1. $CUR Fresh air:)

  2. $CUR Ooops ... and here we go dooooooown. Lol ;-)

  3. $CUR Woo hoo ... I m back to even. This is the greatest day EVER!

  4. $CUR lot of resistance at 1.60. 50k block staying on it. Once that breaks we should see a nice run

  5. $ACHN $AGIO $ALNY $ARIA $CLDX $CNAT $CUR $GERN etc. I d be better off investing in a wood and brass old boat.

  6. $CUR MMs were waiting for me to buy before they dropped the price like a rock ;-)

  7. $CUR Just picked up 5k more share @ ~1.52 ;-)

  8. $CUR No offense low-life day traders happy with a couple hundred bux in profits, but you are annoying.

  9. $CUR Lol ... BIG sell-off at the close as usual ;-)

  10. $CUR target 1.75

  11. $CUR Hit $1.60 ;-)

  12. $CUR We hit $1.50

  13. $CUR Breaking out on technicals. Hope it carries over into next 45 days with the 5 seminars from our various PI s and accompanying news

  14. $CUR First good day in a million years. Just hope this isn t pumping. Volume not there.

  15. $CUR thank god it s going up again

  16. $CUR Wow ... up .07 ;-)

  17. $CUR Dow up 600; CUR up a penny. A certain lack of symmetry there:)

  18. @Think4self $CUR $ATHX $NAVB $SNTA $NURO $CNAT $INFI $PSDV $ALIM $BIOS all joining my list of trash bio stocks to avoid.

  19. $CUR recovering. No huge sells spotted

  20. $CUR added 4000 on 1.38$

  21. $CUR bought 10000 shares 1,325 average.

  22. $CUR Institutional ownership up 37.21% Q/Q, with 9,245,880 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/CUR

  23. $CUR might buy this one today

  24. watching list 8/20/15: $SYMX,$GEVO,$MEIP,$CUR,$OGXI,$SALT,$SZYM, $OCAT,$NBG and $PBMD of course!

  25. $CUR These heights are dizzying.