1. $DGLY Above the 50ma on Thursday at $14.85 could rally this to $17-20 with big volume on float rotation Upside move

  2. $DGLY news sent it tanking. bullsht

  3. $dgly and here we go

  4. $DGLY Buoyant On Additional Orders http://www.bidnessetc.com/27680-digital-ally-inc-buoyant-on-additional-orders/

  5. $DGLY think thisll reach 15 this week

  6. $rxii $dgly feels like September might finally be over...

  7. $DGLY Added 1k shares here

  8. $DGLY flaggin under 14

  9. $DGLY Bullet camera will be released at IACP this weekend. More upward movement to come..

  10. $DGLY IACP conference starts Sunday. Should see some interest and maybe a PR by Digital Alley. I think they will be at the conference.

  11. $DGLY $15 here we come!

  12. $DGLY There s the pop! :)

  13. $DGLY the new product Micro Vu 1080p video recording is top notch!

  14. $DGLY Above $14 could be the next float rotation like $lake as more squeeze and lower float could run to $20 s

  15. $DGLY Beast mode pre-market! Up 5%! :)

  16. Stock idea for this week? $DGLY bull flag breakout! The last one led to huge gains! $SPY $QQQ $IWM http://stocktwits.com/message/28220763

  17. $DGLY new product launch http://www.digitalallyinc.com/incar-camera.php

  18. $DGLY LA dept testing on Digital VU camera http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/LA-Sheriffs-Department-Tests-Out-600-Body-Cameras-277327311.html

  19. $DGLY Elkhart police dept to spend over $300k on digital VU camera http://www.abc57.com/news/local/Elkhart-Police-looking-into-spending-300000-on-new-camera-systems-279831672.html

  20. Screenshot of Today s Alert Results : $APT $BIOF $DGLY $IBIO $LAKE $NLNK $SCOK $VSR http://stocktwits.com/message/28207222

  21. $RADA $DGLY $OTIV $RXII $FOLD interesting day.. market green, little bizarros go green... strange stuff in the mix

  22. Alert updates: $APT +16% $BIOF +10% $DGLY +7% $IBIO +10% $LAKE +6% $VSR +7% | @AlertTrade

  23. $DGLY broke Fridays high now, could see 14 soon

  24. $DGLY triggered LONG, hit 1st predicted move @ $13.46. Alerted 09:37 @ $11.93. | @AlertTrade

  25. Alert updates: $APT +16% $BIOF +10% $DGLY +6% $IBIO +10% $LAKE +6% $VSR +7% | @AlertTrade