1. $dcth $rxii $acrx $wgbs $ritt $kbio $symx finally some relief after a September to remember.

  2. $SPEX time to $DCTH $XGTI $SPEX next time shares: $OHRP $MEIP $AVEO $ROKA $CERE $SGNL

  3. $DCTH management dont care about shareholder value, in fact they dont care about co itself crooks

  4. $DCTH Should be receiving notice of non compliance from nasdaq any day now. Co will file for an extension but time is running out for this.

  5. $DCTH 99.5% loss in shareholder value .. Way to go management. We need more presentation slides .. It s all you re good at .

  6. Delcath ($DCTH): data supporting Delcath s Chemosat System presented at the Cardiovascular & Interventional Radiology Society Annual Mtng.

  7. $DCTH I hope it will drop under 40 cents so i can load it up in Oct :) also, plz don t release data before OCT lol

  8. $DCTH Bottom bet before data is always skyrocket. This bet is 65-70% chance

  9. $DCTH 3. Interim DATA in Q4. This company did pump up 100% 2-3x in the past.

  10. $DCTH 2.. Outstanding shares only 21 M. They can t do another R/S. They did R/S last year. I don t think there will be another one.

  11. $DCTH 1. Insiders bought at 57 cents. One institution bought it.

  12. $DCTH this stock will jump 100% in Q4..Do u know why????? i am going to tell u why

  13. $DCTH cpr ??

  14. $DCTH so lucky i did not buy it. I will wait until October

  15. $DCTH Retrospective Study update from ECCO - http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/retrospective-study-examining-delcaths-chemosat-and-isolated-hepatic-perfusion-presented-at-ecco-annual-meeting-300149471.html

  16. Time to $XGTI $DCTH $SPEX next time shares $OHRP $MEIP $LPTN $ROKA

  17. $DCTH Tutes All Over This One...Data in this Weekend. Could be Explosive

  18. $DCTH low volume and +.50. Seems selling is gone until news. No real buying on the other hand Too risky for most. Partner or +data is needed

  19. $DCTH

  20. $DCTH

  21. $DCTH

  22. $DCTH

  23. $DCTH

  24. $DCTH

  25. $DCTH i know this stock will spike soon... i hope i can buy it in Mid October..it forms a stable line before data