1. $DARA Short Interest Very Low! 10/15/2014: 345,697

  2. $DARA I m hanging on, I got at least break even if I can .

  3. $DARA - what s up?? . Why the drop

  4. $DARA what is going on here.

  5. $DARA bad day, and markets green.

  6. $DARA =

  7. @Poweruhvone: $DARA $CTIX Better spec play September 23rd. Common shares up 75% since.

  8. $DARA DARA BioSciences Supports http://www.breastcancer.org/ to Increase Awareness and Raise Funds to Fight Breast.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/DARA/communique/796018

  9. @invest4gain nice job with your list of $dara buy reasons!

  10. $DARA Round bottom? Positive MACD divergence. The results will be good, sales team is working well. http://stocktwits.com/message/28366124

  11. $dara big call buy $2.50 strike for jan 2015.......wow, very bullish 4413 calls

  12. $dara has been climbing steadily in October...will get back over $1 soon....

  13. $dara...moving back up

  14. $DARA What s up with these .04-.06 swings? Wish there was trade detail provided like for AHT plus who. More transparency=good=open mrkt

  15. $DARA =

  16. $DARA Time to move up.

  17. $DARA -also at ER will Announcement of a partnership to develope KRN5500. and Announcement of increased sales force.

  18. $DARA -earnings will show, . Record revenues that blow away estimates. . Announcement of new products to market. .

  19. $DARA = On their Report- For Q3, Gelclair will have 3 full months of market leadership and increasing sales.

  20. $DARA - earnings are going to be good. Hold on- its going up

  21. $DARA 8. Blockbuster product in pipeline has 2 FDA orphan status and 1 fast track designation.

  22. $DARA 6. Is in talks to add more products to it s oncology support portfolio ASAP. 7. Has a blockbuster product in the pipeline phase 2b.

  23. $DARA 5. In 18 months, will be generating enough revenue to fund operations by marketing current products.

  24. 1, $DARA 1. 19.5 M share float 2. $16 Million cash on hand. 3. Zero debt. 4. Has enough cash to fund operations for 18 months.

  25. $DARA Following is a list of all the reasons to buy and hold onto these shares as tight as possible: