1. $XXII buying this dog back. Will buy more if it breaks $1. Still super hvy long $CTIX

  2. $ACHN while we watch the green today check out a very small $CTIX--on the move, had good news a couple of days ago :)s

  3. $ACHN - $40 by EOY $ARWR - setting up, $CTIX --Outstanding News today... possibly the best cancer drug out there period

  4. @Sixth_Sense in your opinion, which has more upside, $CTIX or $SYN

  5. $SYN This is setting up as my next play after $CTIX. So far, patience has paid off, but SYN will soon sail (and most likely not look back).

  6. @bbear @Sixth_Sense @crt6978 @baseball246 Haha Sixth has been making me bank since the $RXII fiasco. $BCLI $TGTX $XLRN $CTIX

  7. Power Hour watchlist: $OCN $FXCM $TWTR $OUTR $CNET $CTIX $ASPS $ADXS $NVAX good luck everyone!!!!

  8. Absolutely loving $CTIX today, especially when everything else except $TRIL is red on my watchlist.

  9. $RXII Sheesh. Save yourself the trouble and just buy $CTIX. Better to see green than red.

  10. $CTIX @trope Looks like $uso might have bottomed

  11. $CTIX @trope At work, will do dd tonight but im moving over to $USO Lots of good chatter there, traders are hording on barge = expensive..

  12. @bekhit ooops....that would be $CTIX and $BCLI

  13. $TWENTY15 $EW will spilt. $TSLA retest old high. $CTIX will b uplisted 2 NASDAQ after phase2 result. $FB > $100. $IBB $SOXX outperform $SPX

  14. $OVAS got an upgrade.over $39 PM. Nice b/o . $5.51 yr ago. Buy great biotech with great promises & b patient. $ONVO $CTIX . Not 100% 401k:)

  15. Amazing to see Green take over once again $MNKD $KERX $ALKS $WG $VTAE $CTIX $NBG http://stocktwits.com/message/30389701

  16. $SGNL $CTIX $BONE $BEAV $NVGN $POZN $YRCW $WLDN $FTLF Positive trade ideas Read more on - http://buyholdsell.wix.com/shortterminvestments

  17. $ASPX up 84%. One after another good news in biotech space.watch $CTIX to up list. Phase2 started. http://stockcharts.com/freecharts/gallery.html?s=Ctix

  18. $ASPX up 84%. One after another good news in biotech space.watch $CTIX to up list. Phase2 started.

  19. @EHoldings $CLDN $CALA $MACK $ECTE $CTIX $TTPH

  20. @luvngspnful @ElGatoGordo $TTPH $CTIX $ACAD

  21. @Think4self ... take a look at $CTIX... it s done better than $IBB and definitely not a bag... just had been range bound.

  22. 15 breakouts: $XLRN, $CTIX, $RNP, $HPP. Quite a few financial stocks in the results, but luckily, few penny stocks.One sub-$1,

  23. $TTPH $CEMP $CTIX Hope some of yall caught this on sunday tweets. $TTPH $CEMP $$$, but not more $CEMP position

  24. @Poweruhvone: $DARA $CTIX Better cancer spec play (September 23rd). Common shares up 75% since. Common shares up 125% now. Dara R/S soon.

  25. $TTPH $CTIX yup