1. http://y.ahoo.it/sim3O0KL 10 Charts with Ideas for Monday $CNET $PDEX $EMKR $OTIV $DARA $LIOX $OXGN $LIQT $XGTI $HDY $RADA

  2. http://y.ahoo.it/KyL7FONp 10 Charts with Ideas for Monday 9/22/2014 $CNET $PDEX $EMKR $OTIV $DARA $LIOX $OXGN $LIQT $XGTI $HDY

  3. 10 Charts with Ideas for Monday 9/22/2014 $CNET $PDEX $EMKR $OTIV $DARA $LIOX $OXGN $LIQT $XGTI $HDY $STUDY http://y.ahoo.it/PrSFNCIj

  4. 10 Charts with Ideas for Monday 9/22/2014 $CNET $PDEX $EMKR $OTIV $DARA $LIOX $OXGN $LIQT $XGTI $HDY $STUDY

  5. $DARA This stock is like my wife

  6. $DARA Huge block buy at the close - 154K shares

  7. $DARA Does this signal the shake out is over?

  8. $DARA - http://y.ahoo.it/DqH0f8lV - Yep ... This Up Move is one you are going to like! - New High: +0.02. Next resistance 1.20 from 9/16/2014.

  9. $DARA Got some news to be announced

  10. $DARA You can now purchase DARA at a dollar store near you. Remain bullish nonetheless

  11. $DARA Buy the hate.

  12. $DARA RSI at 25 would like to enter at 15ish

  13. $DARA a bounce off of support and i am in with big block buys

  14. $DARA long term support 1.04

  15. $DARA Falling hard wih some volume.

  16. $DARA Worst stock day for me

  17. $DARA Everything I own is red, and for no apparent reason.

  18. $DARA think there s just a big disconnect with management and the average investor.

  19. $DARA $MNGA for some reason all low stocks are dark red today, not to worry too much about today s fall, will back up on Monday. IMO

  20. $DARA really don t understand...DARA have a quarterly revenue growth, things are looking better for DARA and the stock falls... and falls!

  21. wow nice $NAVB breaking ! check guys on $DARA $NETE $ISNS $RADA $OTIV $HPJ $WPCS Let s burn the shorts and force them to cover !

  22. $DARA =

  23. $DARA Why the spike? Anyone know?

  24. $DARA bullish

  25. $DARA $DARA AH close at 1.28 - time to gap fill.