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  7. China earnings: m $JD $AMCN $CMGE t $CTC $JASO $XUE $DL $STV $VIPS w $LEJU $LITB $CCIH $EJ $JMEI th $JKS $RENN $DATE $WBAI

  8. Earnings announcement: $CTC is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Nov 18 2014

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  20. Tuesday s Gainers: $GTAT +51%; $CTC +49%, $CAMP+21%, $ISR +19%, $EFOI +16%, $BYFC +14%,

  21. Gainers: $GTAT +150% $CTC +57% $ISR +32% $CAMP +23% $LAKE +17% $RXII +16% $EFOI +15% $RBCN +15% $CBMX +12%

  22. Gainers: $GTAT +74%. $CTC +57%. $ISR +32%. $CAMP +23%. $LAKE +17%.

  23. $CTC not holding up well.. might close under 2...

  24. Gainers: $GTAT +100% $CTC +57% $ISR +32% $CAMP +23% $LAKE +17% $RXII +16% $EFOI +15% $RBCN +15%. $ADHD +12% $CBMX +12%.

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