1. $CYTK - CYTK: Looking For Short Off Clear Resistance Level - https://www.tradingview.com/chart/CYTK/DNVzqdRR-CYTK-Looking-For-Short-Off-Clear-Resistance-Level/

  2. $CYTK Nice recovery from open

  3. $CYTK ALS phase 3 trial enrolling in next 2 weeks

  4. $CYTK Institutional ownership up 5.05% Q/Q, with 1,027,730 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/CYTK

  5. $CYTK $BCLI $CUR $MNOV Which of these 4 bio Companies w/ Focus on ALS R&D will have biggest potential ALS related revs in 12 to 24 months?

  6. $CYTK Huge put buy noted. Need to watch closely - would like for it to hold 6.50 and bounce up next week. Somebody betting against it

  7. HIGH PUT VOLU $CYTK 14867% $PSXP 10216% $STRZA 5990% $TEL 4686% $MEI 3703% $NS 2968% $POL 2000% $CRC 1877% http://community.livevol.com/index.php/index.html

  8. $cytk I think shorty read these last posts. I m not good at chart reading, but everytime the chart says up , the price goes down) :

  9. 1. Easy money $MDVN 2. Most undervalued $CYTK $TKAI 3. Best speculative play $ONCS

  10. $CYTK biggest bargain in biotech right now. Over 110 million in cash. crazy

  11. $CYTK With partnerships w/ Astrellas and Amgen, all this needs is some sustainable good news and it will get an injection of $ or B/O offer.

  12. $CYTK Hopefully, we see a run up like in the past ($6-7 to $11) and then get some GOOD data to drive this towards the PTs it s been given.

  13. $CYTK Not loading more in the $5s hurts now, but I have a decent amount of shares from averaging down so many times...

  14. HIGH PUT VOLU $CYTK 14533% $PSXP 6809% $NS 2940% $MEI 2567% $IACI 1448% $CJES 1291% $THC 924% $NDAQ 898% http://community.livevol.com/index.php/index.html

  15. $CYTK Acting well for potential next leg up to 6.90 area

  16. $CYTK mentioned at JPM conference Tirasemtiv ALS Phase 3 trial will begin in early July!

  17. $CYTK Churning. Watch for break up on volume

  18. $CYTK announcement of P3 for Tirasemtiv starting should be any day now

  19. Both $CYTK and $BPTH with nice days - pulling both back up to right around my cost basis at the moment.

  20. $CYTK Just a little push... then some volume? Just hope someone pushes it the right way

  21. $CYTK 6.83-6.86 is next small resistance once it truly breaks, then 7, 7.30, 7.60 areas

  22. $CYTK Keeps making higher highs and higher lows. Still no true breakout yet though

  23. $CYTK Would love to see $6.83 level soon...

  24. $CYTK Does anybody understand the purpose of all of these Confidential Treatment orders?

  25. $CYTK Just want to see a B/O at $15... But I never get what I want.