1. $DOL.CA Solid North American play

  2. $DOL.CA good up day Friday.

  3. $DOL.CA Everything is going up and this is going down.. Y?

  4. $DOL-CA thinking of taking a position tomorrow

  5. S&P down 0.78%. Sold the bounce on $DOL.CA and $ATD.B.CA.

  6. $DOL.CA Selling in this rally and buying back in much later.

  7. $DOL.CA Q2 ER on Sep 10 before market

  8. $DOL.CA Dolarama is a great company, but the huge PE will be a target for sellers. Betting on market correcting another 10% and $DOL.CA 25%.

  9. $DOL-CA climbing back up!

  10. $DOL-CA Climbing back up!

  11. Ouch. $DOL.CA

  12. $ATD-B-CA $DOL.CA I m not down too much yet on both of these. I m putting a mental stop for Mon though if Europe Is down again on US open.

  13. $ATD.B.CA $DOL.CA holding and no panic sell like fear of others. Both will bring ER in sept

  14. $DOL.CA Is today a good to buy some ? before earning result, will go up or down ??

  15. $l.ca $mru.ca $dol.ca $atd.b.ca $wn.ca fear is in the air when these are market leaders. good time to buy your fave stocks

  16. $DOL.CA Last Inside buy was at $69.27 April they seem to have exhausted buyback early Aug trades a much higher PE then other dollar stores

  17. Earnings announcement: $DOL.TO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Sep 10 2015

  18. $DOL.CA but the safety trade is an oxymoron b/c everyone who is long believes it, so there is only one place to go at 35x ttm & 4x sales

  19. $DOL.CA what u guys don t get is that it s 100% about valuation, & if u think about it, the only factor holding it up is the safety trade

  20. $DOL-CA Good SA article. Price target is 85-95.

  21. $DOL.CA busted there it is.. let it loooose.

  22. $DOL.CA is it worth buying now since price is around $81 already and it has been trying to cross 81 mark for the third time in 60 days.

  23. $DOL.CA back to the 80 s

  24. $CCL.B.CA, $GIL.CA, $GIB.A.CA, $CSU.CA, $DOL.CA, $ATD.B.CA - stocks for the long-term!

  25. $DOL.CA Look at that beautiful day! Great close, up from here :)