1. $DARA Setting up for a big move .

  2. $DARA - will be $2 soon

  3. $DARA another RS in oct. and will be at 5$ !!!

  4. $DARA Out of Dara for now. Looking for the next price setting.

  5. $WPCS=BOOOOM! $RNN and $DARA and $FB, $APPL, $MSTX, $BAA, $DRYS, $NBG!

  6. $DARA might be, might be onto something

  7. $DARA @tisik I took my profit at $1.47. And as far as I can tell you have been WRONG. I am not in DARA right now but I will buy it soon.

  8. $DARA you all wrong again and im right again

  9. $DARA

  10. $DARA So Cheap under 2Buck$

  11. $DARA wed and thursday 3.68 shares were shorted, 1 news right now and shorts can sell their cars and rolexes :)


  13. $DARA Interesting AH rip. May be another July 22-23 but lower volume. Range from 1.02-4.40. B careful with reverse splits here.

  14. weekly trading stats $CBMX $FCEL $UNXL $OPTT $CLSN $DARA $AGEN $FOLD $PNkb http://y.ahoo.it/vaXDbZJz

  15. $DARA http://y.ahoo.it/LdCL9tx1

  16. $DARA short interest http://y.ahoo.it/goEhsL9E

  17. $DARA thanks again tommy b,you made me alot of $ in the past im sure dara will too...

  18. $DARA Tommy B,thanks for this one gonna load up!!!!!

  19. $DARA Great news coming!!!(Buyout)

  20. $DARA monday will be red ill thank you in advance for yre stops

  21. $DARA its a clear bullish signal..its staying on 16% gains....Many long traders won t sell out at a loss without a bad news.. Awaiting news!

  22. $DARA Stock holding at top of gap, looking okay but longs want it to hold here or down to mid 1.20s

  23. $DARA Accumulating for the Great Run cometh!!!!

  24. $DARA nice wedge building on the 5-minute. Bullish.. pop monday ?? lol

  25. $DARA