1. $CYCC Well I m still here. Holding. Maybe mid year, this will be up to $1.50.

  2. $CYCC well at least its closing green. Makes me wonder when the heck the offering finishes?

  3. $CYCC Is there still a chance for this company share to rise back taking in account that Dart is one of the biggest vulture investors ?

  4. $CYCC wont buy 2x until $1.80

  5. $GBSN $CYCC $CYTX $ONYC $BIOC $BGMD Chart analysis http://tradingpad.blogspot.tw/2015/03/great-basin-scientific-inc-gbsn.html

  6. $CYCC added to my position end of day. I was in the shopping mood


  8. $MGT looking very consistent for nice gains next week! More news next week! Bored? $ECIG $OREX $CYTX $MCP $PAL $cycc

  9. $GEVO $CYCC $JOEZ $OTIV $FREE Hope nxt wk is better.I m starting an investment club meetup via Google Hangout Sunday http://tradingpad.blogspot.tw/2015/03/sunday-online-trading-meetups.html

  10. $CYCC Added 2x @ .91, long.

  11. $CYCC I don t see this stock making any big plays until 2nd half of 2015.

  12. $OTIV $CYCC $GEVO $FREE Trying to get other traders to join an online Sunday Trading MeetUp.Message me if interested http://tradingpad.blogspot.tw/2015/03/sunday-online-trading-meetups.html

  13. $CYCC bad week for bio-tech. Just watched on CNBC fast money bio techs had similar sell off same period last year. I m still in

  14. $CYCC can we go back to a buck please?

  15. $CYCC Well I hope that public offering is over. Its way overdue.

  16. $CYCC now just the way up to the heaven, to get our money:)

  17. $CYCC wow... closed green...

  18. $CYCC worst stock

  19. $ONCY $OTIV $CYCC $CYTX $JOEZ $GEVO $PLUG Anyone interested in how I learn my strategies, I learn from these guys http://scottrade.learningmarkets.com/strategy-session/

  20. $CYCC spiro has been feeding investors lies and bagholders are eating them up.

  21. $CYCC It s holding at $.90. Think we ve hit the bottom. Only up from here.

  22. $CYCC just slowly fading away from here.

  23. $CYCC $CYTX $JOEZ $FREE $GEVO Check out OTIV. I called a jump yesterday on my blog. And it jumped! http://tradingpad.blogspot.tw/2015/03/on-track-innovations-ltd-otiv-chart.html

  24. $CYCC still holding and averaging down tomorrow

  25. $CYCC check out $OTIV. I just jumped in at 1.55 on the good news (won court case)