1. $CVX CEO compensation and management tenure is certainly an interesting one:

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  4. Core growth model holding up $STZ $BSX $CBS $FB $BABA $AOS $AMZN $BIIB $CVX $ITB $SPLV

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  6. $CVX It looks like it could go to $79ish to complete a nice Head and Shoulders Pattern -- along with the glut in oil - looks very probable

  7. Top 5 stocks in our Billionaires scans. 1. $GM 2. $AAPL 3. $BABA 4. $BAC 5. $CVX & $T (tie) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spark-fastest-daily-stock/id1041725710?mt=8

  8. $UWTI $MPO $DWTI $USO $CVX $FUEL $GEVO $UGAZ $DGAZ $DGAS Either buy tons of shorts or avoid this at all cost! Major pipe coming or bk

  9. $UWTI anyone else following $MPO thoughts? $DWTI $USO $CVX $FUEL $GEVO $UGAZ $DGAZ $DGAS They replaced their CEO a few days ago.

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  11. Added $CVX to my swing long watch. Trying again to close above 91.50. Defined R/R. Fat 4.66% dividend to boot.

  12. $HAL $SLB $XOM $CVX $PXD $CHK $DVN $UWTI $OIL - all are easy shorts. Oil is jumping on silly fears that the rest of the market disregarded

  13. $CVX The right shoulder is about to fall off a cliff. In the meantime, I m sure $42 oil is helping profitability.

  14. $CL_F $DWTI $UWTI $DVN $CVX $CHK $APA as Obama speaks of no clear plan explosions go off in Mid East as another terrorist attack suspected.

  15. $CVX trying to continue its bounce off of recent support.

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  22. $CVX up-to-date Technical Analysis on $CVX. See website on profile, also view comments. cheers

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  24. $YPF when they will disclose the confidential agreement with $cvx ? Many says it will hurt price

  25. $CVX