1. DARA Biosciences just filed its General form for registration of securities under the Securities Act of 1933 http://y.ahoo.it/S3xWf0ZK $DARA

  2. $CRDS (IN PLAY) bounced off pivot point yesterday @$2.37 Resistance @2.45 then 2.5, watching $PLUG, $RT, $GNK, $DARA (on pivot point), $CTIC

  3. @micheleciani What happened? I thought you said you were bullish $DARA next few months.

  4. $DARA could bounce from here. In contact with uptrendline http://y.ahoo.it/7mf0qXOk

  5. #biotech buylist $SGYP $CYTR $KBIO $MNOV $CBMX $NVAX $AGEN $ADXS $IPCI $MSTX $DARA $SYN $PGNX $ABIO and others http://y.ahoo.it/Ic4qoI99

  6. That s why I love $ISR @Market_Made: Biotech selloff; $MNKD $IPCI $ATHX $AGEN $PGNX $VICL $BGMD $CCXI $DARA & others. Buy ops once again.

  7. Biotech selloff; $MNKD $IPCI $ATHX $AGEN $PGNX $VICL $BGMD $CCXI $DARA and many others... Buy ops once again.

  8. Sold some $DARA and doubled my $KBIO here

  9. #biotech buylist $CBLI $CYTR $FOLD $CYCC $ABIO $CRDC $SPHS $VSTM $LPDX $MSTX $DARA $AEZS $TROV $MNOV and others http://y.ahoo.it/itlhPrrc


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  12. This week s holding: $AEZS $ATOS $ATRS $BLRX $CRIS $ETRM $GTXI $MJNA $NAVB. Looking to play again $ARIA $SGYP $DARA

  13. @DoggieDayz: @jnthn $BAXS, $LRAD , $DVAX, $DARA, $IVAN, $DNN, and $CSE.CA. Down about 10% on the lot. Mostly from Friday and today.

  14. $DARA Dara dddy dead upon arrival :)

  15. $DARA will be back above $3 soon

  16. #biotech buylist $SGYP $ACHN $KBIO $CYTR $CYCC $DARA $CBLI $MSTX $CBMX $PGNX $MNOV $CPRX $BAXS $ACST and others http://y.ahoo.it/cXIFK61e

  17. $DARA Well I suppose it will fill the gap.

  18. Out all $DARA monday at 3.06. Halved position in $ARIA today 8.15-8.20. $IBB still weak

  19. $DARA@ Lchaim54:Suspicious Anemic Vol In Dara either portends shorts waiting for bad news or good news causes them to scamper & cover

  20. $DARA nice bullish hammer today off BB. this is looking like a good buy if volume comes in

  21. #biotech buylist $CBLI $DRRX $IPCI $KBIO $AGEN $CPRX $MSTX $DARA $CBMX $MNOV $SGYP $KBIO $CYCC $VSTM and others http://y.ahoo.it/v3lZlnUo

  22. @bigcityratt: $DARA slowly trickling down

  23. $DARA Helloooooooo? anything?

  24. $DARA 2.60 gap fill in play

  25. http://y.ahoo.it/3Yv2Nemr #stocks large players are selling $G $DARA $EWG