1. New Article: The Soybean – Corn Spread http://y.ahoo.it/OXojOtNZ $ZS_F $ZC_F $DBA $JJG $CORN $STUDY $WEAT $soyb $MOO $DAG $AGA

  2. $DBA is testing multi timeframed support, beginning near 27. $DAG $JJA $AGF http://y.ahoo.it/AEic1MQU

  3. $DAG Loving this, may get long next week

  4. My weekend report $GLD, $SLV, $SLW, $WEAT, $DAG, $NUGT, $DUST

  5. $DBA took position in $DAG off of yesterday s hammer at long term support, Sold $TVIX at stop loss yesterday,

  6. $DAG back in....AG highs will be soon

  7. @Andrew_C Trying to figure it out myself. Have no clue. $DAG is the double and it s trading normally.

  8. $DBA $DAG $WEAT $CORN $SGG 2 very different looks 2 very different time frames. Possible ST short. http://y.ahoo.it/sGWKFRRk

  9. Food Inflation Soars $BEEF Highest In $A Decade http://y.ahoo.it/Ky8qJyIe $LE_F $GF_F $HE_F $DBA $COW $CORN $JJA $JJG $DAG $RJA $DBC $CPI $MOO

  10. $DAG Nice recovery!

  11. $DAG Got back in at $8 this AM. Almost back to the regression line. Should continue up from here...

  12. $DAG NICE

  13. $DAG Buying back in....reset and ready to run again.

  14. $DAG this is looking yummy

  15. $DAG Looks like DAG got way ahead of its nav ystday and now adjusting?

  16. $DAG Stochastics tell me no-wait for Pullbck but since looking it is up 30cents. lol. I m waiting.

  17. $DAG Parabolic?

  18. $DAG eyeing this up

  19. @mikete90 @Project_Pat @NOBAY Agri doing well today.....Im in $DAG

  20. Weather issues in many countries driving ag sector ETFs higher, $DBA $DAG $MOO

  21. ETFs in Focus: PowerShares DB Agriculture $DBA and DB Double Long $DAG making bullish moves. http://y.ahoo.it/2aBiAUgx [video:2:16]

  22. @SanJose thanks for pointing out $dag. like the weat soy corn suger combo. have a few commodities may switch some over to this. simplify


  24. Noteable new lows in Japanese yen funds $FXY and $YCL. Also Ag funds $DAG, $JJA and $WEAT.

  25. Another new low for this Agriculture ETF - $DAG. Looks like trend is still down.