1. $DARA guys when is the buyout will be finalize? I have about 5k to park for 3 months or so. Tia

  2. Flapperstack :) $DARA - Nope just know the waters well see where the fish congregate. Put the nets in early and they come through as plan

  3. $DARA - Well the Cap n see s the bounty before the others. Ye gotta cast them nets early mates and wait for the tide, the wait is over.

  4. $DARA This stock is awful why would anybody buy it.

  5. $DARA I do not understand the fall to these values with the business conducted at values well above current.

  6. http://www.pennystockresearch.com/are-these-the-best-nasdaq-penny-stocks-in-biotech/ How I Found A List Of NASDAQ Penny Stocks In #Biotech $LPTN $RXII $DARA $ABIO $KBIO $CYCC $OPXA $DSCO $STEM $VICL

  7. $DARA Capt. Porter is Mitch2bdog. Mitch bought Dara at 7$, been pumping since 2010.

  8. $DARA - DW that s a true and honest view of DARA. The merger strike price is going to float my boat for a few more seasons. Good Job DW

  9. Is $DARA a BUY? Daniel Ward of Seeking Alpha thinks so:https://www.finstead.com/outlook/dara-dara-biosciences-inc#recent-opinion

  10. $DARA This paid pumper analyst posted another piece of BS, This is too fishy!

  11. New piece: Investors Remain Overly Skeptical, Leaving $DARA Undervalued After The Merger Announcement http://seekingalpha.com/article/3305735-investors-remain-overly-skeptical-leaving-dara-biosciences-undervalued-after-the-merger-announcement

  12. $DARA - DW when will the article be released? Also I am not affiliated with any ID s on YMB, to each their own, but its obvious many of U-R

  13. This week s piece will provide a detailed discussion on post merger announcement valuation of $DARA. SA PRO folks Mon, sitewide Tue.

  14. $DARA Institutional ownership up 11.37% Q/Q, with 281,360 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/DARA

  15. $DARA merger is likely to close so don t know what all this unnecessary bashing is. Who is going to vote it down? No share block to do that

  16. $DARA suck on Oravig for 6 hrs against the gum? Ya right. Oravig not a winner and KRN5500 zero value. M/A makes no sense....won t happen

  17. $Dara : Can anyone tell Mitch2bdog to stop smoking? it s a bad habit and causes cancer. Oravig will not help because it s just a mouth wash

  18. $MTPH expectation of 10-12 mil peak sales for Gelclair reasonable. Interesting to see Oravig peak sales estimate 30-50 mil. Seems high $DARA

  19. Looking through few $DARA filings before bed. Interesting DARA/ $MTPH meetings started at #JPM15. Also note MTPH isn t interested in KRN5500

  20. $DARA CaptainPorter, AKA Mitch2bdog, is a big liar,claimed buying since it was $7, he just post to dupe investors

  21. $DARA - DW Exactamundo Daniel....Cap n Porter loaded the skiff on this one from .67 and still buying today. $1.20 payoff and I made fat...

  22. $DARA in over 10 yrs has any investor besides insiders benefited from an association with this company?!! Cant see anything positive to come

  23. @Hindu41 $DARA Strong...lets go!! Yah! Just look at that volume surge! Amazing!

  24. $DARA Strong...lets go!!

  25. $DARA CaptainPorter is Mitch2bdog from Yahoo message boards. He bought Dara at 7 dollars. Yah that s right, SEVEN. For those who don t know.