1. $CUR only needs a close of 3.01 but would love to see 3.05+

  2. $CUR looks ready

  3. @GibbGA: $CUR ... bot CUR to see if it can get a bullish engulfing candle today (from this AM) oh so close, you can do it CUR

  4. $CUR squeeze CUR, not Charmin

  5. $CUR just broke 3!

  6. $CUR http://y.ahoo.it/G0e3tJUX I m in.

  7. $CUR - http://y.ahoo.it/h9j8MIlU - Biotech Explosion - Up 5% for the day.

  8. $CUR There she goes. nHOD. Alerted strong buy at 2.70, now 3.00, +.30

  9. $CUR Read CRAINS Article with Dr Feldman Amazing Factual News.Great for Man kind and CUR , Neuralstem !!!

  10. $CUR The implied rate has nothing to do with the actual rate in this name- the implied is based off options and with only 3 traded, no info

  11. $CUR let me reiterate... The #1 negative implied borrow rate. Shorts have been crushing it. http://y.ahoo.it/w6PGJEcb

  12. $CUR Get your shares while they consolidate it between .85-95... when we break 3 the shorts are going to sqquuuueeeeeeezzzzeeeee hard.

  13. $CUR Called a strong buy at 2.70, now 2.92 +.22

  14. $CUR That interview seemed huge to me!!!!

  15. $CUR Whats with the pop? Just b/c of that interview with Feldman?

  16. $CUR we close over $3 today. bank it

  17. $CUR Eva Feldman, lead researcher: “So far, there appears to be a prominent signal in patients showing a progression in the disease,”

  18. $CUR http://y.ahoo.it/lQzj1knk The last surgery concluded Thursday. ALS trial complete

  19. $CUR Company says Multiple Phase II trial-ready hippocampus-atrophy applications for NSI-189 compound

  20. $CUR How low does it go? No bad news on CUR Just a yellen comment and a long shot law suit they we didn t get thrown away don t get

  21. $CUR more downside here

  22. $CUR strong buy at these levels.

  23. $CUR oversold.

  24. $CUR take a look at a full year chart, RSI rarely stays at or below 30 for long. why i bot this AM

  25. $MBLY $CUR short play has been working out great. That s what happens when you hire MDM stock promoter.