1. $DRN this has been a longer hold for us, but there is no doubt we are bottoming! Avg: $74.50

  2. The moves in $TMF + $TLT will soon trickle into $IYR + $DRN

  3. $DRN Jannet Yellen starts Yelling in about 3 minutes anndddd then come the buyers.

  4. A still scaling into our $DRN position! Really think this has potential to be a 25% winner in the coming weeks

  5. Sold $UDOW, $URTY, $UPRO $TQQQ $DRN $BIB $RETL while Fed in focus.

  6. $DRN we are still long and will add on weakness.

  7. Interest rate-sensitive sectors rebound together with bonds. Watch @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVBu-PpMe_o&feature=youtu.be&t=6m43s $XLU $IYR $DRN $DRV $RYU

  8. If $TLT continues to bottom, then $DRN and $IYR will keep bottoming and making higher lows.

  9. $DRN we just alerted this. bottoming behavior

  10. Avg down on $DRN at $70 (again) full disclosure cost basis is now $76.13

  11. End Of Day Scan: Shooting Star Pattern $SLG $TRW $ICF $RWR $VNQ $UBT $TCO $DRN $DRI $ALB www.dailystockplays.com

  12. $GREK $ICF $VNQ $TUR $TLT $IYR $XBI $TLO $XRT $DWTI $SCO $DRN $BNO Top 20 ETFs Daily Market Movers http://etfdigest.com/top10etf/TOP-20-ETFs-DAILY-MARKET-MOVERS-MAY-7-4810.html#comments

  13. $VNQ $IYR $TLT $HYG $DRV $DRN - This is the best real estate play in the world >>>>>> $CXW

  14. @david1116 @sudemali @Bottomfeeder88 @luvngspnful @S_Evans $DRN Real Estate in BEAR Market over 30% drop $VIX

  15. Daily ETF Watch: UBS Debuts 2x REIT ETN $URE $DRN http://www.etf.com/sections/daily-etf-watch/daily-etf-watch-ubs-debuts-2x-reit-etn

  16. End Of Day Scan: Parabolic SAR Buy Signals $TRGP $URTY $BASFY $COL $UWM $SSS $TNA $TIF $DRN $TRIP dailystockplays.com

  17. REITs are trending up. $DRN $ICF $IYR $RWR $VNQ


  19. End Of Day Scan: Aroon New Downtrend $AVB $SLG $MNK $ICF $RWR $RRGB $DRN $HDB $MDP $AMWD

  20. $SPY expecting more pain Monday but was buyer today $DATA (94.86) $N (93.69) $WYNN (125.04) $DRN (79) $SSYS (55.09) $RH (89.67); missed $FB

  21. in $DRN at $79. first time ever playing here, and I mean play, pure spec for me..

  22. $DRN time to buy.

  23. RIGHT on TARGET so far as $JNUG $NUGT follows $DRN lower --very strange market !! $GLD $SLV $JDST $DUST

  24. $DRN Dis one definitely gave good returns in 2014 but looks it won t give same kinda returns dis year! 2nd half looks good though!

  25. End Of Day Scan: CCI Sell Signals $FXE $ICF $RWR $CMP $PLUS $VNQ $DRN $WMT $NAVG $HME