1. $DGLY setting for hod break now and possible squeeze over 14.40.

  2. I like $DGLY over 14.20 for a possible squeeze today

  3. $DGLY long

  4. $DGLY ~ Long and

  5. $DGLY

  6. $DGLY ~ Pretty Darn

  7. $DGLY omg if I was short I would have covered already!

  8. $DGLY long 13.62. Shorting $PEIX later today near 10. Cover 8.00 then go long after earnings miss. More plays TBA.

  9. $DGLY long this am 13.62. Shorting $PEIX up near 10$ b4 ER. Go long then after touch 8.00 area.more plays TBA. Tks.

  10. $DGLY 115K active (Long/short) violume-MW

  11. $DGLY This things gonna pop when the body cam footage from LA shooting comes out. It will be in the National News good or bad.

  12. $DGLY 3,874 active (Long/Short) volume- MW

  13. $DGLY Just kicking myself over this one. Gotta give your positions time to work...

  14. $DGLY Cops kill homeless man in LA Yesterday

  15. Regulation SHO threshold list (shorting): $BIOC $DGLY $TVIX $SQQQ

  16. $DGLY McAlestar Buys 39 DGLY Body Cameras had the lowest bid & also proved to be the body cam preferred by Police

  17. $DGLY contracts in the last week Evansville Police Dep Purchased 200 Body Cameras http://www.14news.com/story/28214027/first-half-of-new-epd-body-cams-arrives u201d


  19. $DGLY what really bogles the mind is why short this????? 3 mil sh o/s viable security product with tremendous govt demand.. makes no sense

  20. DGLY - Technical Analysis (Daily - STRONG BUY) $DGLY http://lusitanianstraders.blogspot.pt/2015/03/dgly-technical-analysis-daily-strong-buy.html

  21. $DGLY if there is one good govt deal announced spike to 20 immediately....

  22. $DGLY Video Memories

  23. $DGLY Sell this and buy LOGG

  24. @NinjaTraderr $TASR has strong control of the taser market but $DGLY has been proven a challenge for cameras. as for a long term hold

  25. $DGLY $20 is a pr way...