1. $CUR 70 percent of those who received the stem cells recovered to levels higher than historic controls => http://www.pnrdfeldman.org/dr-feldman-to-speak-at-lawrence-tech-march-29/ #ALS

  2. $CUR in - will sell at 3

  3. Losers-2 $HCLP -16% $BKD -15% $CCLP -15% $MCEP -15% $IPI -15% $MOMO -15% $CUR -14% $GBT -14% $JONE -14% $TPUB -13% $DRD -13% $BCEI -13%

  4. $CUR Any Idea where this stock is heading. As of 1/20/16 it was as low as 0.52.

  5. $CUR Neuralstem Incorporated (NASDAQ:CUR) registered a decrease of 12.44% in short interest => http://www.fdanewsalert.com/neuralstem-incorporated-nasdaqcur-sellers-covered-12-44-of-their-shorts/855457/ #Neuralstem #BioTech

  6. $CUR

  7. seems them aboard $CUR don t want a go ashore. but the weather s still ain t good for sail n. maybe storm will pass

  8. $CUR sometimes ya gott a trust ya pilot. he sets a course ta the horizon an a good crew sails it. mariners know

  9. $CVRS $QTM $AMRN $ABUS $PSTI $DCTH $ACW $CBB $TWI $ONVO $HART $CUR $GSL Potential Movers Friday!

  10. Watchlist $pbmd $rosg $dxlg $gale $cur $stem

  11. $CUR No end of day heroics like last couple of days?

  12. $SCON $MEIP $MNKD $ATNM $CVEO $HART $HLTH $MNGA $CUR $BAA $CRDC $PIRS Fighting a tanking market. If the market recovers, could see green.

  13. $SCON $MEIP $MNKD $CGIX $ATNM $CVEO $HART $HLTH $HBM $MNGA $CUR $GNVC $BAA $CRDC $PIRS Stocks with Green Potential!

  14. $CUR did someone loosen the string ?

  15. $ABT $ACHN $ALNY $AMGN $BMY $CELG $CUR $ICPT $IMGN $INO $JAZZ $LLY $MRK $OXGN $PCRX - analyst ratings update at https://drkkd.com/3404/premarket-biotech-digest-2016-02-01-abbv-falls-sharply-bcrx-no-downside-agn-and-azn-to-commercialize-atm-avi/

  16. $CUR ALS Stem Cell Therapy Shows Safety and Efficacy in Early Clinical Trials => http://alsnewstoday.com/2016/01/29/clinical-data-from-nsi-566-als-trials-presented-by-neuralstem/ #Neuralstem #ALS #BioTech #CUR

  17. $CUR Brean Capital Begins Coverage on Neuralstem, Inc., Rating = Buy => http://www.americanbankingnews.com/2016/01/29/brean-capital-begins-coverage-on-neuralstem-inc-cur/ #Neuralstem #BioTechnology #Stock #CUR

  18. $HBIO $FBP $HLTH $IPI $HBM $IDRA $MNGA $CUR $GNVC $BAA $LXRP $MIFI $BTX Stocks with swing potential!

  19. My updated list of biotech trash: $SRPT $EARS $PACB $OHRP $AVXL $NYMX $ADXS $AEZS $HART $ATNM $CUR $CRMD $ANTH $MNKD $VBLT $AXSM $MCUR

  20. $CUR Great news and up 10 freekin cents!! Really??

  21. $CUR nice little gap up today

  22. $CUR ALS Stem Cell Therapy Shows Safety and Efficacy in Early Clinical Trials ALS News Today http://alsnewstoday.com/2016/01/29/clinical-data-from-nsi-566-als-trials-presented-by-neuralstem/

  23. $CUR My rock star stock today. Long way to go though!

  24. $CUR Presentation Phacilitate Conf now onsite.3 video slides China stroke trial patients.Patient 103 esp impressive. http://investor.neuralstem.com/Neuralstem-Phacilitate-Cell-Therapy-Presentation

  25. Neuralstem s CEO just picked up 13,337 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2368783 $CUR