1. $CUR Bought May 15 Calls @ $2.50 Strike for $0.15......Time to GO UP!!!!!

  2. @ARNInsiderTrades DiagnoCure Insider Todd Axelrod Buys $1,045 in $CUR http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/TSE/CUR/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct&DefaultTab=Insider Wrong Board

  3. $CUR if the target price is $7.50 according to ARN, how much longer do we have to wait to reach the TP?

  4. $CUR Insider buying is always a good confidence sign in a company. This should break above 4.50


  6. $ATHX We caught $CUR....Did not see that coming. All in at 2.60! Held through UC, and will hold again! Second announcement set on April 29.

  7. $CUR possible cup and handle + 61.8% retracement ($2.13) from 2012 breakout.

  8. Who said $AVEO and $SNTA weeks and weeks and weeks ago? Mensa... as far as $CUR, $NSPR and $CFRX-thanks Sixth...but my picks are better.

  9. $CUR Expect $4

  10. $CUR +.38 since I gave my bull flag. http://stocktwits.com/Intuitiv/message/34862381

  11. $CUR so now what?

  12. $CUR this ship is sinkin like the titanic real quick

  13. $CUR Mission control, start the countdown.

  14. $CUR lots of accumulation around the $2.28-$2.29 mark. Expecting another rise here shortly.

  15. $CUR tears of joy - I believe in you!

  16. $CUR looks like she is ready to pop through and test resistance today

  17. $CUR run will be good soon...

  18. $CUR that feeling when you don t have enough shares

  19. $CUR any chart expert can advise what will be the resistance? Strange that after the run. There was no AH activity


  21. @jb679: $CUR of course this jumps on the day after I sell for 1.94 smh Ain t that always the way...

  22. $CUR Extremely bullish here short term. Looking for a continuous gradual climb for the next few days.

  23. $CUR 16% nice , this stock will be back at $4+ within a year. Love the company and management. I m in no rush.

  24. Top Gainers/Losers: $SZYM $CUR $MELA $NYMX http://www.uniquestockmarketincome.com/penny-stock-news/solazyme-inc-nasdaqszym-neuralstem-inc-amexcur-mela-sciences-inc-nasdaqmela-nymox-pharmaceutical-corporation-nasdaqnymx/

  25. $CUR nice move from 1.90. @Booger2010 nice call / guess earlier - it beat you by 3 days to EOW number. Congrats