1. @JD816 afraid of $dang and $ddd still in downtrends looks like. $fb ready to goooo

  2. @JFinDallas Growth can do amazing things. 2 years ago $DANG was bigger than $VIPS. $VIPS beats $DANG on all metrics with 5x growth now!

  3. Share an idea on $DANG Anyone knows the details of the Alibaba IPO next week? What day exactly? What will be the ticker symbol? Price range?

  4. $DANG remains in the 50/50 Basket but has a tight leash now http://y.ahoo.it/WXvycwbX

  5. $DANG I think we see Dang climb back to $15 before earnings.... Still very under valued

  6. $DANG Were the 11 s the place to cover or is this dropping further? I don t see any signs of a reversal other than Volume was high that day.

  7. Holding $DANG (full pos) $PLUG $KNDI (1/2) $NMBL (1/2) $SCTY (1/2) $GOGO (1/2) and $PXLW calls. Have a great weekend.

  8. $DANG on a weekly looks beautiful. I d put a ring on it.

  9. Momentum stocks $FB $SODA $WB $DANG $DDD vs value stock with growth $CXDC http://y.ahoo.it/UDuNgl47

  10. $DANG Took on some risk this week. Close below $12 and im out for small gains http://y.ahoo.it/FDNeLRHB

  11. @Congostockchat @gogogogo By 2016 $VIPS 5x more sales and many times more profits than $DANG - $VIPS far superiors over $DANG

  12. @Congostockchat @gogogogo $VIPS was smaller than $DANG 2 years ago. Now it is bigger and 100x more profitable. And the trend continues!!

  13. @gogogogo @Congostockchat Sure $DANG has potential to show Earnings and Growth. Hope it does not become $RENN no growth loser

  14. @gogogogo @Congostockchat my $DANG position is from very low price. Sold $4 Puts that were assigned. $VIPS over $DANG any day on PEG/EPS

  15. @gogogogo @Congostockchat $VIPS has 5 times growth and 100x more profits than $DANG. I have $DANG but $VIPS is way better IMO

  16. @lcc007 @Skynet_Mcferret LOL Congo is not negative on $VIPS. Misguided that $DANG is better. I also have $DANG but $VIPS is better F PEG/PE

  17. Setups that worked well for us today that we ll be watching next week. $NEON $BWP $TWTR $DANG $PLUG http://y.ahoo.it/8Ze1XzVm

  18. @Skynet_Mcferret @lcc007 Forward PEG / PE on $VIPS vs. $DANG should help you see why $VIPS is better!

  19. $DANG $QQQ Decent hammer at the close on the weekly. Better follow through or else!

  20. @WallStreetWiz 4150 is 20 dma, after that 4250 level. Short term bullish, but again caution needed. Holding 3000 $DANG At 12.95

  21. Portfolio Performance Ytd through April 17th = + 13.18 % S+P 500 = +.87% Top Holds $DANG $AVNR $SODA $PSEC $YHOO $ORAN Please do your own DD

  22. @Giovanni138: $DANG Still Trapped in the Down Channel http://y.ahoo.it/rRy9stdh yeah, im looking for a bottom before getting in on this one

  23. $DANG Still Trapped in the Down Channel http://y.ahoo.it/zfKThwto

  24. $DANG Though the 1.50 bounce of this weeks lows was nice, this POS again is down for the week and Trapped in the Downtrend Channel

  25. $PEIX $CAR $AAL $TWTR $DANG all looking strong today