1. $DARA - Daniel Ward.....It sure is pal, and with a $1.08 - $1.20 guaranteed, I have the boat loaded and still adding here, free cash.

  2. $DARA $MTPH merger on track to close Q4 per the Sept investor presentation for each company

  3. $DARA More volume than usual, but nothing on price!

  4. $DARA Volume!

  5. $DARA I think tomorrow will be a good day. They have a presentation. Prediction: .87 - just hope the market is up, so it doesn t get buried.

  6. $DARA - Jason oh the capt n is expecting a move and a payday, no brainer here easy money from $0.60 s up....good luck

  7. $DARA I ve been hearing november expect it to move

  8. $DARA i m losing hope on this...good news..bad news...DARA just likes to go in the down direction. For some reason

  9. $DARA DARA BioSciences to Present at the 2015 Aegis Growth Conference on October 8, 2015 http://stocknewsnow.com/companynews/78499471/DARA/101843

  10. adults with oral thrush -- into the Oncology and Primary Care markets. $DARA

  11. $DARA BioSciences announced the U.S. launch of Oravig -- the first and only orally-dissolving muco-adhesive buccal tablet approved to treat

  12. $dara +9% pre-market

  13. $DARA DARA Biosciences Inc Announces U.S. Launch of Oravig http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/10/05/company-update-nasdaqdara-dara-biosciences-inc-announces-u-s-launch-of-oravigr/

  14. $DARA DARA BioSciences Announces U.S. Launch of Oravig(R) (miconazole), the First and Only Orally-Dissolving... http://stocknewsnow.com/companynews/78473267/DARA/101843

  15. $dara for days!

  16. $SGYP I bought some $DARA on a tip...

  17. $DARA sold with a small loss. I have been holding this for more than a year. Good luck longs.

  18. $DARA $$

  19. $DARA added another 10K at .87~.88. It held up ok during #Clinton massacre.

  20. $DARA The merger/acquisition still on its way!

  21. $DARA Take heed las as this lil Biotech getting ready to make serious gains over the next month, the merger completes in Q4 no worries..UP

  22. $DARA Oh it will break to the upside in due time, so worries mate. As soon as Q4 starts it gets its wings, cause from here there s 40% up

  23. $DARA bad luck for Dara, the stock want s to break high but such a bad moment for Biostocks.

  24. $DARA what is the down side risk if the deal doesn t go through by the end of the year? Do they have to raise money soon? Does anyone know?

  25. $ROSG +5% $ROKA +3% $BOTA +1% $CPIX +1% $DARA flat $OXGN -1% $CLDN -1% $MEIP -2% $TENX -2% $ECYT -2% Value Bios holding up well w $XBI -4%