1. CenturyLink continues to expand their business despite the risks. Will their investments pay off? $CTL http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/169336/centurylink-expands-business-yet-down-on-continuing-risks

  2. $MAT way too crowded on the short side. Reminds of $CTL rip off the bottom in 2014

  3. Interesting January 2017 Stock Options for $CTL https://www.stockoptionschannel.com/articles/?a=CTL03302015boptn.htm&b=201503

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  5. $CTL breaking its box bottom along a descending trend. Price points to ponder below.

  6. NR7 http://www.dailystockplays.com/NR7-2015-03-26.html $AVP $ABBV $AIG $SLV $WU $CTL $TSN $STWD $GNW $ITB $SYY $YOKU $SXL $SPF $MON $TWC $NRG $KBH $TOL $GALE

  7. Analytic Investment holds an allocation of 1.8% in $CTL in his Dividend Investment Portfolio

  8. David Fried holds an allocation of 7.5% in $CTL in his Buyback Income Index Portfolio Investment Portfolio

  9. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 4.5% in $CTL in his Net Payout Yields Investment Portfolio

  10. PPCA Inc. holds an allocation of 1.4% in $CTL in his Centric Core Investment Portfolio

  11. Covestor holds an allocation of 1.4% in $CTL in his Active and Aggressive Investment Portfolio

  12. Will Telecom s win their lawsuit against the FCC over net neutrality? $T $CTL $VZ $CMCSA http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/168884/fcc-sued-by-telecom-groups-over-net-neutrality-rules

  13. Earnings announcement: $CTL is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, May 5 2015

  14. @spenc2u $CTL what is happening to this stock?? anyone? Loaded in #debt

  15. CenturyLink Becomes #40 Most Shorted S&P 500 Component, Replacing Avon Products $CTL $AVP https://www.theonlineinvestor.com/article/201503/centurylink-becomes-40-most-shorted-s-p-500-component-replacing-avon-products-CTL03252015dtcspx.htm/

  16. Algorithmic trading CLOSING Mar/25 $PAA(2.4 %) $AON(2.7 %) $KLAC(4.2 %) $OI(3.3 %) $CTL(1.6 %)

  17. Will big Telecom beat the FCC in court over net neutrality rules? $T $CTL $VZ $CMCSA http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/168884/fcc-sued-by-telecom-groups-over-net-neutrality-rules

  18. Covestor holds an allocation of 1.4% in $CTL in his Yield Investment Portfolio

  19. $CTL General Update: CTL officially opened CenturyLink Technology Center of Excellence today at its corporate headquarters in Monroe, La.

  20. $CTL Event Update: CTL to release its 1Q15 earnings results on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 and host conference call at 4:00 p.m. CDT that day.

  21. $CTL downtrend intact, watch rising support as a pivot for next decline

  22. Centurylink upgraded by Zacks to buy. $40.00 PT. http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NYSE/CTL/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $CTL


  24. Largest Telecommunication Services Inventory Management 1: $VIP 2: $RNG 3: $CTL http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/xy.php?sector=Telecommunication+Services|&x=Equal+Spaced&y=Inventory+Turnover&minMarketCap=1036&maxMarketCap=202952&minRevenue=0&maxRevenue=1000000

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