1. $DARA

  2. $DARA http://dailyreckoning.com/garbage-stocks/

  3. @BOOZER I had $DARA earlier this year and they did R/S to 3$, Now back down under 1$. Good luck

  4. $DARA In other stock with less volatility this could mean a giant inverted hammer, but not in this one.

  5. $DARA In other stock, witheless

  6. $DARA unfortunately this is coming down... a good day is starnting to fade away. No gains at this point.

  7. $DARA At 130% but pace has really slowed. Take some 5 hour energy and move to where you should be at.

  8. $DARA Now 95%.

  9. $DARA Volume is already 87% of its AVG 10 day volume.

  10. $DARA Sweet Jesus! Yes, get back up to where you really belong. This should be 3x where it is.

  11. $DARA The new sales force is thriving. This is worth at least double.

  12. $DARA Nice! Sales to be reported 11/13 should reflect Gelclair and other products along with improved EPS.

  13. $DARA - wonder whats happening with this company. something is going on

  14. Share an idea on $DARA something is brewing.

  15. $DARA up in AH...

  16. $DARA cup formation on the daily.

  17. $DARA Added.

  18. $MNKD My Greenies--$MNKD, $DARA, $PPHM

  19. $DARA nice 19K buy block.

  20. $DARA Flagging again...

  21. $DARA That was called a gonzo .

  22. $DARA Someone with L2...please tell the wise guy calling me a fake that I m authentic. I m invested in $DARA.

  23. $DARA My proof is sitting on the Ask at $1 right now. Take a look right now cause I m pulling it in 5 min...

  24. $DARA Given low volume, it s so easy to see downward price pressure from some small order being filled at price.

  25. $DARA I am with you BFerraz. Just seems shorts and overall market is causing downward pressure. Earnings next month will see big upswing.