1. $DNDN little setup to watch here if levels hold up vs that low http://y.ahoo.it/E12LRl2g

  2. $dndn is out of ideas? Make up your mind. You think u can survive or up for sale? Being dishonest to shareholders is no good.

  3. $DNDN paying a million dollar for interest is more worth than to a new CEO for a money losing company. Stupid management.

  4. $dndn market is telling us, they don t like the new CEO n his compensation. It s loud and clear.

  5. $DNDN This new CEO brings alot of experience to the table!! Bullish!

  6. $DNDN New CEO 30 years with Johnson and Johnson, executive VP. built J&J’s oncology franchise into a multibillion-dollar operation.”

  7. Hope $DNDN s new CEO is worth his weight in gold. He sure is getting paid like it for a 71 yr old w/ a death/disability clause in contract

  8. $DNDN Amick will get a base salary of $600,000, a signing bonus of $100,000 and restricted stock awards totaling 250,000 shares.

  9. $DNDN CEO http://y.ahoo.it/T5EAWQOb

  10. $DNDN New CEO Named http://y.ahoo.it/or7UodTD

  11. Dendreon Names W. Thomas Amick President And Chief Executive Officer http://y.ahoo.it/bnyffG9M $DNDN

  12. $DNDN John Johnson, you were completely worthless and I feel sorry for the shareholders that held under your poor leadership. Please Leave

  13. $DNDN We don t need Johnson to assist Mr. Amick in the transition. Johnson you can leave. You were a HORRIBLE CEO for shareholders. Get lost

  14. $DNDN John Johnson will work with Mr. Amick through August 15, 2014 to ensure a smooth transition??? I don t want Johnson helping anything.

  15. $DNDN Dendreon Names W. Thomas Amick President and Chief Executive Officer.. http://y.ahoo.it/1dZFnRxC

  16. EVP of Dendreon Corporation just disposed of 111 shares http://y.ahoo.it/iZRFhIqa $DNDN

  17. on watch $DNDN $FXEN

  18. $dndn watching it fall from $3.48 to $1.84 within a month was so painful. I hate quiet managements.

  19. $DNDN I wonder if the plan is to let this co go bankrupt and buy the patents up gun to the head style

  20. $DNDN Added @ $2.09

  21. @Anakiin did you add $dndn, its well below $2.15. Lol

  22. $DNDN careful, may want to test 2 again

  23. Watchlist: $ARQL, $ATOS, $DNDN, $DSCO, $IMRS, $NSPH, $REE, $SNWV, $SPHS, $STRI - Will go Long if I see the trigger signal on my system...

  24. $DVAX $RNN $DNDN $BAXS $LIQD $BPTH $LJPC $SNTA Why Janet Yellen is wrong about biotech and social media stocks.. http://y.ahoo.it/YXYkNjm7

  25. $DNDN adding if it drops to 2.15