1. $CYTK again

  2. $CYTK Lets see 4.50 and higher...

  3. $cytk patience here will prevail.

  4. $CYTK Nice return to reality, lets go over 4.40 CYTK!

  5. $CYTK Lets go CYTK. I see $5 around the corner

  6. $CYTK fantastic lift

  7. $CYTK Bought more at 4.21!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cmon Baby

  8. $CYTK Expect over $5 easy by end of month. Earnings will be positive and this will rise again

  9. $CYTK ......have.not read this ...... http://y.ahoo.it/tYu6od1h .........

  10. $CYTK ....and for thse that hae not read this yet ....... http://y.ahoo.it/ay0PZmBn ........

  11. $CYTK ....per thomson/rueters this am ...inst ownership up to 87.3% ..........

  12. Earnings announcement: $CYTK is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Jul 30 2014

  13. $CYTK Stock looks cheap here, but technicals need definitive improvement and/or signs of reversal before I would open a new position

  14. $CYTK Should be an important day. If we are positive this should move higher

  15. $CYTK Cytokinetics to Announce Second Quarter Results on July 30, 2014.. http://y.ahoo.it/qdZR0sCe

  16. $CYTK Give it a few days BIO will get back up. This is just a reaction to that incompetent Yellen

  17. $CYTK $ACRX I originally missed Yellen s statement trashing Bio. That explains it. Thanks a lot!

  18. $CYTK Oversold

  19. $CYTK biotech selloff is impressive today

  20. $CYTK

  21. $CYTK :)

  22. $CYTK Gteat bargain price to keep buying here

  23. $CYTK Don t love this price action on a good market day like this.

  24. $CYTK CYTK low volume trading.... Waiting on news.

  25. In my previous post I used the wrong ticker symbol $CYTK when I meant to use $CYNK. My bad!