1. $DNDN Dendreon Sees Large Decrease in Short Interest (DNDN)

  2. $DNDN J Lamarck SIM S.p.A. is bought 187k shares. Now hold 680k

  3. $DNDN trying to figure out what James Flynn did with his 7million $DNDN

  4. $DNDN either someone bought those $3.00 dollar calls on the cheap or dumped their calls while they had something left. Took a big hit

  5. $DNDN another big trade of 126,515 at the bell. Provenge commercials up to 8,217 and another 1000 May $3.00 calls. Up to 2,944 traded 2day.

  6. $DNDN Another 1000 trades on the May $3.00 calls. Up to 1,943, it will be interesting to see where the open interest settles. Right now 9779

  7. $DNDN Mot$&$&$ Fu#%%

  8. $DNDN Open Interest today on may $4.00 calls 11,135 yesterday OI = 10,977. + 158 difference

  9. $DNDN 883 May $3.00 calls traded today so far. Open interest yesterday 9885. Open interest today 9779. That s a -106 difference.

  10. @Plugbuddy In the last mo. XBI has held no less than 2.88% of $DNDN shares. 4,519,391 sh. As high as 3.91% or 6,807,573 sh.

  11. $DNDN I may need to sell if we can t get a deal cut. 22,000 shares. I can put $$ in a company where a CEO brings shareholder value.

  12. $DNDN Provenge Commercial up to 8,173 that s up from Mar 10 8030. That;s about 1 airing per hour if my math is correct.

  13. $DNDN $IBB has added 40,509 shares since March 31

  14. $DNDN $IWO has shed $42,534 shares since March 31

  15. $DNDN $XBI has shed 453,641 shares since March 30. @hawaii DNDN on Feb 14, $2.95. $XBI still holds 5.8million shares

  16. $DNDN Short interest has decreased every 2 weeks since 10-15-13 with the exception of 1 week in march 14.

  17. $DNDN Mutual funds shed another 195,311 sh. led by $XBI 129,680. XBI has shed nearly 2 mil.sh. since feb.14

  18. $DNDN bullish for much higher levels!

  19. $DNDN so the purchase of those 4048 may $4.00 calls on march 27th cost $48,576.

  20. $DNDN 50 at the bell trades today. Of notable one a 109,416k a 25k and 21k. Several big block trades

  21. $DNDN If you look at my post from March 27th. I noticed someone bought a 4048 May $4.00 calls. They bought them for probably .12. Ouch!!!!

  22. $DNDN Something has to happen big in May when earnings are released

  23. @adrianahook in 2009 $DNDN was +$7. then got FDA approval & opened the next morning @$21+ $CUR has NSI-566 and more

  24. @Plugbuddy Does $JPM have control over $DNDN stocks while under contact to sell the company?Holding pattern $3 s,news doesn t help price.

  25. $DNDN 307 airings of provenge commercial since April 10. Up to 8,030 National airings