1. $CYTK ....new analysis this am ..starting to look a lot better ..... http://y.ahoo.it/2AMJcJpn .......

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  3. $CYTK if we can get a market push to get us to clear 9.53 could retest $10 range

  4. $CYTK At some short-term resistance, resistance about every 10-20 cents through big ones at 10, then 10.60

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  7. $CYTK And are willing to buy at 7.5 @May expiration?

  8. $CYTK They bought 1300 puts to exercise to sell at 10 at expiration tomorrow, and used the May 7.5 puts to finance that purchase.

  9. $CYTK What was that Apr 10 Put for 1.50 (1.7x1.9) /May 7.5 for 1.7 (1.7x1.9) Put trade for 1300 contracts at 3:11pm?

  10. $CYTK this is a link to the forum where patients actually commented on this trial: http://y.ahoo.it/my7wxLVu

  11. $CYTK Plus they originally had 450 individuals in trial and added 700+ More impressive results if positive

  12. $CYTK results will be shared in conference. Do you think if it was bad they would do it at a conference?

  13. $CYTK Now the question is will we see a bounce to 20+

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  15. I need to exhibit much more self control and refrain from adding too much right now. $RNN $ino $mstx $gale $oncy $pphm $cytk $vicl

  16. Reverting buylist for the bounce back $SYN $CYTK $SGYP $CPRX $IPCI $CYTR $NVAX $AGEN and others http://y.ahoo.it/QL3xNs4a

  17. $CYTK Now that taxes are paid, lets get this rally started...

  18. $CYTK PT is over $22. Lets hope we get good results or no change from test. No change would indicate that the test is helping maintain ALS

  19. @derekp $cytk I like the way you think Derek. I just posted an IRA check to ETRADE yesterday for $5500 with two day delivery. Gonna buy more

  20. $CYTK This is hard on the nerves but I know if I sell we will see double digits at the end of the month

  21. $CYTK It s tax day. This price is a gift

  22. $CYTK Added 1000 shares

  23. $ino $rnn $mstx $oncy $cytk $gale $pphm nothing has changed...just spooked investors! as the oracle says, BUY THE FEAR

  24. @DMJX @alandelmz If I had coconuts, I d jump on $CYTK here, but I just don t trust ANYTHING today.

  25. $CYTK You have to have a strong stomach for these violent 10% swings.....