1. $CYTK Waiting to add... $7.60 - 8 range seems stable so will hold current position

  2. $CYTK Looking like short term dip coming

  3. $CYTK long setup http://stocktwits.com/message/33284798

  4. @Joe675 @buyitcheap same thing happened 2 me. In at $.72 & sold 2day at .82.Then $CYTK closed way higher. Missed 1,600K additional profit.

  5. @PKA9023 $ACHN $RNN $JUNO $GALE $MACK $MNKD $CYTK $ELTP $RXII to name name few :) Your short list?

  6. $CYTK Missed my shot today :/

  7. $CYTK Looking to add soon. Trying to get in 7.60s

  8. $CYTK great upside on board

  9. $CYTK ... The authors concluded that CK-2127107 substantially increases exercise performance in this heart failure model .......

  10. $CYTK ... NEWS OUT THIS AM ......... http://phoenix.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=142156&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2020366 ..........

  11. $CYTK http://phoenix.corporate-ir.net/mobile.view?c=142156&v=203&d=1&id=2020366

  12. Share an idea on $CYTK announce results on rat animals re heart study. They mention it MAY help..... Really?

  13. $CYTK .......Cytokinetics to Present at Healthcare Conferences in March http://phoenix.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=142156&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2019611 .........

  14. Why did $CYTK pull back so much? Can t be because of that article. Too much upside to let this one go!

  15. $CYTK Looking to finish off my share adding next dip... Then holding until $13.

  16. $CYTK Suspiciously big volume near the end of the day relative to the rest of the day

  17. $CYTK Consolidation is the name of the game. 7.8-8.2 Stock in a Box

  18. $CYBR puts, $RUSS, and $CYTK having nice days for me

  19. If only i didnt have ~70$ commission each trade, i could make a killing day trading $CYTK every morning... Sigh

  20. $CYTK what happens to this everyday?

  21. $ARWR go go make my day $CYTK went to red

  22. Shh.. Biotech Unusual Option Volume data via --> https://secure.livevol.com/trial/livevol-x-trial/registration-promo-order-flow?offer_code=LV_OFlow $PGNX $SGYP $DYAX $CYTK $ARIA $INSY $IMMU http://stocktwits.com/message/32978320

  23. $CYTK...buy at 8 and 801...sell 1/3 805...stop 799 not good that it stopped at .06...but we shall see !!!???

  24. $CYTK Anyone see this one topping 8.5 today?