1. Covestor holds an allocation of 0.7% in $DD in his Yield Investment Portfolio

  2. $DD Big volume in the Jan 72.50s again today.

  3. $LAKE $APT $VSR $IBIO $TKMR $NLNK $DD $MMM $SRPT $AEMD Ebola outbreak: Sierra Leone workers dump bodies in Kenema http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-30191938

  4. $DD chart setting up for technical breakout. http://stocktwits.com/message/29621245

  5. Peattie Capital holds an allocation of 5.0% in $DD in his Reasonable Price Investment Portfolio

  6. $LAKE $APT $IBIO $NLNK $DD $MMM As Ebola Pingpongs In Liberia, Cases Disappear Into The Jungle November 25, 2014 http://www.npr.org/blogs/goatsandsoda/2014/11/25/366381386/as-ebola-ping-pongs-in-liberia-cases-disappear-into-the-jungle

  7. $LAKE $APT $VSR $NLNK $IBIO $DD $MMM DISAPPOINTMENT MILLIONS PROMISED FOR EBOLA NOT ADDING UP BY ABBY HAGLAGE11.25.14 http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/11/25/millions-promised-for-ebola-not-adding-up.html

  8. Dickenson Bay Capital holds an allocation smaller than 0.1% in $DD in his Macro Yield Investment Portfolio

  9. $DD OI CHANGES ???? +2344 Jan-15 $72.5 C (appears player traded a chunk off 9k bto yest)

  10. Activist Investors: Big Companies‘ Worst Nightmare? http://www.bidnessetc.com/29752-activist-investors-big-companies-worst-nightmare/ $PEP $AGN $AMGN $DD

  11. $DD $MON $LGF The Hunger Games/GMO basket.

  12. $DD nice reversal today as well ..

  13. Timberline Investment Management holds an allocation of 3.3% in $DD in his Dividend and Growth Investment Portfolio

  14. $DD Trian thinks that DuPont should break itself into two separate, autonomous businesses, “GrowthCo” and “CyclicalCo/CashCo

  15. $DD - Peltz activity from two manths ago getting traction? http://www.forbes.com/sites/maggiemcgrath/2014/09/17/nelson-peltz-urges-dupont-to-break-itself-up/

  16. @WallStJesus: $DD player buys 8,646 Jan15 $72.5 calls $1.17

  17. Interesting July 2015 Stock Options for DuPont $DD https://www.stockoptionschannel.com/articles/?a=DD11242014boptn.htm&b=201411

  18. Everything I tweet is OPENING RT @Parag_ka: @WallStJesus opening ? thanks a lot. $DD

  19. $DD looks like this stock is taking a rest

  20. $DD player buys 8,646 Jan15 $72.5 calls $1.17

  21. My first tweet on $DD about not wanting to chase was due to the fact it had gone up .50 in 2 bars. Had it gone through 36.30 resistance at

  22. Strategic Asset Management holds an allocation of 2.2% in $DD in his Strategic Dividend Growth Investment Portfolio

  23. $DD staying above where I want it

  24. 24/11/14 Long Watch List Part 1 $AA $ADM $AGNC $ALL $AON $AXS $BG $BMY $BPL $BURL $CFN $CHD $CHKP $CST $CSX $CTAS $DD $DG $DHI $DHR $DLPH

  25. so that Gartley reversal in $DD not working out so well, good thing it was defined risk with options