1. Insider Transaction: $DDD Sale at $30.15 per share of 20000 shares by Officer Hull Charles W on 2015-03-02.

  2. Insider Transaction: $DDD Sale at $30.07 per share of 20000 shares by Officer Hull Charles W on 2015-03-02.

  3. $DDD status and outlook, the big picture. http://stocktwits.com/message/33473579

  4. $DDD How 3D Printing Is Taking Healthcare To A Whole New Dimension

  5. 5 Battered stocks -- should you try to catch the falling knife? $LL $NDLS $GPRO $DDD $P http://investorplace.com/2015/03/battered-stocks-gpro-ddd/

  6. $DDD :)

  7. $DDD Today will close above 29.19. There is chance to get a buy out offer.

  8. $DDD dont catch falling knighf

  9. $DDD Flat is a victory as we approach the line. Nothing else matters more than getting over that trend line; no support, no average, nothing

  10. $DDD Strong support at $30, 50DMA at circa $30.60.. what gives. I bet on 50DMA. Selling is overdone, you shoulda sold at $90. Your thoughts?

  11. $DDD Max Pain = 30.50. Maturity = 03/06/2015. Previous close = 30.25. http://maximum-pain.com/max-pain.aspx?s=DDD&e=03/06/2015

  12. $DDD Revenue Trend #CML http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/index.php?shortcode=DDD&financial_bar=Revenue%20(TTM%20US$%20Millions)&financial_line=Revenue%20(TTM%20US$%20Millions)&start_date=03/31/2000&end_date=09/30/2014&show_line=false&sk=aa817dc9a6da5ba4da773139a7b36977

  13. $DDD collaborates with Impression Solutions to improve sales http://finance.yahoo.com/news/3d-systems-expands-services-distributor-225110676.html

  14. $DDD The fade may be brutal, but shorts are pushing against a wall of folks who simply aren t giving up their shares till this rises.

  15. $DDD Signs A Multi-National Distribution Contract With Henry Schein- $PM $NSC http://www.streetwisereport.com/3d-systems-corporation-nyseddd-signs-a-multi-national-distribution-contract-with-henry-schein-philip-morris-nysepm-norfolk-southern-nysensc/110905/

  16. $DDD Revenue and Operating Margin Trends #CML http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/index.php?shortcode=DDD&financial_bar=Revenue%20(US$%20Millions)&financial_line=Operating%20Revenues/Operating%20Expense&start_date=03/31/2000&end_date=09/30/2014&show_line=true&sk=aa817dc9a6da5ba4da773139a7b36977

  17. $DDD Return on Equity Trend #CML http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/index.php?shortcode=DDD&financial_bar=Return%20on%20Equity%20(ROE)&financial_line=Return%20on%20Equity%20(ROE)&start_date=03/31/2000&end_date=09/30/2014&show_line=false&sk=aa817dc9a6da5ba4da773139a7b36977

  18. $DDD some vol thru 32-32.20 would get me in her in an anticipatory move for a break out over 33

  19. $DDD OI for maturity 03/06/2015. 30.00 Highest put. 34.00 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/open-interest.aspx?s=DDD&e=03/06/2015

  20. $DDD Revenue and EPS Trends http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/index.php?shortcode=DDD&financial_bar=Revenue%20(US$%20Millions)&financial_line=EPS%20-%20Net(Diluted)%20TTM%20&start_date=03/31/2000&end_date=09/30/2014&show_line=true&sk=aa817dc9a6da5ba4da773139a7b36977

  21. 3D Systems Corporation insider just declared ownership of no shares of 3D Systems Corporation http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1505049 $DDD

  22. $DDD: New Insider Transaction on DDD by EVP, Chief Technology Officer HULL CHARLES W: http://insideri.com/1105964_000120919115020314_0001209191-15-020314

  23. $DDD Revenue and Earnings Trends #CML http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/index.php?shortcode=DDD&financial_bar=Revenue%20(TTM%20US$%20Millions)&financial_line=Net%20Income%20(TTM%20US$%20Millions)&start_date=03/31/2000&end_date=09/30/2014&show_line=true&sk=aa817dc9a6da5ba4da773139a7b36977

  24. @rthudgins at what price did u get stuck with your longs? $DDD

  25. $DDD We are still holding