1. $CYTK Looks like 4.89 is a nice pivot point.Meddoc2006

  2. $CYTK About time we started to see movement! Cmon CYTK bring the Christmas! 4.89 and we see $5 http://www.stockta.com/cgi-bin/analysis.pl?symb=CYTK&cobrand=&mode=stock

  3. $CYTK Meaning they made it sound nicer even tough they said rates would rise in 2015. Anyway back to CYTK. Love this thing

  4. $CYTK Feds came out with new language, we have a while to trade this now and make some $$$$

  5. $CYTK Great Close on the day! up 5.03% finished at HOD 4.80!!!! Lets hope we continue this uphill til news breaks

  6. $CYTK still low volume but doing good 4.78 is HOD lets see if we can go higher

  7. $CYTK CYTK needs tpp break 4.89 then over 5 we may see.

  8. $BCRX Roth pumped $CYTK from 10 to 14 before data. When s the investor breakfast? After the decision?

  9. $BCRX Oh guys, Roth Capital is bullish. Isn t that exciting? Right guys, $CYTK ???

  10. @smartinvestor721 @mlavinski1 $CYTK smartinvestor721 you just joined stk twts today I noticed.Shorting?Joined to post negative stuff?whtsup?

  11. $CYTK I hope some of you got into CDXS. Buy rating initiated today on ARN http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NASDAQ/CDXS/

  12. $CYTK 4.57 HOD so far. Still early..... Looking strong.

  13. $CYTK Lets see if we can break $5 by end of this year!!!! Good Christmas Gift!!!!

  14. $CYTK that goes for you as well smart investor721

  15. $CYTK If you can t give good info on here take a hike nobody cares about your BS

  16. $CYTK CYTK Roth Capital reaffirms a BUY rating and a $13 PT on CYTK!

  17. $CYTK http://www.stockta.com/cgi-bin/analysis.pl?symb=CYTK&cobrand=&mode=stock

  18. $CYTK Looking good here, we need to go past 4.89 and then sky is the limit:

  19. $CYTK Has anyone checked out the forums? Patients mentioning how well they are doing in phase 1.

  20. $CYTK Forecast 228% upside: http://money.cnn.com/quote/quote.html?symb=CYTK

  21. $CYTK insider-trades last 12 mo.Total Insider Trades Market Buys 3. http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/cytk/ownership-summary

  22. $CYTK if positive phase 1 study --->$5-$6, Positive O.M. Study $10-$15, FDA clearance to continue Tira $10-$11 PTs

  23. $CYTK I think you meant 77% institutional ownership

  24. $CYTK We are now at 7% owned by Institutions. Crazy. Was at 66% earlier this year, keeps going up! Everyone wants a piece.

  25. $CYTK We don t expect much regarding Tirasemtiv because it seems to be quiet now regarding the study, but if FDA approves... $$$$$