1. @KeltechTrading well, $ARRY was up 5% also although it is larger mkt cap, $DARA a lot smaller hence 10% up, there s always a chance for news

  2. $DARA Tomorrow will be interesting. Small position, was waiting to add, oh well.

  3. $DARA move is $PUMA related, watch $ARRY $AMBI and $CERU also

  4. @Tatoduk: After-Hour Gainers 7/22 $BRCM 3%, $MANH 4%, $BLDP 4%, $AWRE 5%, $HA 5%, $CRDC 5%, $KOPN 6%, $ISRG 11%, $DARA 10%, $PBYI 222%,

  5. $DARA Yahoo message board rumors about a buyout...take that with a grain of salt.

  6. $DARA Where is tisik?

  7. $DARA what a fade from 1.59 - i guess just a knee - jerk reaction to PBYI

  8. $DARA Congrats to those holding this. I didn t get a chance to get executed at my price. Perhaps next time.

  9. $DARA Obviously some news is out there that we dont have here

  10. $PBYI - looks like $DARA is gaining and is next for a big move..up 12% after hours...will gap up huge like $PBYI

  11. Will add more $DARA at 1.30 if it comes down or above 1.45 if gaining from here. Been holding and waiting too long for this to break out. GL

  12. @MarketMasta I plan to take profits if $JDST starts to fade now. I have to move money to my fav bio tech stock $DARA which is abt to rip up

  13. After-Hour Gainers 7/22 $BRCM 3%, $MANH 4%, $BLDP 4%, $AWRE 5%, $HA 5%, $CRDC 5%, $KOPN 6%, $ISRG 11%, $DARA 10%, $PBYI 222%,

  14. $DARA Glad that I held on to my 3850 shares in my IRA at 1.20 Avg. Will add more! $ISR $ARIA next in my portfolio to gain big any time now?

  15. $PBYI looks like $DARA wants to join the party tomorrow

  16. $DARA ...NEWS???


  18. $DARA Nice

  19. $DARA great ah move

  20. $DARA IMO, positive news is about to hit

  21. $DARA Just showed herA$$ up up up

  22. $DARA nice AH

  23. $DARA is sympathy play for $PBYI

  24. @IamStephKing I looked at the pipelines and individual drugs and I am neutral, as I do not know $DARA to make a good assessment! G luck

  25. $DARA my target is $6.77 on $DARA.