1. $CYTR In 13 more days, we ll be able to see what the institutions have been up to. http://y.ahoo.it/ClaBdF2p

  2. $CYTR I m thinking this could finally be the Bottom here.

  3. $CYTR Biggest shame here is all the other stocks being missed.

  4. $CYTR how low can we go today guys? Will be putting in a nice sized order

  5. $NBG $BBRY $SGYP $CPRX $MNKD $POWR $PLUG $STEM $CYTR $VHC Markets should bounce nicely today after jobs report. No sell off GL all.

  6. $CYTR lol

  7. $CYTR Go take it out on Kreigsman, which is where all frustration should land anyway

  8. $CYTR Wow, what has this board resorted to? Lol.

  9. $CYTR $3-3.3 zone is a strong support for it. Multiple bottom here. LONG, heavily

  10. $CYTR I have some CYTR higher than this. I don t feel comfortable adding yet. Could go lower.

  11. Rough day today down 1.3% but better than the rest of the market. Up $BONE Down $PLUG $POWR $STEM $CYTR $VHC $SGYP $MNKD $CPRX and $BONE

  12. $CYTR Patrick Carson.

  13. $CYTR LMAO

  14. $CYTR July sucked. Next week... Somethings better than nothing! http://y.ahoo.it/W6O7DjFv

  15. $CYTR Will be looking to add to my position tomorrow morning

  16. $CYTR Added

  17. $CYTR Can t remember last time we traded only 400k shares this late in the day. Glad shorts weren t able to drop this on low vol. ?bottom

  18. $CYTR Rest of market still falling... At least we are hovering ....

  19. @optionsizzle Any thoughts on the option activity with $CYTR , specifically Sept. calls. I see a lot of activity and CYTR is expecting PR.

  20. $CYTR http://y.ahoo.it/ZyXy599U

  21. $CYTR I guess birds are a hot investment recently $TWTR $LOCO http://y.ahoo.it/21ZmGXnl

  22. $CYTR Everyone be patience. This divergences speak the truth behind the price action. When big boys finish loading we will go up.

  23. $CYTR You would think they would PR that they are still working on something. Gee whiz

  24. $CYTR Yawn!!

  25. $CYTR 60 % and some higher only 6 weeks ago?