1. I Was Busy Today | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://y.ahoo.it/klypw5HW $KIOR $WIX $YGE $SINA $CUDA $KNDI $OLED

  2. $CUDA Bought today $20.85 good for few weeks or 2-3 months

  3. $CUDA anyone know if we might have an ER soon? This thing is just sitting around being a bit boring.

  4. @kamwjm definitely a buyout candidate, probably doubles from here within a year. $CUDA

  5. @RaginCajun $CUDA did you see they re selling there service on $AMZN ? by much Higher do you have any near/long term TP s?

  6. $CUDA, I m long this recent iPO, and like it for higher prices, much higher. http://y.ahoo.it/crwhPee0

  7. $CUDA trying to get through $22 again

  8. $CUDA We need some volume to get going

  9. US IPO Recap: Twitter shines in a busy but shaky 13 IPO week #US IPO Market $IPO $TWTR $LGIH $CUDA $NMIH $WIX... http://y.ahoo.it/WeZcVoVs

  10. sold 1/2 $CUDA @ 21.84, +1.26

  11. $CUDA going up now.

  12. $cuda profit taking

  13. $CUDA back to opening print. #pathetic

  14. You lying so low in the weeds. Bet you gonna ambush me. Barracuda IPO starts trading. $CUDA up more than 25% from offering price. #heart

  15. $CUDA bear flag and now down and going lower

  16. No less than 6 IPOs priced last night, another sign that yes it s a bull market, $CUDA $WIX $KPTI are the hot deals. $SPY $QQQ

  17. $CUDA looks weak already

  18. $CUDA In at 23.36

  19. Bot $CUDA #IPO 22.85

  20. The IPO for Barracuda Networks $CUDA opened for trading at $22.20 after pricing 4,140,000 shares at $18 $$ http://y.ahoo.it/hylP7Eqq

  21. $CUDA Barracuda Networks IPO indicated to open $22.00-$22.25

  22. $IPOs a bunch today $CUDA, $ARCX $KPTI $AVH $BCRH

  23. @graphitic $CUDA $WIX $KPTI tight.

  24. @ipoguy: $CUDA probably around 10:30. Typically when these open. Looks solid. thanks. gl

  25. Barracuda Networks prices IPO at $18, at low end of the range $CUDA $IPO #IPO http://y.ahoo.it/F1JKwhRo