1. $asti $dej $ivan $dgly $DCTH

  2. $DCTH Haha! This is going much higher

  3. $DCTH Keep addin

  4. $DEJ.CA Drill Rigs Move Into Dejour s Kokopelli Project http://y.ahoo.it/Npodr0NF $ivan $dcth $GALT http://y.ahoo.it/z0KSiABh

  5. $DCTH should definitely be worth more than what market states. Working with the FDA, global growth, well controlled expenses. Needs media

  6. $DCTH risky, money but no sales. using investor money to fund possible scam or shaking out the unwanted possibly rich from this play crowd

  7. $DCTH Gap

  8. $dcth @fatcat_banker Not sure what 200 u r referring to but my charts show the 200 day SMA @ $3.78 and the 50 day @ $2.35. 200 EMA is $4.34

  9. $DCTH Getting Higher into the close

  10. $DCTH 2.42.........

  11. $DCTH Tomorrow can be a great day $$$$

  12. $DCTH strong close

  13. $DCTH eod rally :)

  14. @ACInvestorBlog: $DCTH has a buyer ... volume already doubled.

  15. $DCTH has a buyer ... volume already doubled.

  16. $DCTH 50***

  17. $DCTH Second bounce off of 200

  18. There goes $DCTH

  19. $DCTH Volume spikes

  20. $DCTH this stock can BLOW UP today... is breaking out of a flag formation http://y.ahoo.it/BQzjtrxb

  21. $DCTH If it breaks 2.38, we can run to $3 easily

  22. $DCTH Thin name, but chart looks very good. Flagging here. http://y.ahoo.it/1xWg5TVH

  23. $DCTH approval quarter coming soon

  24. @HighGrowthFinancial Wat do u think of $DNDN And $DCTH and $DVAX

  25. $DCTH No news! Same old thing up a penny down a penny!