1. $CYCC Markets down nothing changed here !!!$15 around the corner!

  2. @tothetop $CYCC The overall market selling is trumping any positive news, for now. Happening across the board, IWC. Russell Microcaps.

  3. $CYCC All this positive new and still down?

  4. $CYCC has been granted United States #Patent 8,846,696 Fischer , et al. September 30, 2014 … $SNSS $ONTX #cancer

  5. $CYCC granted USPatent 8846696 9/30 compounds in treating proliferative,viral d.,stroke, alopecia,CNS d,neurodegenerative disorders,diabetes

  6. $CYCC Trades in step with $IWC past two months. Macro over micro for now. http://y.ahoo.it/H5SjdSY0

  7. $CYCC Value will rise if results are +, for now, it is being toyed with.

  8. $CYCC: Another example of shorts destroying small bio stocks. When are the regulators going to put a stop to this.

  9. @biotech: $AMBI buyout - where does $CYCC stand? $ASTX SGI-110 ( oral form of Dacogen) / Sapacitabine future (cont) http://y.ahoo.it/nBtAETls

  10. $AMBI Not very overwhelming survival metrics considering $CYCC SAP/DAC achieved 9 months in 75+.highlights importance of survival and not CR

  11. $CYCC added to Zacks Rank #1 Additions for Monday $CYCC added to the Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) List today

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  13. $CYCC bouncing with volume. Undervalued

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  16. $CYCC any news from conference ?

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  19. $CYCC: I was having trouble with the webcast. Anyone have a sense of why it got smashed down at the end of the session?

  20. $CYCC What happened is what always happens, people immediately take profits. Nothing new. Still very cheap.

  21. $CYCC ugly finnish

  22. $CYCC what just happened.

  23. My $CYCC moving well today, holding long

  24. $CYCC Should be at 4 by now.

  25. $CYCC Oral Sapacitabine in Elderly Patients With Newly Diagnosed Acute Myeloid Leukemia SEAMLESS updated September8 http://y.ahoo.it/wIc1vraR