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  2. $amzn Followers 20of40 I coverUp frmOpen!My monsterPlay $amzn soarin $55 inAfterHrs! $aapl 3% $data 3% $dkl 3% $modn 3% $fuel 2% $ssni 2%

  3. $SPLK This stock usually and eventually fills the divergence from $DATA. Expect a rewarding (+25 to 30%) upward move into the upcoming ER.

  4. wow $data had a 4 pt move intraday i sold about noon toooo sooon

  5. A week or so back they loved the $DATA at 87-88... today they hate it at $77 s... thx for another one!!

  6. $DATA ER next week!!

  7. $DATA broke its 80-89 Box. This had horrible patterns/pace to the upside, I think its a great short for downside. If I had to choose one...

  8. $data $gild $aapl $box $nycb $unh tomorrow should be interesting

  9. $DATA Back at where it was last quarter ER

  10. $DATA under 80. Nothing more than a psychological level.

  11. added to $DATA at 79.86

  12. $DATA What is wrong with this lately...?

  13. $Data finally established a small position... Was waiting for lower entry. I ll be sure to check this one at least twice a year...

  14. $DATA Buying this or $TKMR first thing tomorrow morning with profits from $CRC

  15. $gmcr $aapl $fb $mck $brkb $data $bud great day playing dips

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  17. $SPLK buy $DATA and short $SPLK

  18. @Snowball2013 $HDP truth b told Im afraid of big $DATA SaaS or whatever u call it Im down 9.74% on $SPLK 12/8 paid 63.03 now 56.89 Help me

  19. Published $DATA estimate on Estimize: +0.07 EPS and +11.96M Revs compared to Wall Street s consensus. http://www.estimize.com/data/fq4-2014/estimates/54c31fe465633243a3b22b00?utm_medium=share&utm_source=stocktwits

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  21. $DATA reports earnings in the after-hours on Wednesday, Feb 4.

  22. Cowen analyst cautions that $DATA is facing increased competition. from $CRM $QLIK and $IBM.

  23. Cowen analyst cautions that $DATA is facing increased competition. $CRM

  24. $DATA Making Leaps, Thanks To Measurement Mania . On track to $1B in license revenue.

  25. Cowen Starts Tableau Software ($DATA) at Market Perform http://www.streetinsider.com/New+Coverage/Cowen+Starts+Tableau+Software+%28DATA%29+at+Market+Perform/10188786.html?si_client=st