1. $wbai back to $35 a share tomorrow $bidu $dang $sina $baba

  2. @MoneyHauler Shorts bash any good stock by spreading lies about it so they can scare people into selling, nothing more. $KNDI $DANG $NQ

  3. Share price performance of $DANG on https://online.capitalcube.com/#!/stock/us/nyse/dang/analysis-reports http://stocktwits.com/message/27448120

  4. $DANG $5

  5. $FNMA $INO $LAKE $SPY $QQQ $IWM $QIHU $DANG %GOOH $ESPR $DRL $AAL $GM $DAL $NLNK $GLUU Anyone see Fannie Mae? Down 36%. $UGAZ $DGAZ $RLD $Z

  6. $DANG China Dangdang is such a catchy name :)

  7. @Besttrader in this market there is such a thing as too expensive. The Garbage is going to get Crushed! and $DANG always leads into the Red.

  8. $DANG Beware of posters who try to brow beat you into selling because they are short this stock.

  9. $DANG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6e4WpaXV7k

  10. $DANG Sales are up 52% YOY and 32% Q to Q.

  11. $DANG Just Remember There is No Such Thing as Too Cheap in Non Institutionally Owned Chinese Garbage Stocks

  12. $DANG Galaxy 1 covers an area of 460 acres, is nearly four times Jingdong Asia 1 logistics center.

  13. $DANG Dangdang enable the Galaxy 1 storage center in Tianjin, known as Asia s largest single repository

  14. $DANG Dangdang is located in Tianjin, China, Galaxy 1 storage center is Asia s largest single warehouse. http://99wallstreet.com/new/discussion/post/485324/

  15. @stocktordoctor LMAO!!! $DANG has 2% market share they are not the largest retailer in China You Clown.

  16. $DANG 30% YoY growth is, believe it or not, a POSITIVE thing. (for longs)

  17. $DANG Non-Stop FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) doesn t change the fact that DangDang is the largest online retailer in China w/warehouse+

  18. $DANG Nice thing here for all of us shorts is that all of China is down. If and when it snaps back, DANG is not going to be an early player.

  19. $DANG Dangdang speeds up: 16 new warehouses will be built in 2014

  20. $DANG Does anyone pay attention to FACTS?

  21. $DANG Dangdang launched Super Speed Delivery in 400 Cities of China http://supplychains.com/dangdang-launched-super-speed-delivery-in-400-cities-of-china/ http://stocktwits.com/message/27443544

  22. $DANG Buy when others are panicking and selling. That s how you make money long

  23. $DANG Set this little chart over here to 1 year>>>>> You see what i see? I see a lower high that certainly looks to follow up with lower low

  24. $DANG With the largest warehouse in China, this seems like a good time to BUY. 30% Growth expected this YoY

  25. $DANG you have to admit @TradeforTuition deserves a follow for this one.