1. $DGLY Watch for it $3 in 2015. I am not against to company or stocks. I am telling the truth. No one want to hold the stocks

  2. @wisdom_trade: $DGLY going close red soon You are super Call today. I am following you now.

  3. TASER International $TASR Hits 52-Week High On New Order From Ontario State Police http://www.bidnessetc.com/31370-taser-international-tasr-hits-52week-high-on-new-order-from-ontario-state-p/ $DGLY

  4. Trade-Ideas LLC identified Digital Ally ( DGLY) as a strong on high relative volume candidate. $DGLY $TASR

  5. @ujil11: $DGLY $CUBA $CNET $HGSH $SGOC you say the same thing every day, shorter.

  6. $DGLY $CUBA $CNET $HGSH $SGOC pound this garbage underground

  7. Go watch my sell call $CALA at $32.68, $LAKE $22.60, $TKMR $28, $DGLY $23, $LJPC $20.22. If you follow me you make 400% return

  8. $DGLY ~~ haa haaa so right TE,,,,like 521 followers will change the fate of a security,,,,such petty play

  9. $DGLY Otherwise, one of reasons stock is going down , is because everyone is taking off early for the Christmas holidays!! -Sorry!

  10. $DGLY Happy Holidays!

  11. $DGLY Like Plug, DGLY is sensitive to relevant, poly-sci events (Upcoming 2015 House Bill mandating body cams). Stock will probably zoom

  12. $DGLY down she goessss

  13. $DGLY I said before if you buy any price you lose at the end. Stay away scam and manipulated by penny stocks trader

  14. $DGLY Product not Certified low bandwidth and not pass Government spec. You can buy it from e-bay and you can install your backyard.

  15. Why I am long on $TASR they got $30 Million order from Law enforcement. Why I am short on $DGLY No order It is not certified by Goverment

  16. Long on $TASR and short on $DGLY

  17. $CUBA $CNET $DGLY $ISNS $MOLG short all this pump and dump trash and let everybody hold the bag when they implode

  18. $DGLY looking to transition short over here from $tasr long this morning. The volume is pathetic tho, they ll probably pop it soon...waiting

  19. $DGLY ~ buy on dips...goin vertical

  20. $DGLY Sweet n

  21. $DGLY going close red soon

  22. $DGLY ~ good n

  23. $DGLY Failed to break 17. Now back to 14.

  24. $DGLY has a pretty nice risk/reward here on the daily chart

  25. $DGLY chase this pump & dump scam and hold the bag #enjoy earnings