1. $CSUN any thoughts on China s solar power anyone?

  2. $CSUN on the move


  4. $CSUN closed $2.02, cash $2.25/share. P&F has $3 PT.

  5. Gainers-2 $CSUN 15%, $AMDA 14%, $NES 14%, $NFX 14%, $FLTX 13%, $ARQL 13%, $CRIS 13%, $ISR 12%, $CBI 12%, $DY 11%, $CBRX 11%, $BSFT 11%

  6. $CSUN this little solat stk can move up. potential to break $2 this cycle. sola is strong.

  7. $CSUN Is there any news?

  8. One of my style is when we rotate into a sector, I always pick at lest 5 tickets to long e.g $CSIQ $TSL $CSUN $TAN, like ETF over stocks

  9. $CSUN VIDEO http://www.stockmarketvideo.com/login?Your+Session+Timed+Out.+Please+Log+In+Again http://stocktwits.com/message/32810043

  10. $CSUN Overbought territory. New support may be found downwards towards the 50 SMA

  11. $CSUN updated chart with pivot points. http://stocktwits.com/message/32734118

  12. @omega1888 watch little $CSUN

  13. @Canuck_Technical_Trades: @LinYingjun Great work! --$VISN $CSUN

  14. @Canuck_Technical_Trades $CSUN +1.91 0.26 (15.69%) $VISN +17%

  15. $HSOL Awesome Moves Today $CSUN

  16. $HSOL $CSIQ $FSLR $CSUN Hanwha Q Cells Is outperforming you All! Including $sol $jaso

  17. $CSUN b/o on good volumes today. I posted about a wk ago saying it s trading less than cash value $2.25/ share

  18. @mscarol02 ok, great.. am I the one that s gonna have to do all the work around here...??? try $CSUN , how s that look?

  19. $CSUN setup from our accumulation scanner http://www.upstockstrading.com/2015/02/4378/

  20. $CSUN Thoughts on adding in the morning and this stock in general?

  21. $HPJ at hod, very interesting. $CSUN booyah

  22. $CSUN hod

  23. $CSUN VIDEO http://www.stockmarketvideo.com/login?Your+Session+Timed+Out.+Please+Log+In+Again http://stocktwits.com/media/1131330

  24. Chinese Solar Stocks Rally $YGE $JKS $SOL $TSL $CSUN $CSIQ. My neighbor is having solar installed by $SCTY today! http://stocktwits.com/message/32436901

  25. $CSUN VIDEO http://www.stockmarketvideo.com/login?Your+Session+Timed+Out.+Please+Log+In+Again http://stocktwits.com/message/32411129