1. $DGLY so predictable chart to the moon and back! Told all my followers this stop was to hyped down 15$ boom!

  2. @NJPiker: $OTIV $NETE $DGLY $AVNR The 25 Point Mantra Discipline for Day Trading - Feels good to be back :) http://y.ahoo.it/QARw6wjO

  3. Swing Trade Idea on the Police Body Camera Trend http://y.ahoo.it/6YNssaEA $DGLY $VII

  4. How to trade stocks buy low sell high $RADA $DGLY

  5. $DGLY Made the short circuit list once again. Interesting day tomorrow - http://y.ahoo.it/uxnSKWDF

  6. @StockSurfing @raesling never did the $NETE swindle or the $DGLY one but someone equates the good with the bad swindles

  7. $DGLY Once Tasr dropped it prices by fifty percent the whole sector has fallen

  8. $TASR no one cares moves with $DGLY $isns even though is the class

  9. $DGLY ouch looks like the on officer camera bubble deflating now that we are working on the bionic prosthesis/robot rehab bubble $RWLK

  10. @BearEater: This may gap up tomorrow just like TKMR did from 19.5-26. Will $AVNR go 12.50-19 tomorrow? $DGLY style w/ shorts frm13 s to 33

  11. $VII Is not $ISNS Or $DGLY It is a new combined company.the applications. Are enormous will be everywhere.

  12. $TASR Anyone selling cause of $dgly looks right in sht term but is thee leader has nothing to do with $isns

  13. $TASR declines are steep but the stock has been able to weather it much better than others $ISNS $DGLY

  14. Portfolio Update: Covered the $GPRO short today. Green again on $DGLY (after borrow costs). http://y.ahoo.it/feRToiL6

  15. $DGLY come on people lets turn this around in a big way, don t give up

  16. Alert results: $ASTI +0% $CGA +7% $DGLY +10% $LAKE +1% $NETE +44% $OTIV +13% $RSH +10% | @AlertTrade

  17. $MBLY $RXII $RADA $DGLY $OTIV killin me smallz

  18. $DGLY UGLY missed the 3:30 algos ramp. http://y.ahoo.it/vibJuWxQ

  19. $DGLY penny stock is alway a penny stock. this is why it is call a penny stock. they like to stay under $5

  20. $AVNR they always hink its high just like $DGLY at 13 s like this.....until it went to 33 s

  21. Alert updates: $CGA +7% $DGLY +9% $NETE +43% $OTIV +13% $RSH +10% | @AlertTrade

  22. @Kristin $DGLY starting DCB

  23. $USAT go way pack to my posts and you ll see I bought $RADA at 2.21 after $DGLY s run. This is the same play. Big earnings coming as well

  24. $DGLY wake up tomorrow to some new news. Watch out shorts

  25. $DGLY triggering stops, looks scary. buying opp?