1. Watchlist for the month $UVXY $TZA $UGAZ $JNUG $DARA

  2. Stay Long, Stay Strong! Good things come to those who wait! $NBS $PXLW $MGT $IDTI $DARA $SNTI $JAKK $MATR

  3. $DARA is going stagnant

  4. $DARA

  5. @BehavioralEdge Couple of examples $IMMR $TXMD $OMER $DARA and so on

  6. $DARA $RNN $BNC.CA in with 20 k letz get the fda approval and some nice partnership :)

  7. $DARA Ready for the BIG pop in pps coming.

  8. $DARA busted through R2.


  10. $DARA GOOD NEWS OUT !!!! gonna POP SOON !!!! .....maybe next year , who knows, HOLD ON BAGHOLDERS

  11. $RNN $DARA accumulating as much as possible ... buy areas $INO still i dont get it :D ...

  12. $DARA http://y.ahoo.it/2DXsoyJn just wait :)

  13. $DARA cheer up; at 0.99C im a buyer

  14. $DARA down ah

  15. $DARA no billionaire buys stock just because macd turned bullish, they look at fundamentals

  16. $DARA at the end of each trading day it all comes down to earnings, earnings and earnings, charts doesn t matter,

  17. $DARA This will pop any day. More positives than negative.

  18. $DARA pennant means trend down continue LOL, its a fight between technical bears and fundamental bulls, who will win the battle ?

  19. $DARA bearish pennant watch out ! will goto zero !!!

  20. $DARA if you can t see the pennant on the daily starting in late May...you are blind to charting.

  21. Out of $GALE pending SEC results $DARA Loaded ready to leave the station

  22. $DARA R1 broken...just need some vol...

  23. $DARA - we talkin 1M shares hang in gonzo style

  24. @magpi478 based on the bullish pennant - I would say sooner than later on $DARA.

  25. $DARA When you least expect it $DARA will pop.