2. $CVM settles out of court

  3. $CVM , question please , what ever happen to veridic in court case from last year ? Long💰💰JoeA😃

  4. $CVM wha wha will happen? !! ?

  5. $CVM $FHCO holding on to these, long

  6. $CVM nice 21k bid showing on etrade for .49. Need more volume and enrollment

  7. $CVM Former CRO used to enroll like 1 a month, the litigation will be decided soon enough, we r on good solid path http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160201005753/en/

  8. $CVM scooped up some more right at the close, under .52c is the sweet spot

  9. $CVM Almost 700 Patients are Enrolled in this Study

  10. $CVM CEL-SCI Reports Monthly Patient Enrollment in January for Its Phase 3 Head and Neck Cancer Trial - No Link Sorry

  11. $CVM 29 patients enrolled last month

  12. $CVM i will re-enter CVM once it dilutes mid year imo. That would be the time imo. But before that, it could easily move to +0.60$

  13. $CVM has held up quite well in 2016 relative to the broader market, glad I am still holding. Always buying the dips when I can, esp sub .52c

  14. $NFLX $LABU $CVM the BOJ decided to implement negative interest rates, tomorrow could be greener than expected. Pre market so far so good

  15. $CVM what s next?

  16. $CVM 2 Million shares short, not many in comparison but with momentum shifting it s about to squeeze and kick volume and pps up near .60

  17. 👽 $CVM #((UBBB))-UpperBB-Breach 👽Website On Profile Page👽 *HL/HH*VOL*TTM *click pic. for TTM_Squeeze*

  18. $CVM strong close to a strong day while broader market wades a long in its own blood, I am holding tight onto this one.

  19. 👽 $CVM #((UBBB))-UpperBB-Breach *HL/HH*VOL*TTM *click chart-4-TTM Squeeze* 👽Website On Profile Page👽

  20. $CVM nice to see this over .50 a share and keep it there.

  21. $CVM under 52 cents is still a nice entry point imo

  22. $CVM the latest presentation at Noble conference with CEO http://noble.mediasite.com/mediasite/Play/8da0366dc7b14de49335933bf547902b1d

  23. $CVM nice explanatory conversation with chief scientific officer of Cel-Sci, he explains lead product Multikine https://vimeo.com/151833021

  24. 👽 $CVM #((UBBB))-UpperBB-Breach *>UBB*ema:>5>13>62 *HL/HH*TTM *click pic-4-squeeze

  25. $CVM --> http://www.tradeunderten.com/2016/01/stock-watchlist-20-january-2016.html