1. $CTP anybody still has it?

  2. $CTP: New SEC Filing for CTP: Form 25-NSE, No. 0001143362-15-000174 http://stocknewsflow.com/1439199_000114336215000174_0001143362-15-000174

  3. $CTP any update for this suck company?

  4. $CTP is still in business. They were able to go private without paying a dime to the shareholders.

  5. $CTP JP Morgan Chase Bank and Phoenix Life Insurance Company want their money back, and claim BK is BS

  6. Current report, items 2.04 and 3.01 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary2/?id=1806331 $CTP

  7. $CTP File Complaint with SEC lets get a class action lawsuit started!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. $CTP They had $35 million in reported revenue last quarter I smell the Execs took money and ran or Lied on statements like Enron.

  9. $CTP the one thing CTP execs are hoping for right now is that we do nothing so they get away with this, Like a murder hoping nobody saw them

  10. $CTP These guys belong in prison with Enron Execs and so does DHR!!!!!

  11. $CTP #2 They never hinted about a possible default or coming bankruptcy in any statements or documents.

  12. $CTP #1 This was very deceiving they made everyone think they had a legit buyout offer on table when it was just a fire sale.

  13. $CTP First file complaint with SEC and lets get a class action lawsuit started for deceptive business practices against DHR.

  14. $CTP Lets put $CTP and DHR employees where they belong in Prison with Enron Execs!!!!

  15. $CTP I encourage all shareholders of this company to file a complaint with the SEC about this company and to file lawsuit against DHR

  16. $CTP I have never seen this before...trading at $1.36 pps one day & vanishing the next. I invested $125k and consider it a total loss - Ugh!

  17. $CTP does anyone know whether they have filed some law document for the bankruptcy?

  18. $CTP waiting for announcement for an offer 7$ or less and the next exact day bankrupt and delisted WaaaW, so if someone miss that day !!!!

  19. $CTP this junk was still trading around $1.30 yesterday a/h AFTER the BK news #some people would just rather hold the bag than short the Ask

  20. $CTP what s going on, no official news

  21. Pre-Market News Alert on: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/pre-market-news-alert-on-costco-wholesale-nasdaqcost-cummins-nysecmi-te-connectivity-nysetel-ctpartners-executive-search-nysemktctp/1513046/ $COST $CMI $TEL $CTP

  22. Mix Performers in Focus- $GOL, $CTP, $HUN http://www.streetwisereport.com/mix-performers-in-focus-gol-linhas-aereas-inteligentes-s-a-nysegol-ctpartners-executive-search-inc-nysemktctp-huntsman-corporation-nysehun/120035/

  23. $CTP How were people able to trade it today? Did it get some new symbol? I see people buying it at .10-.15, etc.????

  24. $CTP Could be a fire sale

  25. $CTP https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/dhr-set-acquire-selected-assets-ctpartners-scott-scanlon