1. @MurphyInvestments $spy $spx $iyr $DRN $DJIA Real estate steady decline. Sell your homes

  2. $spy $spx $iyr $DRN $DJIA Real estate steady decline. Sell your homes

  3. Not sure if it s rational but I m long $DRV $SPXS and $TMV So short $SPY $TLT and $DRN (real estate)

  4. $DRV $DRN $IYR $RMZ $O Scaling into real estate short. another pullback is in order

  5. $DRN Real estate market crashing hard $spy $uvxy $spx $DJIA $XIV

  6. Plan accordingly for upcoming real estate crash. Lots of opportunity coming. $spy $spx $iyr $DRN $DRV

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  8. $drn $IYR $drv real estate market will tumble from here...people loosing there A$$ $SPY

  9. $DRN + $VNQ are once again consolidating, higher prices coming even in this market. $SPY $DIA

  10. this is exactly why I ve only been in Real Estate related Etf s the past few months... #safe $DRN $VNQ $SPY $DIS

  11. One thing I teach my students is Long Term Technichals + Waves never fail.... $DRN $SPX $DIA $UDOW $VNQ

  12. how are people not talking about $VNQ or $IYR + $DRN yet? Another big $ winner $SPY $DIA $TLT $SPX

  13. $SPG is tracking to fill both gaps higher: target $210.. $SPG is an 8% holding of $VNQ and $DRN has a big stake in $VNQ derivitaves...

  14. @Afortyyearold did you get long Real Estate? $DRN or $VNQ?

  15. $DRV all the Real Estate shorts are about to cover, epic squezee in the coming weeks and months... $DRN $IYR $VNQ $SPY

  16. $DRN the breakout begins: still time to get long! Target $100+ $DRV $SPY $IYR $VNQ $TLT $TMV

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  18. $DRN finally closed above $74 exceeding the failed breakout earlier in the month. Buyer @ $74.00

  19. $DRV : Real Estate shorts are about to capitulate, let the squeeze begin! ! $DRN $SPY $DIA $TLT $XLU

  20. $DRN is the best investment you will make all year: set to go to $100+ $DIA $SPY $VNQ $PSI

  21. Bearish on $DRN as it can t break $73.50 - $74. Playing $DRV with a tight stop.

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  23. End Of Day Scan: Hammer Pattern $URE $SRE $ICF $VNO $RWR $VNQ $EQR $DUK $DRN $HCN www.DailyStockPlays.com Learn How We Trade

  24. Parabolic SAR Sell http://www.dailystockplays.com/Parabolic-SAR-Sell-2015-08-05.html $BXP $MUB $MBB $FXE $BOND $TRV $ICF $ANSS $ARE $RWR $IGOV $MIC $DRN $SKYAY $ROLL $OPHT $ITE $WPC

  25. $DRN Crash coming. Just like everything else. Boom $IYR