1. @cequitor Same thing when $DNDN was over $3 and same comments from people at me...look at where $DNDN is now! Only 6 months later

  2. $DNDN Which way too go? Put or call? Help Neutral!

  3. $DNDN added 2600 shares , this is going to explode soon. EU launch soon, profitable soon.

  4. $DNDN This is going to have its day my friends... Wake up and see this $10 plus

  5. $DNDN booom!

  6. $DNDN trying

  7. $DNDN up in premarket http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/dndn/premarket-chart

  8. $DNDN isnt going away! Some sold in panic, this is going higher when they release financing news... LONG $DNDN

  9. $DNDN Ohhh. Continuation.

  10. Algorithmic trading: OPEN Oct/16 SELL: $WFM $ATML $TOL $HUN $MMC $PWE $MRVL $XEC $BBG $HOT $FCS $VSH $MPC $MTW $XLNX $NBL $DRYS $DNDN $TRP

  11. @MatrixMan like when you said I was crazy saying $DNDN would crumble below $1, 6 months ago? Remember that? You said buy $DNDN hold...yeah

  12. $DNDN Dendreon s Provenge too expensive for NHS use, says NICE Clinical uncertainties Remain... http://www.pharmatimes.com/Article/14-10-16/Dendreon_s_Provenge_too_expensive_for_NHS_use_says_NICE.aspx

  13. @mecka $DNDN bid sizes have been creeping up all day. this could be the beginning of a mini short squeeze

  14. $DNDN I think new buyers have bought this share for cheap and playing games with short sellers.

  15. $DNDN People sold in a panic. This isn t going away... They will release news soon. Long here

  16. $dndn, what is happening here? Any news from Europe or debt relief from bond holders?

  17. $DNDN on watch

  18. $DNDN this may go up higher with out anyone noticing it.

  19. Biotech Stocks Surprise Market- $IBIO, $DNDN, $HEB http://www.emarketsdaily.com/biotech-stocks-surprise-market-ibio-inc-nysemktibio-dendreon-corporation-nasdaqdndn-hemispherx-biopharma-inc-nysemktheb/1819719/

  20. $DNDN From cult hero to zero! What happened?

  21. $APT Think of it like trying to short $DNDN in the teens, you would have been screwed and margined out before being right and profiting.

  22. who believes in $DNDN and has money to waste should buy bonds. The bonds will swap into shares. Current shareholders will be wiped out.

  23. $DNDN glad I sold at $3.16 in 2013... at a loss of course. At least I got out. Slaughter of retail shareholder.s

  24. $DNDN & $gtat pick your poison.

  25. $DNDN Where did all the money go ?