1. $CUR

  2. $CUR sold my position today for a loss to balance out some gains. Will try to pick some up again in early May

  3. $CUR Being waterboarded.

  4. $CUR for als patient sake, just green for one day!!!!!

  5. $CUR Hey Mr. Manipulator, could you drive this down one more time for me? I found some more money. Thx.

  6. $CUR Its like market wants the ALS patient to die. Such cruelty.

  7. $CUR Thinking about taking a swing here but really hate the sector

  8. $CUR the lowest in like two years...

  9. $EXAS $CUR $MEIP $GILD $ICPT $CNAT -- prices today are the prices at which you ll regret not having bought stock. Irrational $IBB

  10. $CUR This can t possibly still be tanking this bad. April fools? Lol.

  11. $CUR BIOs getting crushed again

  12. $TTNP if you want to get ya money back. Check out TTNP. I think it will hit 1 soon...$MEIP, @rxii, $CUR, $MCP, $OHRP,

  13. $CUR If you don t have to sell -- DON T. Science will trump senior management amateur hour.

  14. $CUR I am so done. I just can t fathom how it is down EVERY day!!!!

  15. bakbo Mar. 30 at 10:42 PM $CUR 190.stop.bottomed-out + 200.going.vertical-up + 235.target Bullish

  16. $CUR Bullish ud83d ude1d

  17. $CUR

  18. After-Hours Gainers as of 5:15 p.m.: $PQ +6.3% $EGL +5.4% $CUR +4.6% $RNDY +3.0% $MDVN +2.9%

  19. $CUR Not surprised by the little creep up to 2.40 then the drop to 1.95. always seems to happen after a sharp drop..greedy bears!

  20. $CUR 190.stop.bottomed-out + 200.going.vertical-up + 235.target

  21. bakbo Mar. 16 at 09:49 PM bakbo Mar. 16 at 01:16 PM $CUR 250.stop.bottomed-out + 220.worst-case.target + 325.target Bullish Bullish

  22. $CUR 3100 shares went through at 16:15 at 20% premium. Hmmmm

  23. $CUR 3100 @ 2.41 AH. Weird.

  24. $CUR WHOA

  25. $CUR What the...Stocktwits says this is at 2.41, and so does Marketwatch after hours? Is it April 1st already?