1. $CUR Wouldn t ring the death knell yet. DD past the hype of Genervon s headline not inspiring. Research key. Not lemmings mentality.

  2. $CUR Garr has already stated he expects NSI-566 to be on the market in 2 years.

  3. $CUR NSI-566 will be 1st to market. Fast Track any day, P2 results in Jan and P3 starting in 2015.

  4. $CUR crushed.. genervon/ interesting stuff - that came out of the blue.. Good luck to longs but this won t be a 2014 story.

  5. $CUR This will be back to $3 within a week or 2.

  6. @Blakej01 You see $CUR today get whacked? That s $STEM very soon..these guys are toast!

  7. $CUR I ve been picking up shares in 1k blocks.

  8. $CUR This is a buying opportunity in CUR IMO. Always bounces back.

  9. $CUR Hmmm, I wonder why Genervon didn t release patient baseline data. They compare FVC value to historical placebo? why not real data???

  10. $CUR Dead cat bounce. Hope you got out while you could. Wait until Genervon hits the air waves.

  11. $CUR So Genervon data was compared to historical control -- there s no standard! The only real measurement of progress is patient baseline

  12. $CUR quick profit.. nice bounce so far

  13. $CUR is a strong strongbuy


  15. $CUR wow, what happened here? gonna have to watch this for a buy if nothing catastrophic

  16. $CUR New 52 week low coming.

  17. $CUR nlod now @ supp 2.30

  18. $CUR Remember the name Genervon if they ever IPO. I have a feeling they ll be bought out before that ever happens though.

  19. $CUR typical AF hatchet job...no substance, great trading opp ..know what you own

  20. John Linnemeier sold $CUR and now holds an allocation of 0.0% in their Opportunistic and Adventurous Investment Portfolio

  21. $CUR:the story is strong as ever, and the stock is on sale for 17% off today. Man I love buying when other people panic out.

  22. $CUR 271k on the ASK. Told you tutes were dumping. LMAO

  23. $CUR I ll be a buyer at $1.50. Until then, enjoy the ride! Weeeeeeeeee

  24. $CUR Tutes dumping shares on helpless retail bagholders. Ouch!

  25. $CUR Just as I predicted, getting sed hard, below $2 soon enough. Thank you