1. $DNDN picture of a biotech washout 5700 tp 15

  2. @dataanalyst57 The peak sales Dendreon s drug is more than the peak sales of cobi in melanoma and cabo in MTC $EXEL $DNDN

  3. $DNDN - feeling like it s time to say goodbye to DNDN board. I need stocks to make money, not to lose. .. and I am not bk attorney .. so...

  4. Very stressful decision to buy $DNDN or not. Same pattern with $CRMB and $GTAT.

  5. @QEbubble $DNDN because the drugs do work and their is a revenue stream there. Having cash problems doesn t make a company worth $0

  6. @QEbubble $DNDN so you don t even speculate that they will be bought at a price greater than .10c or emerge from BK?

  7. $DNDN BTW bomb is gonna to explode in bio !! 12345....

  8. $DNDN today is not tradable in many platform! we will see about that when everybody can trade this :-)

  9. $DNDN I like pink sheet better upside is waaaay higher

  10. $DNDN For the idiots degenerate gamblers in here - Pink sheets, now 10 pennies - http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/DNDNQ/financials

  11. @JL1585 Since the NEWL fiasco they re not playing games anymore with these scams, like GTAT, delisted in days only $DNDN

  12. $DNDN BK is BK is BK is BK is BK is BK is BK is BK

  13. $DNDN Only complete morons would have bought this after they filed for BK

  14. $DNDN About time this one is dead, pink sheet time!

  15. $DNDN damn, glad I got out of this at $2 - now do I buy back in is the question.

  16. $DNDN Sorry this the link http://seekingalpha.com/article/2665315-update-dendreon-bankruptcy

  17. $DNDN Bankruptcies Info since Nov.11 http://app.quotemedia.com/quotetools/newsStoryPopup.go?storyId=71572809&topic=GE&symbology=null&cp=off&webmasterId=101327

  18. think or swim. it is trading under DNDNQ $dndn. currently .11 by .115

  19. $DNDN I think it has to go to otc in order to be trade? but right now they put them in the box so nobody can t buy it

  20. $DNDN If we held from yesterday, does anyone know if we get shares from dndnq in our brokerage account? Or do we get nothing?

  21. $DNDN ok what s different? the main thing here is the buyer show up or not? until January, load more shares at lowest price. GLTY!

  22. $DNDN Haha... This guy is still fighting the delisting? It s delisted.

  23. $DNDN Wow. Quickest delisting Ive seen for a BK stock. Kind of terrible. Sure a lot of people didn t know about that

  24. $DNDN go ahead try to place a trade under DNDN....please let me know what you find

  25. $DNDN http://investor.dendreon.com/secfiling.cfm?FilingID=1193125-14-407733