1. Looking to go back long $DGLY around $3.20-$3.40

  2. $DGLY reversing

  3. $DGLY MACD starting to break down on this long slide from the stratosphere. On watch.

  4. Our last trades and UPstocks watch-list newsletter $INUV $FOLD $SUMR $BIOF $WPCS $DRL $DANG $DGLY $NQ $UGAZ http://y.ahoo.it/0fTrbOzS #joinchat

  5. $DGLY

  6. $DGLY This drop is perfect opportunity to make a quick 8% in a couple weeks at most and days at least.

  7. @jimmypassy Well, what happened today in $DGLY?

  8. @alex_shabutnoy What happened to $DGLY this morning?

  9. http://y.ahoo.it/4yOSCNHi $DGLY

  10. $DGLY Will GPRO buy DGLY? Just like Z interest in TRLA.

  11. $DGLY getting intersting

  12. $DGLY this is the biggest piece of s h i t stock

  13. $DGLY anyone know when earnings are out? Hope the conference is going well! Someone bout 36k share after hours.

  14. $DGLY Big fish buying, small fish selling. Only a matter of time.

  15. @8675309 i had $APP, $GLUU, $DGLY, $PXLW, $NEWL, since $DRL. sad part is $NEWL and $DRL ate all my profits from the others. about even.

  16. $DGLY selling some on this pop, ensure profits

  17. ALERT - RADAR $DGLY perfect bounce here from the buy alert at market close yesterday 4.61 #FOUS4

  18. ALERT - RADAR $DGLY new highs here watch for psuh to $5 #FOUS4

  19. $DGLY in some here 4.70

  20. ALERT - RADAR $DGLY red/green squeeze off 13ema support in play #FOUS4

  21. $DGLY I m gonna laugh my head off at all those people selling right now

  22. Watch-list $LIQD $ZHNE $QTM $DGLY $XGTI $SUMR $HPJ

  23. $DGLY this ever going back up? :)

  24. $DGLY Anyone know the earnings date

  25. @BValue: $DGLY that better Red ..to Green Sweet$ ;) that better sweeter...$$$ ;)