1. $DDS Gonna add more to the short tmr

  2. clearTREND Research UPGRADES US Apparel Retailers $DDS $DSW $SIG $GCO $ROST $LTD $JWN $BKE $PLCE $TJX $KSS $ANF $GPS $RUE $URBN $JOSB $MW $

  3. Jonathan Booth on GM And Why BBBY Reminds Him of BRK http://y.ahoo.it/88slVjh2 $GM $BBBY $BRK.A $BRK.B $TGT $WMT $MAR $AZO $AMZN $DDS

  4. $DDS - http://y.ahoo.it/BwIQJJ0a - New 52 Week High - Crossed daily highs resistance.

  5. $DDS http://y.ahoo.it/uTj2sxvF from http://y.ahoo.it/2p6FLmFy

  6. HIGH CALL VOLU $ASH 2842% $D 708% $FNF 681% $DDS 679% $BKS 606% $JBHT 548% $BCS 517% $CNP 487% http://y.ahoo.it/gwcEvt1o

  7. My price target for $DDS is $107.00, http://y.ahoo.it/kfkM5HkW

  8. @theMarlin @clintonspx A lot of nostalgia for sure, but maybe its time has passed. Like $DDS and $M in that sub-sector. Next ER critical.


  10. $XRT retail ugly except for $RAD $ODP $WAG $SWY $CVS $NFLX $M $KR $DLTR $FL $COST $TIF $JWN $ORLY $FINL $SIG $DDS $AZO $AN to name a few

  11. $DDS closed under the 10ema bias could be turning

  12. $DDS shorted 17.75

  13. Dillard 's s neutral rating reiterated at Zacks. $125.00 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/Yy1Vvz30 $DDS

  14. $DDS anyone shorting? looks over bought for a while though

  15. $DDS - http://y.ahoo.it/loW96ht0 - New 52 Week High - Crossed daily highs resistance.

  16. $DDS nice rip lately.. $JWN may be ready as well http://y.ahoo.it/vTowDmaG

  17. Dillards $DDS is turning into a monster. I completely missed it. I am not a big fan of retail stocks. #30 overall. No position.

  18. $DDS Dillards Inc files Form 10-Q (Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://y.ahoo.it/nbo4wLMt

  19. $mkt..I am going through graphs and it is amazing the lack of talk of bubble like moves on no growth issues like $DDS..insanity out there

  20. Open positions: $DDS $SN $NSDN $IPG $IRM all going ok for now one week in. #trendfollowing http://y.ahoo.it/f3kaXoey

  21. I hate retailers, but Dillards $DDS sure has a head of steam. #26 overall. No position.

  22. $DDS Unreal

  23. $DDS added a little more to the short 96 avg will see some profit taking this week

  24. Best #MidCaps Report: $CTB $OUTR $FTR $TFX $AER $CNC $CRZO $DDS $EGN $GMED $HME $HUBG $ODFL $R $SCI $SPW $TCO $TEN http://y.ahoo.it/EUkMXHbR

  25. @MitchellKWarren: A buyer of 1,000 Dillard s $DDS Nov $120 calls for $6.00-$6.40 heading into the Michael $KORS Q4 report tomorrow.