1. Brokerage Give Consensus Buy Rating to E Commerce China Dangdang Inc (ADR) $DANG http://y.ahoo.it/rTrwszcN

  2. @songs190 Ive been in $DANG since 11.6 so trust me I ve been here for the ride :)

  3. $DANG $13.50 will be the next stop

  4. Sell $DANG buy $BABA greatest chances of expansion with a bigger company, $DANG is not performing to its full potential.

  5. $DANG @ajn Ditto, got em near close at 13.96.

  6. Holding $KNDI $XONE (nice little move today) $ZU (will add more around 32.50) & $DANG (added more @ 14 today)

  7. $DANG time to pick some long

  8. $DANG Burn it Down to the Ground!

  9. Anyone fooled into thinking $DANG will rise into the $BABA IPO is going to be very disappointed,

  10. $DANG will be under constant pressure now as DANG gets sold out as shareholders raise money to buy $BABA instead.

  11. $DANG Longs are in denial. This Stock is going nowhere but down long term. Fastest Growing Market in China and DANG losing Active Customers

  12. $DANG -up/down volume declining from 1.5 on 8/13 to 1.0 on 8/27

  13. $DANG Added some @ 14

  14. $DANG Out 14.10

  15. $DANG anybody know why this is being gutted this morning?

  16. $DANG scaling in. 1st position here

  17. $DANG had a very nice earnings beat. just hard to say where the pullback will be to. but I m back in a core position. 3%..

  18. $DANG got popped...yeesh!

  19. $DANG bought a little dang @ 13.90. Rebuy of what I sold @ 15. 3% port...allowing for DEEP averaging if it goes lower..

  20. $DANG below $14 soon? Just asking

  21. $QIHU $yy $sina $dang $my $kndi $fb Is it the timd to cash in from other stocks & keep that cash for $baba ? Just asking!!

  22. @Thorgood I ve been long $GWPH from 91.23 and added around 94.65. Good chart and should be follow thru tomorrow. $DANG have sept 15 calls.

  23. Holding $KNDI (no selling yet) $DANG $ZU (nice pop today) & new to the group (again) $XONE @ 28.75

  24. @venkysrinivasan Nice job. $DANG flagging action with that 20

  25. @BeckyHiu thinking of adding a bit more to $GWPH (LT position). Watching $DANG.