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  9. Earnings announcement: $DGSE is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Mar 26 2015

  10. Mid-Day Losers: $GOMO -23% $WHLR -19% $VNCE -16% $APPS -15% $MILL -13% $SFY -11% $RMGN -12% $MTOR -10% $DGSE -10% $CMLS -8%

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  13. Insider Transaction: $DGSE Option Exercise of 6250 shares by Officer Burford C. Brett on 2015-02-18.

  14. Insider Transaction: $DGSE Option Exercise of 6250 shares by Officer Clem James D on 2015-02-18.

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  17. Insider Transaction: $DGSE Option Exercise of 75000 shares by Officer Clem James D on 2014-12-18.

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