1. $EFUT Some penny stocks Manipulation. There is no news about the company only low floating 2.5M share like $LAKE $DGLY $EYES $RWLK

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  4. Weekly chart of $DGLY, company that makes police cameras, right at long term trendline (Red)

  5. $DGLY stay short with max leverage. Management unloading tons of free stock options on all rallies. They have no faith in this company.

  6. $DGLY down all the way, look like only police buy this product. No potential

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  10. $DGLY from the ashes rises a Phoenix?!?!

  11. $DGLY http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/24/us/laquan-mcdonald-chicago-shooting-video/

  12. $DGLY This stock normally won t run, but once it starts, it will explode. Watch for the volume, if it increases, watch closely.

  13. $DGLY Coiling and ready to explode. Shorts are playing with fire here. Cop camera incidences wont stop and cameras are here to stay

  14. $DGLY bong.....

  15. $DGLY hehehe :)

  16. $DGLY pop

  17. $DGLY not much resistance between here and 5.50. Just sayin...

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  19. $DGLY $RGLS $EFUT $EYES $RWLK $GPRO $FEYE $AEZS $GDP $KBIO (wow thats a wide net of LOST EVERYTHING - drama queen much?

  20. $GORO next $DGLY

  21. $KBIO Loss never recover like $DGLY $RGLS $GTAT $EYES $RWLK did last year

  22. lot of day trader lost everything trading on $DGLY $RGLS $EFUT $EYES $RWLK $GPRO $FEYE $AEZS $GDP Next one going to lose $KBIO

  23. $DGLY interesting...

  24. $lot of Folks got burnt on buying garbage stocks like $KBIO you will lose everything $DGLY $VII $DGLY $EYES $RWLK $RGLS $LAKE $EFUT

  25. $EFUT $DGLY $EYES $RWLK pump and dump scheme working now profit taking any time and who buy at top all will lose money