1. $DOL.CA it s been a while since I ve seen a clear winner. Good entry me thinks....

  2. $DOL.CA Back in the 70 s! feels so right to say that everytime... hehe.

  3. Earnings announcement: $DOL.TO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Jun 10 2015

  4. $DOL-CA I m stuffed loosened my belt and now sit back and digest the feast I have had last 2 days buying this stock June 10 ER

  5. $DOL.CA Great day to buy. i just dont have any liquidité left meh.

  6. $DOL.CA Insider Buying Dollarama Inc. 1,225,477.50

  7. $DOL.CA The only SAD thing in this.. is that I bought at 70,50$. less money goes in. thats all. lol.

  8. $DOL.CA Remember Major insider buying in April at $70 a share

  9. $DOL.CA why are we down so much today? Any thoughts going into ER in 3 weeks?

  10. $DOL.CA Been In and out of this stock for months days like today im back in looking at $70

  11. $DOL.CA http://finance.yahoo.com/news/dollarama-hold-annual-meeting-shareholders-190200614.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory&soc_trk=tw

  12. $FDO $DLRT I prefer Canadian $DOL.CA - healthy chart .. extended yes

  13. $DOL.CA Housing starts up in the US would suggest Fed will raise raise sooner than later and cause CDN$ go down affects Dollarama profits

  14. $DOL.CA any reason why we are down today?

  15. January 2016 expiry options available today $DOL.CA

  16. Consistent growth and dividends, great name, stores popping up everywhere, can serve smaller markets, and Target exit. No-brainer. $DOL.CA

  17. for canucks $DOL.CA printing a potl late stage c&h

  18. $DOL-CA annual meeting on june 10th ;)

  19. $DOL.CA Got back in at 69.00 Day traded this a couple years ago. Love the company.

  20. $DOL.CA Back in the 70 s !

  21. $DOL-CA smooth ride

  22. CAD Swing Portfolio, selling $DOL.CA at end of day. http://stockmarketsvane.com/?page_id=389#CADSWING1

  23. $DOL-CA this company is going to keep rising! Target leaving Canada will have a great upside effect by year end

  24. A lot of high quality stocks pulled back from their highs: $MG.CA $CCL.B.CA $LNR.CA $BAM.A.CA $CNR.CA $CTC.A.CA $DOL.CA $FSV.CA

  25. $DOL.CA first time I see dollorama on a downtrend like this. never really went down.