1. $DNDN $XBI sold off 144,537 shares Thursday. PUMP & DUMP.

  2. $VSI $AAPL Should buy Vitamin Shoppe, along with $DNDN $AMRN ;-)

  3. $DNDN Here comes $2+

  4. $DNDN filled @1.43 playing for 1.85 target http://y.ahoo.it/sUgxi9ep

  5. $DNDN Bullish! News will make this $5 plus!

  6. icymi, new swing long idea list: late night slummin http://y.ahoo.it/kEoMGF1S $LPHI $PTX $FPRX $ECYT $DNDN $EXAS

  7. late night slummin http://y.ahoo.it/id5b6X9t $lphi $ptx $fprx $ecyt $dndn $exas

  8. $DNDN chart http://y.ahoo.it/WvzRJVw1 Bull flag pattern forming after breakout occurred on Monday. Expect higher

  9. $DNDN I smell something positive

  10. $DNDN XBI purchased another 96,350 sh. of dendreon.

  11. $DNDN BUYOUT coming?

  12. $DNDN Making move to 1.80 area. soon

  13. $DNDN Stay strong bulls. This could be next 10 bagger

  14. $DNDN Options exp. will bring up back to 1.50 level.

  15. $DNDN The verge of banko talk is a scare tactic used by shorts to bolster their short position. It s their last bullet at this price level.

  16. $DNDN We either are getting financing or a Buyout. This is Not going BK! Bullish!

  17. $DNDN 5 Dollar buy out will be anounced in Oktober

  18. $DNDN Bullish!!!

  19. $DNDN this comp aint got sH!+ ...only thing that could rocket this to $25-$90 is the EBOLA treatment! $TKMR or manipulation

  20. $DNDN The drug will have a stronger label in Europe that will give doctors a better understanding of which patients the drug can help.

  21. $DNDN

  22. $DNDN I bought 10,000 shares. Broke resistance yesterday on good volume, small pull back today on low volume. Provenge revs beat estimates.

  23. $dndn, Europe launch should be near, if not this month then in coming months. Bad days should be over soon.

  24. @rxdave2 sucks that the days of $DNDN are over, those rides were fun into approvals. oh well, we ll see in a few i guess.

  25. $DNDN setting stages to moving back up.