1. $CYTK Dropping on no volume = buying opportunity

  2. $CYTK Institutional ownership up 5.05% Q/Q, with 1,027,730 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/CYTK

  3. $CYTK Relentless climb back up to $8 territory

  4. $CYTK Still not sure what to do with this. Want to add, but that impending dilution train is not something I want to get in front of...

  5. $CYTK - CYTK: Longs From This Area Anticipated Short Term #Divergance - https://www.tradingview.com/chart/CYTK/us1qP9CX-CYTK-Longs-From-This-Area-Anticipated-Short-Term-Divergance/

  6. $CYTK picking up the good bio s with the most potential gains like LCI,GILD and CYTK

  7. Earnings announcement: $CYTK is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Oct 29 2015


  9. $RNN $ONVO $NAVB $CYTK ETF redemptions driving the selloff...setting up for a great buying opportunity, nothing changed fundamentally!!!

  10. $CYTK No doubt if this provides any type of help to ALS patients this will get approved the need help. And FDA knows this. Way Oversold

  11. $CYTK This cycle is clockwork. Let me see how the market looks Monday - Stocking up then or Tuesday.

  12. $CYTK > this thing is going to $4 if they dilute.

  13. $IBB About damn time. Time to go shopping: $TRVN $CYTK $AEZS $SYN And $AGEN. Added around $20,000 each. Good luck.

  14. $CYTK Want to add but this market is crazy

  15. $CYTK moving with IBB banks looking for lower share prices on Clinton excuse.

  16. $CYTK Movement like the emotions of a 13 year old girl...

  17. $CUR today s http://investor.neuralstem.com/index.php?s=43&item=210 Compare ALS status with $MNOV $CYTK, $BCLI

  18. $CYTK Following are current % gain to Hi 12mo TPs for 4 Biotechs with R&D ALS efforts :$CUR8=423%; $BCLI14=333%;$CYTK19=162%;$MNOV8=157%

  19. Long prospects: $VNDA $MYGN $HALO $MDRX $TNK $CYTK

  20. $CYTK We have a value trader here trying to short Cytokinetics. What has this world turned into?

  21. $CYTK Covered my short too early... Dag nab bit

  22. $cytk pre-binary event prices are almost irrelevant. If Omi shows lasting effect, price will go up. If Omi shows less effect over time, down

  23. $CYTK Interesting territory here: expecting a dilution which will kill price, but it is a bargain right now... Hmmmm?

  24. $CYTK Added 250 @ 7.03 Clinton jawing will never see congress.

  25. $CYTK Zero volume drop. Huge buying opportunity. However - did break a technical support with the zero volume drop