1. $DARA @StockTwits please update ticker to MTP, thanks

  2. $DARA The info I got from my broker is dec.9th for the nasdaq MTP ADR (US). (PLC=london)

  3. $DARA out @ 7.50. (2.04 dara pre-merger)

  4. $DARA my account still has it as Dara when should inspect a change in symbols

  5. DARA Biosciences director just declared 0 options http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2249648 $DARA

  6. DARA Biosciences s CFO just declared 0 options http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2249640 $DARA

  7. DARA Biosciences s Senior Vice President just declared 0 options http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2249635 $DARA

  8. $DARA dumb question my etrade hasn t converted my sock just says value 0...,it converts tomo?

  9. $DARA didnt short. thats where it closed after merger. if deal is good why didn t float get swept up. ur right about fixing stupid.

  10. $DARA slick, give it up. You can t fix stupid. He probably shorted at .89

  11. $DARA .. converted to the equivalent to .272 of MTPH.L. So .272 * $4.00 = $1.089. That means $1.089 per DARA Share... over 22% gain

  12. $DARA MTPH.L Share price is 265 (pence), which equals 2.65 pounds, which equals approximately $4.00. Now each DARA share will be...

  13. $DARA ok @marjaf1 I will breakdown the math for you, since you can t seem to wrap your head around it..

  14. $DARA such a great deal that it closed at .89 Friday. go bother someone else slick. your hopeless.

  15. $DARA do you know what an ADR is?... $STUDY

  16. $DARA intrinsic value of adr is approx. dara debt. what better way to shed fat then giving it back to investors. adr plunges midatech happy

  17. $DARA lets do some math that slick might understand. adr = about 3.6 dara shares, this is a reverse split. adr then trades and sinks.

  18. $DARA one share dara now = .272 midatech. new debt load for mida. if mida plunges what happens to your holding?

  19. $DARA u have no idea how a merger actually works. i hope your handful of followers are paying attention to this.

  20. $DARA I just saw the final number. Each DARA share is valued at .272 of Midatech shares.

  21. $DARA Fact: They are switching to a new ticker due to buyout/merger, the ticker DARA is being delisted, not the company .. SMH

  22. $DARA when ppl dont have facts they turn to insults. you dont have to agree with me but you just showed your IQ.

  23. $DARA @markaf1 can t read.. Forgive his ignorance..

  24. $DARA if price point is guaranteed at 1.2 why are ppl jumping out today at .89? hold and hope? reverse split? garbage stock.

  25. $DARA http://biz.yahoo.com/e/151204/dara8-k.html