1. $DCTH i mean 1.55

  2. $DCTH yes its moving. A 46,000 buy order at 1.56 will do that

  3. $DCTH raise your ASK, lol - shes ready to pop again

  4. $DCTH oh look moving up again!!

  5. $DCTH with the ASCO over the weekend there will be covering at end of day, so hold until then

  6. $DCTH ASCO momo - shorts are exiting at $1.54 - shud run again

  7. $DCTH whats everyone thinking? itll go up some more?

  8. $DCTH still holding 1.51 support

  9. $DCTH Not done. shorts are trying to bring it down... just look at the charts it has room

  10. $DCTH I think shes going to run back to $1.70

  11. $DCTH done or one more run !??????

  12. $DCTH come on go up

  13. $DCTH morning sellers are gone and filled with new at this level it should pop

  14. $DCTH in one more time 6k at 1.55

  15. $DCTH 18,000 shares bought at 1.57

  16. $DCTH Round two up we go.

  17. $DCTH yes! broke 1.60!

  18. $DCTH look at the chart

  19. $DCTH common break 1.60!

  20. $ESI 76%, $TBIO 65%, $HRTX 40%, $DCTH 34%, $RST 20%

  21. $DCTH short covering again, and another run eminent

  22. $DCTH sold at 6k at 1.67 +660$ in 12 min

  23. $ENZN Come on! Show us some love like $DCTH

  24. $ESI news also watching $KBIO $DCTH $AVEO $PBMD

  25. $DCTH Very