1. $DANG I keep expecting this to become the next $FU or $DEER

  2. Its funny, what I warn about seems to drop a ton, I hope $ARIA will break the trend of $NEWL, $SPEX, $BORN, $DEER and many others. Peace

  3. $ARIA is on a path to put investors money down the drain, they must know the guys who run $DEER, $FU, and $SPEX

  4. If you want to know about $SPEX, look up $FU, $DEER, $ICOP, $WAMU

  5. $FU is as good at $DEER, get out when it comes back delisted, it is going to zero, I know the feeling fcuk $DEER

  6. $BORN has been dead since I bought. Say hi to $DEER

  7. $BORN Do I even dare buy more of this POS Chinese stock to ave my position or will it end up like $DEER or $FU

  8. $FU I feel badly for the owners of this stock. Thecatman told me to stay away. It is just like $DEER soon it will be .10

  9. No wonder ST has lead me down the red ink past, I am associating with people who bought $DEER

  10. @flyinlow The sad thing about Born is you can buy more and since it is a chinese stock, you suddenly have something worthless, see $DEER

  11. $FU No, I am not racist. I have just gotten burned by a Chinese company in the past because they cook their books $DEER

  12. $FU same freakin thing happened to $DEER that I bought into a couple years ago. China simply cannot be trusted.

  13. $NQ see $DEER

  14. How Much Will The Market Return? Looking at the Number Graham Net-Nets http://y.ahoo.it/3yJdmBUv $RINO $DEER %HEAT $TSTC $CSKI $EDCI $SYII $ALN

  15. So someone pt a lnk up, $VISN is claiming they r profitable for 2nd qtr. I think $DEER was too, but their factories wr closed. Cnt trust #s

  16. $CSUN If you have any doubts, look at a company like $DEER, it is real fun to own stock, when NASDAQ won t allow you to sell.

  17. The Chinese use magic numbers, hope that most get out before stocks are delisted. $DEER $KNDI $LLEN $DQ

  18. @ebrigham I have nvr been burned by $CLNT or $BIDU, bt $EDS & $DEER, oh boy. Deer s factories were closed and they were posting great nmbrs

  19. Deer Consumer Products just filed its Current report, items 8.01 and 9.01 http://y.ahoo.it/GrISHBuZ $DEER

  20. $DEER Maybe one of these days, they will reopen their plants. If only someone in the company, would come up with a product, that is wanted

  21. $EBIX $DEER and $CCME totally unrelated...

  22. $EBIX , Not uncommon to see a dead cat bounce on fraud cases for example $DEER, $CCME just to name a few

  23. Hit hard http://y.ahoo.it/3tAmQCfq $DEAR $LAS $NTE $DEER $HGSH $GWAY $AFFM $WPCS $FVE $NBG $AUXL $CETV $LXRX $HOTR $ASTM $CT $BIOL $CHH $RIT


  25. $DEER The Rosen Law Firm, P.A. Announces Proposed Class Action Partial Settlement .. http://y.ahoo.it/EVk5GpdL