1. $CYCC I don t want to feed rumors but if acquisition was happening the person would not be allowed to tell you before official announcement

  2. $CYCC Sweet!


  4. all the $CYCC DD in summary https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=%24CYCC%20%40liquid_biopsy&src=typd … and in deep http://bridgeandtunnelinvestor.com/thread/1263/cycc-cyclacel$KBIO @ MartinShkreli cdk inhibitors dam hot now

  5. $CYCC

  6. $CYCC I seriously doubt Shkreli would leak his acquisition

  7. $CYCC has good pipe, good model, what s not to like?! fools rush out where devils fear to short

  8. $CYCC Floats too high. This will get shorted down to 50c on Monday

  9. $CYCC 1100 watchers to 1500 watchers in a day.

  10. $CYCC chat day room traders flock over cliffs blindly. I agree w/ mensa. At least hes in the front and can cash while the sheep get fleeced.

  11. $CYCC data looks good. company has bright futures. might add some more. 💚

  12. $CYCC nice pop! #stockcharting magic V. Another 70%+ move, plan your trades and crazy things can happen. #DD $STUDY

  13. $CYCC mensa hang on for the ride relax

  14. $CYCC @Mensa_19_63 Why are you so worried I thought you owned since 50 cent?

  15. $CYCC learned from too many stocks about climbs over 30% in a day.. almost 99% assured to sell and sour big money

  16. $CYCC = KBIO if Martin files a 13F stating stake

  17. $CYCC Phase gate results are real...now that s news

  18. $CYCC post the Martin link so we can disect it...purely fabricated it is-..conjecture and pump

  19. $CYCC I m tired of pump vultures coming to my stocks and screwing them up...this is almost a sure bet sell off now...thanks

  20. $CYCC Why couldnt some of you idiots just leave the man alone, let the rumor swirl, make some fkn money and go the F-Home. Dang!


  22. $CYCC thus is not the gold egg it will be SNTA and or AMDA...sure as ☆ it will..

  23. $CYCC I can only hope this goes up another 50% so I can cash out...but I see damage from pumping on no news


  25. $CYCC pumpalooza going on here