1. RSI Over 70 http://www.dailystockplays.com/RSI-Over-70-2015-03-27.html $NVO $CTRP $RHT $WWAV $KND $FBR $FIVE $UBS $SLXP $PNK $HSP $PCYC $SBGI

  2. Prudent Value holds an allocation of 1.3% in $CTRP in his Prudent Value Investment Portfolio

  3. 3/27/2015 Unusual Options Activity http://optionsriskmanagement.com/2015-03-27-unusual-options-activity-ctrp-ll/ $CTRP $EXC $JIVE $LL $PEP

  4. $JRJC Went in here with JRJC. See this doing a big move in 3 months - $CTRP $JD $BITA.

  5. $CTRP Watching : is now the time for a short trade

  6. RSI Over 70 http://www.dailystockplays.com/RSI-Over-70-2015-03-26.html $KRFT $FIVE $ARUN $WWAV $CTRP $UBS $CPE $NAT $HSP $ALJ $ELX $SBGI

  7. Remember this from last night/ @LincolnList: $QUNR $CTRP close on highs $QUNR 8 green days in a row Thats my top short play for tomorrow

  8. Jesse Barkasy bought $CTRP and now holds an allocation of 4.4% in their Trend Following Investment Portfolio

  9. $CTRP Waiting for this one to cool down. . .not sure it will but waiting. Close over $62 it will run. Otherwise market decides as it cools.

  10. RSI Over 80 http://www.dailystockplays.com/RSI-Over-80-2015-03-25.html $CTRP $PCYC $LTM $STMP $NPTN $NEWT $GPT $TRGT $LIME $AMSC $JRN $CWST $BNCN $REV $KYO $KMG $PRMW $CBNJ

  11. @gtlackey: The Nitrous Scan 3/25/2015 http://gtlackey.com/the-nitrous-scan-3252015/ $PBJ $SOCL $CTRP $TNP $TTEC $PETS $LEG $FB

  12. The Nitrous Scan 3/25/2015 http://gtlackey.com/the-nitrous-scan-3252015/ $PBJ $SOCL $CTRP $TNP $TTEC $PETS $LEG $FB

  13. Will have more on $BIDU before the open, but some of the possible concerns on horizon — $QIHU $NTES $CTRP #china

  14. $QUNR $CTRP close on highs For $QUNR thats 8 green days in a row Thats my top short play for tomorrow

  15. $CTRP Session highs

  16. Relative strength scan in a -20 market: $CTRP $ED $XOM $CHL $SJM $HSY $GWW

  17. $CTRP pop

  18. $BIDU $JD $QUNR are top stocks among by Asia focused investors while $BABA $CTRP $MOMO $VIPS $VNET each has 2 holders; $XRS $BITA $EDU w/ 1.

  19. MFI Over 80 http://www.dailystockplays.com/MFI-Over-80-2015-03-24.html $MTG $ORMP $RADA $HLF $HBI $DGLY $TEVA $SWKS $TWO $GFI $CTRP $LQD $PIR $BND $XRT $PRTA $GERN $RPTP $CNDO

  20. $CTRP First now $JD next.

  21. $QUNR $30 is still 12x sales. $CTRP bears got this

  22. $QUNR (.23) book value/Share, $1 cash/share, ~$300M revenue=16x sales. Even $CTRP is only 8x sales.

  23. $CTRP good move after reporting stellar Q4,200dma now as supp, 1st supp @ 58 tho. $QUNR what a run hits daily R today @ $40.

  24. Riddhi Ruparelia holds an allocation of 5.9% in $CTRP in his Absolute Growth Investment Portfolio

  25. $CTRP $CTRP Bearish ABCD. Took $CTRP at the reversal level at Point C and have projections at Point D. If it reaches Po