1. $GPRO have that sinking $DDD feeling. When you re at the top of the mountain no where else to go.

  2. @Whodoneit03 Just because $DDD has started to accumulate, it doesn t mean that the divergence can t be over-run if there s market panic

  3. @Whodoneit03 $DDD is showing 3C accumulation in to today s supply, I would personally wait for a bit http://stocktwits.com/message/27433697

  4. @Whodoneit03 a long term long play, at best a decent swing if the market cooperates. As for $DDD itself, it hit stops and created supply...

  5. @Whodoneit03 Not at a level yet in which I would trust it, there needs to be a little more time and rounding off of price. $DDD IS NOT...

  6. 3D Printing the dream is over and the emperor has no clothes... $DDD $XONE $VJET. Perfect as we approach 1 year anniversary of $VJET IPO

  7. wow there is blood in the 3D Streets... $XONE $DDD etc...

  8. Is 3D Systems a buy under $50? Find out here: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/10/01/is-3d-systems-corporation-a-buy-under-50.aspx - $DDD

  9. @CapitalistBull: 50 Short Trading Ideas for the correction. http://capitalistbull.blogspot.com/p/short-setups.html -- $ES_F $SPY $TZA $DDD $ATHN $AMZN $TW $ASPS $OCN

  10. $XONE $VJET $DDD 3D printing stocks first to dump as investors question the substance of their holdings.

  11. $DDD covered short position at 44.25 for +1.75 (a position I had to maintain for a long time :( )

  12. $DDD broken, tough market day though.

  13. $DDD anyone buying this support? http://stocktwits.com/message/27413519

  14. Covestor bought to cover $DDD and now holds an allocation of -1.8% in their Active and Aggressive Investment Portfolio

  15. Clearbrook Capital Advisors bought to cover $DDD and now holds an allocation of -8.1% in their Undervalued Opportunities Investment Portfolio

  16. $DDD near 43 key level, oversold could provide and has already +0.60 nice bounce to 46-48 lvl, but bearish if <43. Watching

  17. $fb $twtr $ddd really getting hammered today. all smashed through at s3 pivots except $fb. possible bounce candidates.

  18. $XONE $DDD $VJET All deeply oversold on intra day measures and daily charts. Due an oversold bounce

  19. Closing in on 52 week low=great entry points $DDD $GNRC $FEYE $CTSH $VLO $COH

  20. $now like may of its momo peers continue to break down with this pattern $wday $feye $ddd http://tos.mx/Zkl459

  21. $DDD Forward P/E only at 40, 3D printing industry is going back to earth but we haven t landed yet... danger zone

  22. $DDD long 45

  23. $DDD Long some at 45

  24. $XONE $DDD $VJET I can t remember the smart guy who gave one year ago the analogy with solar stocks

  25. $DDD H&S Breakdown; BTO oct 45P...need it to move fast