1. latest trades (Buy/sell) alerts updated $BIOC $IDRA $JRJC $TXMD $EYES $CYCC $CYTX $CLDX $ADXS http://www.upstockstrading.com/performance/

  2. $CYCC I did not find any relevant news to justify the spike in volume & price.

  3. $CYCC Median survival w/ decitabine is 7.7 months vs 5 months in control, so the SEAMLESS study only needs to pass median 7.7mo. to be +++++

  4. $CYCC Dunno what the hell is going on here.. did ROMBO finally cave? He s been holding them back for years.. Horrific management

  5. $CYCC @Surfnm Can you explain this link to me? I want to understand what it is conveying. http://stocktwits.com/message/33335755

  6. CYCC - Technical analysis trends $CYCC http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/02/cycc-technical-analysis-trends.html

  7. @CRB88 Yes, you and I are both holding this stock $CYCC over the weekend. There seems to be a lot of optimism on this stock all of a sudden

  8. @CRB88 @FullmetalAlchemist $CYCC Let s multiply 10x the AVERAGE volume. That equals to about 1 million shares. We had over 24 million Fri

  9. @FullmetalAlchemist $CYCC Sorry, here is the link http://www.upstockstrading.com/2015/02/4663/

  10. @FullmetalAlchemist $CYCC Could you take a look at the posting from UPSTOCK and tell me what it says about this stock. Thanks.

  11. $CYCC Therefore, it explains the enormous high volume over 24 mil sh traded compares to daily av just less than 100k sh. That is my point.

  12. $CYCC I believe it wasn t just traders like you and me, but brokerages and financial institutions also got involved yesterday in trading.

  13. @FullmetalAlchemist $CYCC popped Friday b/c there were rumors of buyout, and so pump and dump took place.

  14. $CYCC Whether Friday s trading was pump and dump or rumors of buyout, the fact remains the enormous high volume compares to its avg volume

  15. $CYCC how is it that people are able to short these stocks? Isn t there a federal limit for the minimum Short price? Like 4$ or 5$ I thought

  16. @upstocks If you could provide an explanation or analysis on what you see for $CYCC, I would appreciated.

  17. $PRAN will pop within 1 month similar to $CYCC

  18. @upstocks Your post shows $CYCC 183. What does means and its implication? Please use simple term so I can understand. Thanks.

  19. @SnowyNW $CYCC So when looking at net change in term of prices, does it matter if we are looking at call or put to figure out the sentiment?

  20. @SnowyNW $CYCC As for the other post unusual high volume , there was an increase of .41 in the price. That is also bullish.

  21. @SnowyNW $CYCC I see on your the prices for call/put have gone up except for Apr 17 put. I interpret this as bullish sign. Am I right?

  22. @SnowyNW $CYCC Let me admit to you that I don t much about option trading right off the bat.

  23. $CYCC Panic selling shares affects all. We all want to safe guard our $ + profit but don t buy what you can t afford and then flood stock

  24. $CYCC Once Monday hits this baby is up and the bums who drove the price down by dumping block shares, and day trade will regret $2 and some

  25. $CYCC The after hours high was $1.65 so we could see this baby going up past $2.00 Monday with ease.