1. $DRN how well it holds up... thats hard to say with how crappy conditions are now for buying but keep an eye on this grp is very strong $IYR

  2. $DRN HOD looking good

  3. $DRN over 51.82 looks good

  4. $drn $ure 2 weeks ago reversal candle on the weekly starting to look like the top IMO. See how this week closes. I started laying them out

  5. Just got a sell signal on $IYR and $DRN

  6. Is Housing Set To Lift Off? http://y.ahoo.it/uxKnAMdW #housingliftoff $VNQ $DRV $DRN

  7. [REPOST] [VIDEO] Weekend Stock Market Analysis 02/17/2014 $ERY $FAZ $FAS $EDZ $SRS $DRN $KOL $TAN $DUST $DSLV $UNG http://y.ahoo.it/Z837nt83

  8. $DRN , $ORCL, $WIN, $SEM, $TSEM,, play for the rest of the week

  9. closed trades 2/7/14: $UCO +2.5% (closed early) $DRN +2.0% offset by $DUST -4.4% (early bad trade) $YANG -4.5% (early bad trade-rebought)

  10. @ETFDailyNews $DRN $TAN fits this category.

  11. long $DRN (med) $UCO (med) $YANG (med)

  12. long $EDZ (med) $NUGT (med) $UCO (med-at close) $UPRO (med/lrg) $XIV (med) - looking to buy $YANG $DRN possibly 2morrow

  13. $DRN Should easily outperfom 2013. +50% B4 end of May. Buying the dips. http://y.ahoo.it/oTW9gPWN

  14. $DRN Open 01/02/14 37.50 Close 01/31/14 42.56 +13.49%

  15. $DRN Looks like a cup and handle to me!

  16. $DRN ...who knew = gap down and buy sgnl at 4120..now 4266

  17. ...and real estate $DRN...

  18. $twenty14 $DRN $iyr $spg down the toilet the sector goes. DRN cover sub 10 or when it starts inverse splitting like these scam 3x etfs do

  19. $DRN long

  20. $DRN not an ideal H&S Pattern, but important support line to keep an eye on nonetheless http://y.ahoo.it/uyNLgXyo

  21. $DRN Nice jump today! Congrats to those who are holding!!

  22. $SPX $ES_F $DRN $EDC sold good portion of these...move is a bit crazy, will revisit later.

  23. $DRN Home construction hits fastest pace since 2008

  24. $DRN $IYR there is a definite bullish bias with the asc tri forming. http://y.ahoo.it/y7sXUTnO

  25. $DRN should be good long here