1. $DANG i am here for it was once a cabot top ten recomendation a month ago so far they mostly do well so hope this will to pan out

  2. $DANG Yes it sucks right now and the chart is ugly - but it won t last forever like some posters here want everyone to believe.

  3. $DANG Looks like DANG will close down for the 8th week in a row now. But hey Longs, you just keep on holding.

  4. $DANG Come on @BullBearPig DANG is a Short.

  5. $DANG Still mind blowing to me that you can buy shares of DANG at this discounted of a price

  6. $DANG Nearing a decent entry point on the weekly now. Waiting for some confirmation of a reversal, as monthly still not looking primed.

  7. Detailed article on $DANG fundamentals (biz model, product offering, financials) if thinking abt long term view http://y.ahoo.it/CKcEOFsR

  8. $DANG Buyers are Sheep In Line For Slaughter. They Just Don t Know It Yet. by giovanni138 •Mar 19, 2014 9:25 AM Yhoo Mess Brd Was I wrong?

  9. $DANG AMZN now up less than a $1 DANG will Bleed Again Tomorrow.

  10. $DANG Go look at $JVA That was a Harry Boxer Stock in June and early July 2011. Look at what that stock has done since then.

  11. $DANG Geez to me it says the smart shorts left the building......and when everyone has sold, there no more selling, just buying

  12. $DANG Street.com Says Sell, Stock Guru says Sell, Stock Consultant Says Sell. Chart Says Sell. What more do you need @carlmul

  13. $DANG @carlmul if the short interest is cut in half, that is the perfect time to short. Less catalyst for a short squeeze.

  14. $DANG Why invest in a s(hit) stain DANG at a 1 Billion Cap when you can invest in Alibaba which will be 250 Billion Plus.

  15. $DANG Yes @carlmul Alibaba will be the final coffin in DANG. Just look at RENN and MEET they were Proxies for FB DANG is a Proxy for Alibaba

  16. $DANG THE SEC wants the cash, china represents the 2nd largest market in the world, all of our comps r in china, all of them

  17. $DANG Have you heard about ALIBABA Yahoo owns 25% and its coming soon

  18. $DANG You want my take on the SEC and Chinese Stocks. My bet is they would like to see every single one of them delisted.

  19. $DANG if u had 150,000 shares short u had 4% of the entire short interest in DANG, u may have to report yourself to the SEC on a 13D

  20. $DANG Last trade AH $12.60 and short interest has dropped in half since Dec 9,652,353 now 4,632,454 now is NOT the time to stick ur neck out

  21. $DANG Now bidding $12.33 in AH

  22. $DANG @carlmul if it goes to 12.90 you short it

  23. $DANG Lets say Dang goes to $12.90 tomorrow what does that mean?

  24. $DANG Never owned a single share in any of them and BTW FMR had a total of 134,550 shares, very small position

  25. $DANG @carlmul You are probably the guy that has owns JNPR, BBRY, AOL, YHOO, and I omega since going public and never sold.