1. $CUR Found on YMB kind of encouraging http://www.medicaldaily.com/pulse/human-brain-and-neurogenesis-healthy-neural-stem-cells-and-progenitor-cells-may-help-345082

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  3. $CUR sold my position in loss can t take it anymore.I know this bottom blah...

  4. Ppl talk bout super mega potential, but all I c is LT bad data/ postponing big trials $ARWR $ATNM $BIND $TNXP $INO $CUR $XOMA $CNAT $CLDN

  5. Ppl talk bout super mega potential, but all I c is LT bad data/ postponing big trials and pumping boards $ARWR $ATNM $BIND $TNXP $INO $CUR

  6. $CUR nice comeback

  7. $CUR @EarningsPlay this is @ its bottom also check out $SGNL

  8. $SSYS $OSK $VVUS $GNCA $ONVO $ALNY $CUR $FB Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

  9. $CUR long at 1.50

  10. $MSTX $ATNM $MSTX $PPHM $OXGN $IMUC $CTIC $IBIO $BIOD $APPY $INO $PTN $ADMP $CUR mkt asleep, gone fishing for the long wknd

  11. $CUR load the boat !

  12. $ONCY $CLDX $CUR All biologically sound, high risk biopharma investments.

  13. $CUR See you all at $2.25. snapped all the petals from the dying stem.

  14. $CUR $STEM who? They still around? LOL!

  15. StemCells Loses Its Leg To Stand On In Patent Dispute With Neuralstem $CUR $STEM http://mimesislaw.com/intellectual-property/stemcells-loses-its-leg-to-stand-on-in-patent-dispute-728151236/

  16. $CUR even if we are making strong progress in terms of science and even big uncertainty was gone still short is winning at the moment.

  17. $CUR $STEM who? Lost. Go away little fly.

  18. $CUR $3 in short order.

  19. Neuralstem s CEO just picked up 419,737 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1868869 $CUR

  20. $CUR Let s try this again. http://www.allergan.com/NEWS/News/Thomson-Reuters/Allergan-to-Acquire-Naurex

  21. $CUR Indicative comp value 4 NSI-189 Allergan.http://www.allergan.com/NEWS/News/Thomson-Reuters/Allergan-to-Acquire-Naurex

  22. $CUR Seeking Alpha article on Friday: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3354155-neuralstem-wins-patent-infringement-case-vs-stemcell-inc-moves-forward-in-spinal-cord-injury

  23. $CUR Institutional ownership up 37.58% Q/Q, with 9,245,880 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/CUR

  24. $CUR s been sail n choppy seas, lift n land lubbers up then toss n em overboard. no cap n onboard an crew s inept.

  25. $CUR Q4 Chronic spinal cord injury. Fingers crossed. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3354155-neuralstem-wins-patent-infringement-case-vs-stemcell-inc-moves-forward-in-spinal-cord-injury?app=1&auth_param=3rh8d:1ar6odm:25b2e20c5cf15f56a043758e0f509e8f&uprof=25