1. $DDD capitulation will happen around 6.00 to $8.00 a mess of a market

  2. $DDD - mountain tower top pattern updated.

  3. got long some $DDD again today at 13.80 -- stink fish

  4. $DDD @loopx You go ahead and block me, I don t mind. I don t get emotional about blocks. LOL

  5. $DDD @loopx If you wanted sensation, follow @VikingTrader

  6. $DDD @loopx I don t mind being boring. Being right is what counts in investing! LOL

  7. $DDD $SSYS it looks like a capitulation day; however, these stocks have done this so many times. They never seem to run out of sellers...

  8. $DDD very big offers in here... someone is pushing this down

  9. @loopx I ll also say again that $DDD has crap printers that don t work. Charts & analysts aren t gonna tell y all this. GLTA longs & support

  10. $DDD @loopx Yes, me again. Have I been wrong? LOL Called it a month ago!

  11. $DDD $SSYS $AMAVF $XONE Great read for anyone interested in metal AM http://www.metal-am.com/assets/userfiles/metal-am/Magazines/Metal_AM_Vol_1_No_2_Summer_2015_sp_1.pdf

  12. $DDD Well, at the end, DDD will be more in the red than $SSYS ... well, they think it s normal.

  13. $DDD Huge ask on 13.89 Break through that and we ll see a strong close. If we don t break through it, it ll stay flat

  14. $DDD I think we see a pop tomorrow. In for some 14 Calls

  15. The round trip in $DDD - weekly chart: *$8.52 --> $97.28 (+1041.66%) --> $13.95 (-86.08%).

  16. $DDD mmore than 4k putts due todaya at 14.. this stock wont finish above 14

  17. $DDD OOOoo...it s to time play before earnings. Anyone agree that this has more pop going up on a beat than a pop going down on a miss?

  18. $DDD Out at 13.86 I ll take the + .13cents lol

  19. $JUNO Best WS wild-swing rip off retails if not careful education: $JUNO $SHAK $AXON $PBYI $TWTR $DDD $NVTA $ADXS $VTAE $GPRO $AMBA

  20. $DDD the hype about 3D came too early, but in the long run 3D manufacturing is without any alternative, like solar. Think big, act small.

  21. $DDD Got my 13/15 strangle in place for after ER. Bought cheap puts yesterday, bought cheap calls today. Thank you volatility.


  23. $DDD i said 7 bucks after earning taking $SSYS down to low 20s

  24. Lack of metal printer sales will hurt big. $DDD resolves to distro deals and advertising plastics. Take caution with your money. GLTA

  25. $DDD look like the end of the world to me. do u?