1. $DCTH Where is greenair?? he is not here anymore :)

  2. $DCTH no data until EARLY 2016..... no need to buy it now

  3. I lived once in fear. Now I m back for good to be rich, with no fear: $CLDN, $DCTH, $CYCC, $SNSS, $ARO, $PSUN, $WGBS, $XOMA, $CYTX lets go

  4. $DCTH All Out, up ~ 7%. Shoulda sold in the 60s but got greedy. Good luck all. Too many better ops out there in my mind right now.

  5. $DCTH Keep buying my lots at 50 - 51 and let me out please

  6. $DCTH no volume couldn t break the 50dma

  7. $XGTI time to $XGTI, $HART, $DCTH started countdown.

  8. $DCTH Is breaking up its 50EMA!! Stay tuned!! Could make a hard Run Up

  9. $DCTH HOLY VOLUME! Clearly ready to go this morning.

  10. INFO: $DCTH SENTIMENT indicator (as seen by investors in News & Social Media) shows very negative perception.

  11. $DCTH Warrants expiration was extended to Jan. 2016. They re priced at $.75. Let s see if the SP gets back to that range.

  12. Delcath Systems just filed a prospectus, suggesting it plans to soon issue some securities http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/PROS/summary2/?id=2220023 $DCTH

  13. Delcath: First Amendment To The Series B Warrant OF DELCATH SYSTEMS, INC. http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=2219998 $DCTH

  14. $DCTH is gearing up for a Major Bounce.

  15. $DCTH thin name..but chart looks decent for a move higher..

  16. $DCTH is it just me but this gets bought up to .44 despite selling. Feel something brewing. Don t know

  17. $cali $tbio $xoma $prsn $dcth $amda $rloc $io $nvgn - You can t lie when your subscribers are also ST members.

  18. $DCTH if by eod is at .42 or .44 we might see and uptrend this week ...crazy thought

  19. $DCTH Again... Everything I ve got is up 4+% today save for this anchor... Getting close to selling the next pop to the mid 40s regardless

  20. $DCTH well what s up with this one running a Lil lazy don t y all think... what we hope to see this week?

  21. $DCTH it appears series b warrants to expire worthless. Reduces OS significantly

  22. $DCTH I will buy dcth in Q1 to bet on their phase 2 interim. I believe dcth can hit 20 cents before phase 2

  23. $DCTH has to find some large institutional buyers. Analysts reports and upgrades are needed.

  24. $DCTH Just pop so I can unload you... No ability to sustain any move north. Good news, good news, good news, pop, sell off...

  25. $DCTH Conf call had 2 analysts w/ good questions. only negative may be delay of Interim Ph2 results until Q1 2016. Adoption in EU contiues