1. $DIS go ahead and short it. Just taken 2 min ago

  2. $DIS Let s get green in the last 15...leegggooooooo!!!

  3. $DIS China still a problem for stocks and some calling for worst earnings season in six years , gotta try and wait on 99 again

  4. $DIS stick a fork in them dont hit reply to me ✒️✒️✒️hit buy if you so bullish- watch going to $82

  5. http://wccftech.com/star-wars-battlefront-benchmarked/ $AMD is a true Champ! Bargain @ this level $DIS also VR $FB space will elevate them with forthcoming upgrades..

  6. $AAPL support :109.50 $DIS support: 102.50

  7. TDAmeritrade s IMX Index Saw Its 2nd Largest Drop Since December 12 $AAPL $ALU $XOM $CVX $GPRO $DIS $TWTR $JCP $YHOO http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/15/10/5895220/tdameritrades-imx-index-saw-its-second-largest-drop-sinc

  8. $DIS And as always investors/big money wanting this in their portfolio don t buy until EOD. They watch the fireworks then grab the sales :o)

  9. $DIS $DJIA $COMPQ $SPY $DIS $MU $MSFT $BRK.B $RDS.B $GRPN $V No one wants to see $SPY go to 2,000 points

  10. $DIS the time to buy dis is right now. It is about to move higher with the market. Day PT $104.50

  11. $DIS Going to start running...

  12. $AAPL Breakout looks real this time. For the whole market! $BBRY $TWTR $AA $DIS

  13. $AAPL Spy @ 1991. Real test of the move here $BBRY $DIS $AA

  14. $DIS stock is worth less than Dominos Pizza? seriously?! And Dominos has outperformed it YTD .. what kind of world do we live in? lol

  15. $DIS Can someone tell the machines where the green button is?

  16. $DIS setting up for an afternoon run back to $104.50. Assuming markets hold, look for dis to start walking higher shortly. Breakout $104.75

  17. Current Trade News Alert on: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/current-trade-news-alert-on-yahoo-nasdaqyhoo-walt-disney-nysedis-duke-energy-nyseduk-caterpillar-nysecat/1534426/ $YHOO $DIS $DUK $CAT

  18. $DIS: Disney ABC Television Group Chooses STOMP Out Bullying™ As ... http://stockwires.com/disney-abc-television-group-chooses-stomp-out-bullying-8482-as

  19. $DIS so.... is 99 still an option?

  20. Repost: Saving Money On Cable – Inside the Experience of A Cord-Cutter. http://drduru.com/onetwentytwo/2015/10/04/saving-money-on-cable-inside-the-experience-of-a-cord-cutter/ $DIS $NFLX $TIVO $AMZN $BBY

  21. $DIS buying a few 104 calls for possible reverse EOD

  22. $AAPL $DIS $TWTR $AA $BBRY There are no Humans doing the buying/selling. More Bullish when the humans come back in later

  23. $DIS continues consolidate 100-104 low volume past few days, may see 101 or lower soon

  24. $DIS Who is selling this? It s getting funny now :o)

  25. $DIS come on mouse, get it together