1. $DCTH Nice, Chemosabe.

  2. $DCTH looking good for next week.

  3. $DCTH new high of the day.

  4. $DCTH shix.. i missed it.. i cant believe it goes up so fast

  5. $DCTH 55 AH? The hell ? (I m not complaining clearly)

  6. $DCTH 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  7. Top % Gainers: $KBIO 31%, $PBM 30%, $ADAT 22%, $ESCR 20%, $UVXY 18%, $TVIX 18%, $DCTH 16%, $SZYM 15%, $BLIN 13%, $CVOL $ARCI $QKLS $HH $YANG

  8. @PennyStockResearch: Uptrending stocks to watch! $FREE $XGTI $NYMX $VLTC $PBM $DCTH $KBIO #stockaction #movement

  9. Uptrending stocks to watch! $FREE $XGTI $NYMX $VLTC $PBM $DCTH $KBIO #stockaction #movement

  10. @PennyStockResearch: Watching $WAVX $BBLU $DCTH $ARNA $NETE $PPHM

  11. Watching $WAVX $BBLU $DCTH $ARNA $NETE $PPHM

  12. $DCTH

  13. Top % Gainers: $KBIO 45%, $BLIN 30%, $ESCR 29%, $ADAT 23%, $PME 22%, $DCTH 17%, $STRM 14%, $ZAZA 13%, $PBM 13%, $IKGH 13%, $UVXY 10%, $TVIX

  14. $DCTH breakout?

  15. @PennyStockResearch: Stocks to keep an eye on $ADAT $PBMD $WAVX $PBMD $DCTH $EBIO

  16. Stocks to keep an eye on $ADAT $PBMD $WAVX $PBMD $DCTH $EBIO

  17. $DCTH

  18. $DCTH 21+m shares and 41m+ fully diluted. Not sure of the effects of the legal settlement on company. Anyone know?

  19. $DCTH: New SEC Filing for DCTH: Form 8-K, No. 0001193125-15-311923 http://stocknewsflow.com/872912_000119312515311923_0001193125-15-311923

  20. $DCTH if ulike dcth, buy it on sept 15. Dont buy now. this stock is always go low before news end of this month.

  21. $ASTI nice this seems like is going to be moving up slowly day by day..on hand $SPHS $UGAZ $ASTI $DCTH they alll seem good

  22. $DCTH When do they present phase 2 results??? End of sept?

  23. $DCTH: Delcath To Present At The 17th Annual Rodman & Renshaw ... http://stockwires.com/delcath-to-present-at-the-17th-annual-rodman-amp-renshaw

  24. $DCTH buy pirs first bc they have phase 1 results on sept 15. After that, move ya money to DCTH end of sept

  25. $DCTH on watch : settlement wrapped up. Now onto presentations & 2 catalyst between now & end of 2015.