1. $DIS is looking undervalued with a PE ratio of 16.9x

  2. $DIS network with other investors on -- social wallstreet com

  3. As an Alternative to FANG stocks, Invest in DAVF Instead http://seekingalpha.com/article/3893606-alternative-fang-stocks-consider-davf-instead $NFLX $AMZN $GOOG $FB $AAPL $V $DIS

  4. $DIS Gonna pop next week. Easy call at $100 by mid April. #cashinin

  5. $DIS $SPY

  6. $DIS Bold prediction: Stock at 120 by mid March

  7. $DIS 95 by end of next week...oil will play big role, n china bck in the game...just hang tight...LT

  8. Sports in virtual reality? Even if cables are cut who will be able to broadcast the future? Confident $DIS will be that medium with $FB

  9. As a relatively new investor in the stock market, I am VERY excited to own $DIS. I was able to pickup a chunk of shares this week at $89

  10. ALERT: New Social signal created on $DIS - Direction: Buy at 91.115 - Time: 23:06 - Strength: 7.

  11. $DIS DIS bearish swing. I might be wrong on this one. BUT, from the moment it was gapping. I was bearish. If we re wron

  12. $DIS so Dis closed at 91 on wed when everyone said to sell and cut price targets the world was ending it fell to 86 lol gotta love analysts

  13. $DIS bullish engulfing pattern yesterday and today makes it similar to a 3 outside up pattern. Maybe a good bounce up next week?

  14. Watching $DIS $AAPL $FIT $XON $GDX to bounce.

  15. $aapl $dis $f $kmi Braver than I to use an ounce of margin in these conditions.

  16. $aapl $dis $f $kmi yay!! I survived the week without getting a margin call!!

  17. $DIS $JPM Banks will be down next week. Forget buying shares back, Enron CEO bought shares. This screams we re lying & Deutsche bank? Wow!

  18. Do you think $DIS is a good investment right now? https://drewhousman.whotrades.com/blog/43434321268?utm_source=maxsocial&frpp_id=clSemail&utm_term=clSemail

  19. $DIS this is a great stock for derivative trading for next week.

  20. $DIS $JPM Help the SH out? Wow, what are you talking about? He s done great by us.. He doesn t need to buy now. But I m buying now :o)

  21. $DIS $JPM DD on Dimon it s all there. Point is Dis is beaten up, Iger has the $ buy shares help the shareholders out IF all is good. IS IT?

  22. $DIS look on the bright side, you bulls get to be happy for and extended weekend. Then Tuesday everyone sees it was a false run. Still very

  23. $DIS $JPM Iger never announced his buying, we found it in the filing. These Banks are screaming to everyone that they re buying. 1st sign

  24. $DIS $JPM This is 101 in how you keep your stock up.Do you know how many banks bought stock in 2008? You really buy this?

  25. $DIS $JPM wake up! Dimon has done this b4 during jpm whale probs & in 09 also as ceo of Bank One. He s letting shareholders know all is good