1. Insider transactions I saw today http://toniasinsidertradingstash.blogspot.com/ $CTXS $CAKE $WRES $CY $TACO $TERP $W $ZFGN $SGYP $SQ $B $GOOG $DDD $EL $CTIC $SWKS

  2. $DDD wow, if management could hold onto shares, no matter how small, maybe this could start to move. No confidence!

  3. 3D Systems Corporation s EVP-Chief Marketing Officer just disposed of 7,283 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2232640 $DDD

  4. EVP of 3D Systems Corporation just disposed of 9,324 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=2232477 $DDD

  5. $DDD, $SSYS climbing.


  7. $ddd unuusual calls volume

  8. Option Alert: $DDD Dec 4 $9 Call Sweep; 1000 Contracts @Ask @$0.30; Ref $9.06

  9. $DDD yup, Dark cloud cover candle pattern. Also rejected at upper TL.

  10. $DDD $5, then $1 yes. Folks thought I was nuts when I said $10 in the days of $50. This stock and the 3D pump is done, turn off the lights.

  11. $DDD bearish?


  13. Up 18 % in 3 months with $NVDA $XONE $DDD $QSII $INTC $SIGM

  14. Have to sell rips with this one. $DDD

  15. Some stocks we re continuing to avoid at this point. $KNDI $OVAS $TWTR $LNKD $DDD $GDX $NUGT $JMEI Stocks I DO like. http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  16. $CNIT hmmh 20% rise on no news? Strange but nice surprise $KNDI $SUNE $MNKD $RLYP $DDD $SLTD $GPRO

  17. $XONE what s not to like? #somethingsup $DDD $SSYS $SPY

  18. $XONE close above $9.72 and new high bodes well for next week $DDD

  19. $DDD as I fully expected, gives up most of Wednesdays gains today even on market up day

  20. $DDD upward rejected, still too early to get in

  21. $DDD BAM! another winner on the short front. Easy money!

  22. Friday Dow opens - 2 We at +$7,590 Bad $BZUN Good $AGIO $ANTH $DDD $TRIL

  23. Stocks Lure Investment- $MSFT $DDD $CDNS http://streetwisereport.com/stocks-lure-investment-microsoft-corporation-nasdaqmsft-3d-systems-corporation-nyseddd-cadence-design-systems-inc-nasdaqcdns/138089/

  24. $SUNE I tripled my shares in this $GPRO $DDD $XONE $KNDI $MNKD $RLYP

  25. GRPN up at 2.98 January picks from 2.70s calls , DDD also at 9.47 from 8.70 calls, AMD 2.38, AA 9.44 $DDD $GRPN $AMD $WMT $AA