1. $DGX, $LUV, $TBI all look good

  2. Long Swing Ideas, If and only they go through yesterday s high $CRM $DGX $GNW $PYPL

  3. $WMT $DGX $HCA Happy Holidays everybody!

  4. $M $SGYP $SOHU $DGX

  5. $M $SGYP $SOHU $DGX

  6. Swing trade ideas if and only they go through yesterday s high $M $SGYP $SOHU $DGX

  7. New trend detected on $DGX when price was 68,74 http://shark-finance.com?stc=DGX #TradingSystem #Randomwalk

  8. Wedbush says $SQNM GMs better, opex continues to improve slightly and new $10 MM cost saving initiative seems interesting. $ILMN $DGX $LH

  9. $SQNM colab K. Pantel Eppendorf Circulating Cell-Free DNA + Tumor Cells #Liquid #Biopsy http://bridgeandtunnelinvestor.com/thread/1902/sequenom-collaborates-university-medical-hamburg?page=1#ixzz3s39n4owH $BIOC $TROV $GHDX $ILMN $DGX

  10. $SQNM Sequenom JAPAN officials: Education board member calls for more prenatal screening NIPT http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/11/19/national/education-board-member-calls-prenatal-screening-reduce-burden-disabled-children/#.Vk4JluKLXgN $ILMN $PKI $DGX $PACB

  11. Algo trading CLOSING signals: Nov/18 $BA(0.0 %) $LH(1.7 %) $CMCSA(1.0 %) $YNDX(9.3 %) $MKC(0.9 %) $DGX(1.2 %) $CDW(1.4 %) $PKI(1.3 %)

  12. WOW $SQNM this is huge liquid biopsy franchinse !! $ILMN $DGX $LH $NTRA $RHHBY cancer monitoring $NVS $PGE $MRK $CELG

  13. Algo trading: OPEN signals Nov/13 BUY: $KSU $VMC $CYT $ESRX $NXTM $DGX $MDAS $VC $HAWK $CBOE $AMZN $CCOI $A $LMCK $MAN $STL $LNKD $BLUE $LQ

  14. ...$DGX bought and sold you soooo many times now.

  15. NEWS $SQNM and NAVAMEDIC sign agreement for Maternit Genome http://www.navamedic.com/newsroom/navamedic-launch-non-invasive-prenatal-tests-nordic-markets$ILMN $NTRA $DGX $LH $OPK $RHHBY $AROS

  16. Canaccord $DGX highlights $SQNM NIPT raises PT to $75 from $72 Read more: http://bridgeandtunnelinvestor.com/thread/2023/canaccord-dgx-highlights-nipt-sqnm#ixzz3rMAc8C2d

  17. NEWS $SQNM and NAVAMEDIC signs agreement for NORDIC NIPT http://www.navamedic.com/newsroom/navamedic-launch-non-invasive-prenatal-tests-nordic-markets $ILMN $NTRA $DGX $LH $RHHBY $GHDX $FMI $TROV $EXAS $BIIB

  18. $SQNM Piper full note DEEP RESEARCH REPORT on LIQUID BIOPSY http://bridgeandtunnelinvestor.com/thread/1178/sqnm-liquid-biopsy … #ash15 cfDNA ctDNA $TROV $BIOC $GHDX $LH $DGX $ILMN

  19. #BGI loses Indian NIPT distributor to $SQNM Sequenom http://bridgeandtunnelinvestor.com ... … $ILMN $NTRA $ILMN $DGX $LH $RHHBY

  20. UBS Key takeaways from Genomics 2.0 tour http://bridgeandtunnelinvestor.com/thread/2020/ubs-genomics-2-facility-tour $SQNM $TROV $GHDX $BIOC $TBIO $RHHBY $DGX $LH

  21. $SQNM signes NIPT agreement with NAVA for Nordic region Read more: http://bridgeandtunnelinvestor.com/thread/2019/sqnm-signes-agreement-nordic-region#ixzz3rI7Vp54V $NTRA $ILMN $DGX $LH $RHHBY $OPK

  22. $SQNM Sequenom #TRUSTED #INSIGHTS - WTF http://bridgeandtunnelinvestor.com/thread/1997/trusted-insights $ILMN $DGX $LH $RHHBY

  23. $JNUG $DUST price is very flat. We don t trade it at moment, I like to see #gold breaks below $1000/oz $DGX $DGXJ $GLD $NUGT

  24. Active Stocks’ Revenge with Bears- $DGX $MON $SUNE http://streetwisereport.com/active-stocks-revenge-with-bears-quest-diagnostics-inc-nysedgx-monsanto-firm-nysemon-sunedison-inc-nysesune/136241/

  25. $DGX agreed to acquire Clinical Laboratory Partners, a subsidiary of Hartford HealthCare and the deal is expected to close in early 2016.