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  5. $CYCC founder Sir David Lane p53 + $SQNM Dennis Lo together@ #SCC2014 SYDNEY CANCER CONFERENCE Keynote speakers http://sydney.edu.au/cancer-research/SCC2014/speakers/index.php … …

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  13. $CYCC has been granted United States Patent 8,889,861 November 18 2014 - Crystalline forms of a purine derivative …

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  15. @adamfeuerstein $SNSS (failed Phase3 AML) almost double $CYCC (90%+ Phase 3 AML enrollment) marketcap again

  16. $CYCC related:RT @adamfeuerstein $SNSS PR about #ASH14 late breaker abstract leaves out part about vosaroxin study failing.A minor oversight

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  20. @TickrWatch: Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Shares Escalate on Releasing Smaller Than Expected Loss of $0.22; Tops Revenue As Well $CYCC

  21. Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Shares Escalate on Releasing Smaller Than Expected Loss of $0.22; Tops Revenue As Well $CYCC

  22. Listen to $CYCC Q3 2014 earnings call - live at 04:30 PM, ondemand after - http://earningscast.com/q3-2014-cyclacel-pharmaceuticals-inc-earnings-conference-call

  23. $CYCC http://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2014/11/11/682195/10107622/en/Cyclacel-Pharmaceuticals-Reports-Third-Quarter-2014-Financial-Results.html

  24. $CYCC has been granted Patent 8884001 November11 14 Sapacitabine (+production) related … Preparation of intermediates

  25. $CYCC related: $AGIO AG-221 #ASH14 Abstract: One death reported as possibly related to study drug in a subject with severe pneumonia. #AML