1. $DRAM This will wake up tomorrow it seems

  2. $DRAM post break out - sitting on prev resist / above all ma s http://y.ahoo.it/W6uzntJW

  3. $LIVE I wonder if Isaac took his gains on the convertible shares and used them to purchase position in $DRAM

  4. @teddyn Nice red&black premium mobo for $AMD APU, Radeon GPU, Radeon SSD and $DRAM Radeon Memory!

  5. $EGLE could trap shorts with squeeze in the morning on thurs before fade..holding well today..volume huge. $dram $evry $lime

  6. $DRAM 3.60 +.04 First big push off the Super Pump. Rejected!! Hoping for $4+ ,by then shorts probably dry up.

  7. $DRAM para action

  8. $DRAM $AMD wow!

  9. $DRAM 300k+ on the BUY side, it s no manipulation it s a takeover! But I won t give them my shares under $8 :-)

  10. $DRAM have to hand it to the Super Incredible Nerds there are no boundaries to the crap they will attempt to manipulate

  11. $DRAM 3.60 +.51 So Isaac Capital of $LIVE fame takes an 8.9% stake here and Superman and Nerd pump it. Wonderful!!Woke me from my slumber

  12. $DRAM http://y.ahoo.it/GppGfgNU. It looks like Isaac Capital group just bought a few hundred thousand shares in the last few days

  13. $DRAM anyone know what caused the spike into close?

  14. $DRAM nice pop

  15. $DRAM Nice close! Haha!

  16. $DRAM 3.21 long side, thin http://y.ahoo.it/aGhssRct

  17. $MU $zhne $amd $tsem $dram Grossly oversold T2121 begun rising...VIX-X fear near to blowing its top

  18. 5 top stocks on NASDAQ (Aug. 01): $DSPG, $QKLS, $UBCP, $CPSL, $DRAM http://y.ahoo.it/lQHqG9fb

  19. $MU $DRAM Goldman Negative on all stocks http://y.ahoo.it/TU8xdMJW

  20. Summit Talks Up Micron, Says Samsung DRAM Expansion Is A Moot Point MU http://y.ahoo.it/dNQe69C1 via @benzinga $dram DRAM Healthy Growth Mkt

  21. $DRAM Time to break out over 3.20!

  22. @JimInvestor: $AMD $DRAM $INTC. CNBC Analysts Say Samsung & LAM Rsch see strong DRAM Demand..S/D tight..won t go for mktshre. MU Bullish

  23. $MU Daily Candle toe in water..T2120 Index far oversold..Heading to Fall PC Season..Consumer Wages Rising..$DRAM +4.4% on 317% VolumeBuzz

  24. $MU and $DRAM Vendors to same market...Opposite Stock direction past two days..Irrational fear. MU a better managed higher margin firm

  25. $MU Oversold -7.5% @ 360%VolumeBuzz... $DRAM UP 20%+7% yesterday+today @ 850% VolumeBuzz.