1. $DAL $UAL $LUV $AAL Video: Major Airlines Betting on Lower Oil http://simplystockinfo.com/video/major-airlines-betting-on-lower-oil/

  2. Be careful with $DAL! It operates hubs in CDG (Paris) and AMS, where travel could have been adversely impacted by recent events.

  3. Nov/30:Climate Change Summit, Solar Sector Very BULLISH (Canadian Solar:CSIQ) P/E=5, PT=$42(+95%),http://www.dnaindia.com/world/report-asean-summit-pm-modi-invites-china-to-be-part-of-solar-alliance-2147578 $UAL,$DAL,$DFS,$BA

  4. $DAL what an easy buy at 46.5 on wed, headline fear mongering is typically great time to buy

  5. $DAL taking off.

  6. $AAL $DAL $VA $SPY Richard Branson on how to become a millionaire: Not much to it, start as a billionaire and then buy an airline

  7. Cheap call option upside: $T calls cheaper than 95% of history, $GILD 94%, $DAL 93%, $EMC 93%, $VLO 93%, $IWM 89%, $LOW 88%

  8. $DAL I am keeping one eye on the airline industry


  10. Cheap put options and hedges: $T puts cheaper than 85% of history, $BA 84%, $VLO 84%, $TSLA 84%, $LOW 84%, $DAL 83%, $GILD 82%

  11. $SPY $XAL Removed airlines from watch list a while ago $Jblu $dal Don t want to get caught in a correction

  12. $XAL Removed airlines from watch list a while ago $Jblu $dal Don t want to get caught in a correction

  13. $DAL So, we have the two biggest travel holidays of the year this quarter coupled with low fuel prices, how do these not fly to ATH s?

  14. $DAL started position here this am, great value, will hold long (not a trade), love when headlines produce sales

  15. $AA, $DAL and $UAL stocks expected to underperform after travel alert http://www.marketwatch.com/story/american-delta-and-united-stocks-expected-to-underperform-after-travel-alert-2015-11-25

  16. $AAL Airlines dip on oil worries . Did airlines rise on oil dropping 20% over the last 3 months? $JBLU $DAL $UAL $VA

  17. $DAL sinking ship again. Why did I hold this?!

  18. Airline Stocks Dip On Oil Worries http://www.bidnessetc.com/58178-airline-stocks-dip-on-oil-worries/ $DAL $UAL $AAL

  19. $DAL Tempted @ $46.5. Anyone else?

  20. SHORT $DAL PUT FLOW -1.5% $LUV -1.8% , $LBLU -1.5% - quick day trade working!

  21. $DAL i considering a limit order of $42

  22. $AAL Sold DEC 38 Puts for 0.45. $DAL Sold DEC 42.50 Puts for $0.40. $JBLU Sold JAN 22 Puts for 0.40. I would love assignment @ these prices.

  23. Airline stocks are weak $LUV $DAL $UAL $JBLU picked up some puts at open -short

  24. $DAL gapped down 2.5% on the open yest, gap s open. Odds $DAL can close 2%-4% gaps on: Day1 is 34% Day2 is 13% Day3 is 0% +Day3 is 54%

  25. $DAL 47 used to be in a brick wall now it s the trampoline