1. $CYCC fighting with $3.5. Average TP $9.67

  2. $CYCC strong resistance in the $3.5

  3. Since $SNSS is seeing a robust run up to Phase III results, I would think you would see $CYCC have a similar price action as we near end.

  4. $CYCC Holding up very nicely today

  5. $CYCC related: UBS piece on $SNSS Valor data Read: http://y.ahoo.it/1pluyDcD

  6. $SNSS $8.00 nearing 500M marketcap not much in view of $ASTX buyout 950M very much in camparison of peer $CYCC 75M

  7. $CYCC looks like crap now, fading

  8. $CYCC: Needs volume but looking ready to fly

  9. $CYCC

  10. $CYCC nice

  11. #biotech #buy #stocks $CPRX $ARWR $SPHS $ZGNX $CLDX $MNOV $HRTX $CYCC $VSTM $OREX $CYTR $ABIO and others http://y.ahoo.it/uM1HYpBM

  12. $CYCC- Breakout over previous resistance level, next resistance level at 200 MA. http://y.ahoo.it/yrLhXPGG

  13. @360BiotechWithDrTran @Hntrbix How about $ARIA & $CYCC also opinions on $MNK ?

  14. $CYCC ..From $3.56 to $3.50 on 500 shares trade. lol Still, UP 5.42%, Not bad. for a day with no news...

  15. @SippinCoughy: What s a better catalyst, SEAMLESS or seamless? $CYCC $GRUB

  16. $CYCC breaking out of a range here... super action all day http://y.ahoo.it/iys05BqP


  18. $CYCC 3.55, nice

  19. $CYCC Encouraging couple of days...let s keep the pace!

  20. @NickDaDecan Whats your opinion on $CYCC its looking like a good phase 3 drug, with a possible take off real soon.

  21. $CYCC Nice to see a little life in this one.

  22. $CYCC patent …

  23. $CYCC invention relates touse of CDK2 CDK7 CDK9 use in the treatment of diseases associated with antinuclear antibodies, such as SLE #LUPUS

  24. $CYCC Cyclacel has been granted Patent 8,809,350 Purine and pyrimidine #CDK inhibitors + their use for the treatment of #autoimmune diseases

  25. $CYCC Sapacitabine VS $SNSS Vosaroxin comparisons Read: http://y.ahoo.it/dI0MMpDk