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  2. $CYTK I wonder what the onference is regarding. Anyone? Omecamtiv??

  3. $CYTK Expect some news on Dec 3!

  4. $CYTK The panel presentation is scheduled to occur on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 2:00 PM Eastern Time at the New York Palace Hotel in NY


  6. $CYTK Very very nice. Retested 4.50 and then a late day run back to 4.60. Will probably do that again at least once more, but I like it

  7. $CYTK Just put my buy order in. Hope it hits!

  8. $CYTK time to get above 4.65!

  9. $CYTK and he are back in business with $.60 BABY!

  10. $SUMR, Another good n easy call CRIS, how s that? $achn $bcrx $lake, $FNMA, $FMCC, $CYTK $AMRN

  11. $CYTK $DVAX $RXII are trying to give me a Thanksgiving gift?

  12. $CYTK 4.60 about to pop

  13. $CYTK That said, I d love to see steady climb to 5.45 then a break above without news. Then news for anything higher

  14. $CYTK If there was any good news in the next week or so, this would explode up. After 5-5.45 is a lot of clear running room into gap

  15. $CYTK A backtest of 4.50 intraday then back to 4.60+ would look nice.

  16. $CYTK I d love a cool climb to 8 by the end of the year.

  17. $CYTK Is through 4.60. Should challenge 4.70. If it breaks that, could challenge 5 (although I doubt that is today)

  18. $CYTK breaking through barriers

  19. $CYTK Im so glad I bought into this last week! This will be my Christmas present! Holding til we hit over $15!

  20. $CYTK 4.63 was the resistance point we had to hit. We are there, next stop 4.74 with very minimal resistance then 4.91!

  21. $CYTK Can we hit 4.70 in the next hour!!!

  22. $CYTK -Broke thru a key level in $4.60 :-)

  23. $CYTK @oofshoresurveyor...sell them to me. Ive been buying all week

  24. $cytk to clarify, I want to sell covered calls only and out of the money and the volume is pitiful

  25. $cytk where is the option action? I want to sell calls but no one is buying $5 calls! Perhaps these are real longs buying in today, or not..