including some names I mentioned last week.

  13. $CSU-CA this was one of the stocks for buy and hold but how the hell I would have known that at that time

  14. $CSU-CA Wow , I sold this one around 198 cad more than 1 year ago, It looks super high now!!!

  15. Big HITS stocks $VRX.CA $CSU.CA flying on $CTRX deal & diving CAD. Watch for smaller HITS to disappear as Poloz puts Canada on sale $HII.CA

  16. The INK Canadian Insider Index closes at 1,084.39 -3.53 (-0.32%). Leading $CSU.CA + 3.0%, lagging $ESI.CA -3.6% $HII.CA #INKCIN

  17. $CSU.CA loll sold at 436$ just to get 1% profit... now its skyrocketing

  18. $CSU.CA it s a buy if goes lower by another 8.75 bucks or so.

  19. $CSU.CA look at this LT chart since IPO. If you bought at IPO & hold till now u r millionaire.

  20. The INK Canadian Insider Index closed at 1,071.37 up 2.15 (+0.20%). Leading: $CSU.CA +3.8%, lagging $IPL.CA -3.5% $HII.CA #INKCIN

  21. $CSU-CA best company ever

  22. $CSU.CA continues it s march towards the stratosphere. What a stock.

  23. $CSU.CA - just as it starts to slow down, another acquisition keeps the momentum going. Onwards and upwards! http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/constellation-acquires-interact911-tsx-csu-1999227.htm

  24. @tsxsmallcaps consider $CSU.CA on a pullback. Incredible run. Pretty elevated here though.

  25. What software stocks are up over 100% in the last year? $CSU.CA is one