1. $CYCC good starting position?

  2. $SWC $PAL. $SWC is it. I told you to buy it when it was 10. Biotech is the place you ought be, Jed. $CYTR and $CYCC are Beverly Hills bound.

  3. $CYCC $PAL http://money.cnn.com/quote/quote.html?symb=CYCC

  4. $CYCC Will buy it once it hits $0.45! Another huge dip is coming soon!

  5. @chvr might want to look at $CYCC or even $CYCCP, i feel its way oversold

  6. $CYCC They still have potential in the pipeline, just that no one wants to bite.

  7. $CYCC Hopefully what they have to say Monday will bring the stock up. Should be following suit with SNSS.

  8. $CYCC

  9. $CYCC Will CYCC follow SNSS trend and climb higher after a bad readout or stay flat??

  10. $BCLI in the meantime check out $CYCC , volume has high today looks like something may be up!

  11. $CYCC is ready now

  12. Billionaires Got Burned by These Six Struggling Stocks in 2014 http://www.thestreet.com/story/12998506/1/billionaires-got-burned-by-these-six-struggling-stocks-in-2014.html $S $ADNC $LINE $CONN $VLTC $CYCC

  13. JMP $CYCC potential ann. of registration-dir. program in res. MDS could be astore of incremental upside - (cont) http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sjnur8

  14. Buying time!!! $NBS ...$GALE ...$CYCC ....

  15. $CYCC If buyout min. $5 per share!!!

  16. @stephenrosenman on $CYCC the genius said Reiterate BUY and price conviction of $12. Focus stock for major partner news within 12 mos.

  17. $SGOC bottom bouncer with gap to fill like $SNSS and $CYCC

  18. RT ‏@PennyHatStocks $CYCC let s start today off with a Boom!! Money Makers PennyHatStocks GO Green https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bxsVQHFZDA&feature=youtu.be $JCP $BABA $GE

  19. $CYCC JMP shows marketcap of 12.1M at .68 PPS - $CYCC ended Q3 with cash and cash equivalents of $26.7M-phase3 AML ongoing+several catalysts

  20. $CYCC email reply to investors (unconfirmed) Thank you for your email. We share your (cont) http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sje7b5

  21. $CYCC

  22. $CYCC Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals $CYCC SELL ~ 5 Day Price Target: 0.0064 Cents Issued 12/21/2014 http://sierraworldequityreview.blogspot.com/2014/12/cyclacel-pharmaceuticals-cycc-sell-5.html

  23. $RNN $IBIO $CYCC This medical stock is getting ready to explode http://www.thelion.com/bin/forum.cgi?sf=OCLG&msg=6&cmd=r&t=

  24. $CYCC And $JNJ Now is the time...!!!

  25. John Paulson Picks ANV, THM Tumble http://www.valuewalk.com/2014/12/john-paulson-picks-anv-thm-tumble/ $FATE $SSE $PVA $ANV $THM $CYCC