1. @SludgeReports agreed. $CYTR similar chart with $VJET

  2. $CYTR Hows everyone doing? I ve been out for a while now after a big loss. Live today fight tomorrow

  3. $CYTR Damn Spoofing -This is illegal! I can take out the current ask through 3.25 if someone else will shoot down the short dumpers!

  4. $CYTR Grinding against the support frequently. If it breaks, $3 then $2.80 and possibly lower.

  5. Every day $CYTR makes fresh lows. Not sure where the sellers are coming from down here. We re at or close to bottom.

  6. $CYTR ...watching for now

  7. $CYTR Buy this 1 at 2.50 also $GALE

  8. $CYTR ..this goes below 3, it will become interesting; possible position.

  9. This $GALE $CYTR connection is absolutely killing $CYTR.

  10. $CYTR Another banner day for this wonderful company.

  11. @ambition ... $CYTR I am active. LONG position below $2. Trading avg below $3.18.... Lots of cash on sidelines to avg

  12. #biotech #buy #stocks $ADXS $TKMR $EVOK $LPDX $GILD $ACST $SPHS $CYTR $OPXA $IPCI $CYCC $NVAX and others http://y.ahoo.it/6gwQY9Tb

  13. $ARWR $CYTR hugely loaded. Waiting they will make me rich :-)

  14. $CYTR YEA!! IT S GREEN!!! Ooooooh, it s even. I feel so conflicted.

  15. $CYTR I will listen to Aegis before a Gooberfish...

  16. $CYTR Aegis Capital affirms its Buy rating and $12 target price on CytRx Corp. (Nasdaq: CYTR) following Q2 results and update.

  17. $CYTR Of you don t like this stock sell and move on !!!

  18. $CYTR and the it will head back down the following Monday. I believe this is bagholder city with this.

  19. $CYTR Can t believe I m overjoyed with breaking even. At this level as painful as it is..it s just too low to sell now. So Bagholding it is!

  20. $CYTR sucks majorly. People are not as optimistic as cytrx is about what they have. This acting like a serious joke.

  21. $CYTR Looks like it wants lower again......

  22. $CYTR I hate this stock.

  23. $CYTR fire Kriegsman, that dirty rat bast#$d.

  24. We re in a huge bull market and my $ is stuck in $ATHX and $CYTR which are going in the exact opposite direction of the market. Ridonculous.

  25. $CYTR buy the dip, right? Where s the dip bottom is the question.