1. $DANG, sold the batch@12.70 from 12.28. will buy dips till er

  2. $DANG holding above 200dma on a red day for IWM...

  3. $DANG Appears to be heading South quickly. Restate that it is overvalued

  4. $DANG Just Spoke to Giovanni. He is shorting aggressively at these prices. He sees mid Single Digits after Earnings,

  5. $DANG Bullish from $11.50, good time to sell and take nice profits : )

  6. $DANG Be a fool for tuition and talk about how this stock is worth $0 LOL

  7. Selling my $dang swing position and taking total position down to 8% port.(core hold) still a top hold @8% but will let me avg if necessary.

  8. $DANG showing good relative strength today...

  9. $DANG $MOBI $KNDI ...SLooooooooow trading this morning

  10. E Commerce China Dangdang Inc (ADR) initiated by Morgan Stanley at equal weight. http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NASDAQ/DANG/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $DANG

  11. $DANG: Fox Business Network: E-Commerce China Dangdang shares a ‘buy’ despite high volatility? http://stockcomments.com/dang-fox-business-network-e-commerce-china-dangdang-shares-a-buy-despite-high-volatility/

  12. @VIPS1000 I see money flowing out of $AMZN as well into $VIPS $BABA $DANG

  13. $DANG Strong upside chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/Ldx325AI/

  14. $DANG I sold today, still bullish on the stock but not enough money to make a difference in profits. The charts look strong upside movement

  15. $TSLA $CMI $VIPS $DANG $TRN $MXWL $ANIK $CODE Winna Winna Chicken Dinna! @cheri1 @strattonite @TFCAB

  16. $NQ did u know that $DANG went thru this SAME thing? 30 to 3 s. CFO leaving. delayed filings. But look at her now :)

  17. $DANG you sold to soon, heading above 13.00

  18. $DANG, sold the batch@12.28 from 11.77

  19. $DANG honestly, I got shocked on recently price action

  20. $DANG anyone who is bearish should look at my chart...LOL

  21. $DANG about time

  22. $DANG some volume coming in here...

  23. @lcc007 I think the $DANG bears retreated to yahoo message boards...

  24. $DANG not bearish fools.

  25. $NQ Carson Block is The Man. He says Boo and everyone runs for the hills. Looking forward to when he exposes $DANG for what it is.