1. $dnd.ca breakout watch

  2. $DND.CA looks to be breaking out on decent volume.

  3. Health Care Sector: $CCT.CA +2.65%| $VRX.CA +0.34%| $DND.CA -0.22%| $AGN -0.55%

  4. Health Care Sector: $CCT.CA -0.90%| $VRX.CA -1.15%| $EXE.CA -0.98%| $DND.CA -0.56%

  5. Health Care Sector: $CCT.CA -0.88%| $VRX.CA -1.30%| $EXE.CA -0.70%| $DND.CA -0.34%

  6. Health Care Sector: $CCT.CA -1.72%| $VRX.CA -2.12%| $EXE.CA -2.44%| $DND.CA -2.90%| $TWD.CA -0.34%

  7. @sonikg @EquityHog As for timing, I have no idea as I m a long term investor and as mentioned above believe $DND.CA will grow steadily.

  8. $CXR.CA $RFC.V $DEE.CA $POU.CA JD s comments can move these stocks tomorrow. I won t chase DEE and POU. Others: $RX.V $DND.CA $HWO.CA

  9. $dnd.ca breakout from huge ascending triangle http://y.ahoo.it/LqltAVQd

  10. Keep an eye on $dnd.ca this week. Looks like its finally ready to move higher.

  11. $DND.CA Looks like momentum gain.

  12. $DND.CA bad news, Actavis has filed for generic Absorica. Cipher sued them today. Generics seem too aggressive nowdays

  13. @Mully99: Quality small caps: $CFN.CA $RFC.V $GPS.V $AVE.V $RDX.V $KPT.CA $DND.CA $MRD.CA $TWD.V

  14. $MSL.CA if you own this you may want to watch this tomorrow. http://y.ahoo.it/1Wovwy6s It reminds me on what happened to $DND.CA

  15. Quality small caps: $CFN.CA $RFC.V $GPS.V $AVE.V $RDX.V $KPT.CA $DND.CA $MRD.CA $TWD.V

  16. @ProudFrog @nicholastrader Can u buy some $dnd.ca too? Actually I need to put together a list. LOL

  17. Sixteen stocks signalling upside with strong insider buying & $dnd.ca is one of them. http://y.ahoo.it/uGMkzgR0

  18. $dnd.ca my Christmas tree stock. Every morning I wake up hoping for a big gift under the tree only to be disappointed. Will Santa ever come?

  19. @Dicktony: $DND.CA seems to be following Symmetrical triangle pattern. http://y.ahoo.it/iYlzVwHy

  20. $DND.CA seems to be following Symmetrical triangle pattern. http://y.ahoo.it/yuh1juoy

  21. $DND.CA bounced of bottom line on the triangle pattern again today. Starting to get a sea sick http://y.ahoo.it/NN2kuMul

  22. @nicholastrader disappointed market still not liking $DND.ca To get the stock moving they need to put that $34.5M cash to work

  23. $DND.CA market doesn t seem to care the good ER. They need to make Absorica available in other markets & don t see that in the press release

  24. $dnd.ca reports financial strong Q1 2014 results. EBITDA was $5.4 million, an increase of 192%. Cash balance increased to $34.5 million

  25. @nicholastrader What is your target price for $DND.CA? Thanks