1. $CVEO This is anecdotal ofcourse but hearing some companies going back to RV model: workers bring their own RV or rent one locally

  2. Civeo Corp director just cashed-in 16,039 options http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=1618500 $CVEO

  3. Civeo Corp director just picked up 60,220 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1618498 $CVEO

  4. Civeo Corp s See Remarks was just granted 109,455 restricted shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1618494 $CVEO

  5. $CVEO: New Insider Transaction on CVEO by See Remarks Green Ronald R: http://insideri.com/1590584_000143774915007550_0001437749-15-007550

  6. $CVEO in at $3.93

  7. Tomorrow morning s opening bell scalp list: $MCP $VGGL $CLSN $CVEO $NVGN $ANGI $VLTC $JCP - love this list for tomorrow

  8. $CVEO is just rocking. This is went adding more shares is crucial.

  9. basking in oil - $CVEO $RIG

  10. The oil complex is gaining momentum. Even Russian stox on a nice trend from lows. $RUSL $USO $XLE even $CVEO on the move

  11. havin a great time trading the unloved $CVEO $ECOM $LL - btw $BBBY still sux

  12. $CVEO Originally bought at $4. Glad I added below $3. Killing it lately!!

  13. @ibex yr $EAC is beating my $CVEO but not on volume - we win, cheers

  14. $CVEO what a ripper it has been !

  15. $CVEO out at 4.05, been stuck for months and had 40% loss at one point... at least I made more than 10% due to EURUSD

  16. @optiondoodle: $CVEO beasting - feel like im beating this to death ala @ibex $RKUS. & @ibex wasnt wrong - cheers! Wow, nice one!

  17. $CVEO beasting - feel like im beating this to death ala @ibex $RKUS. & @ibex wasnt wrong - cheers!

  18. $CVEO My 5$ calls for 2017 are flying..

  19. Large % Movers with Volume: $CLSN $NVGN $SWHC $PTBI $AMCN $REXX $KEG $PWE $BAS $BBH $CVEO - all over 1MM shares traded

  20. $MCP, $MEIP, $TRX, $CVEO, $ESCR, $INVT, $AEZS, $RXII, $BDR, $AMDA, $EOX, $MILL, $VTG, $LOCM, $MCZ, $LODE, $EVRY. Sell your vanities, be Rich

  21. $CVEO 3.84 +.22 monster move . I mentioned on the insider buy. Roberto lit the fuse April 1 with his article on The Street

  22. $CVEO inexpensive oil play

  23. $CVEO awesome 10 day chart

  24. $DDD $CVEO closed yesterday HOD & keep batting the HOD on the open