1. After successful $SGYP $IDRA $DRTX binary hold in 1H, The first binary hold for 2H will be $ACRX. Starting accumulation on the account. $IBB

  2. Next week adding to $SLV, $USO and $TLT (looking for an S&P pullback). And selling PCS s on $MNKD, $FEYE, $LNG, and $DRTX

  3. Selling OTM/CC s on $MNKD, $FEYE, $LNG, $GTAT, and $DRTX = selling premium @ > 2% per week & stock appreciation.

  4. Is $DRTX a BUY? Mcnicoll, Lewis, & Vlak thinks so:http://y.ahoo.it/49EaBQLi

  5. @AlejandroMasari So true ~~!~ $DRTX MFS of the day.

  6. @edon @skipjackrick What s a major diff from $DRTX and $MNKD that $MNKD is far worse than $DRTX? People from $DRTX said the same a while bac

  7. @skipjackrick I pledged burning my 5000 dollars for testing after my terrible $DRTX experience with 20%+? drop on FDA approval news.

  8. Only reason that I am holding is because I don t intend on trading for weeks. Same pattern w/ $DRTX http://y.ahoo.it/5WaJSZz6

  9. $DRTX Hope you guys have $SGYP In portfolio. Going to be buyout soon. pH3 end of summer results. Big payday soon. GLA

  10. $MNKD the comp here is $DRTX. near-certain approval, major dip on news, now rebounded to over 8% above price at approval

  11. 5-star analyst Ed Arce from Roth Capital maintained a BUY rating on $DRTX. Ed has a 75.0% success rate http://y.ahoo.it/ikXtT4R3

  12. Durata Therapeutics s PT raised by Roth Capital to $28.00. http://y.ahoo.it/zk8lKNKV $DRTX

  13. $MNKD Though a much more heavily scrutinized stock, have a strong feeling that this will mimic how $DRTX PPS has behaved post-approval.

  14. $DRTX Roth Capital Affirms Buy Rating On Durata Therapeutics, Raises PT To $28 http://y.ahoo.it/lHbY8U5r

  15. $DRTX ITM

  16. $DRTX $22 price target

  17. @SrilankaTrader I bought it at PM 11.20 limit, but somehow it executed at 11.22. I am not gonna make the mistake I made in $DRTX

  18. $MNKD @burch2006 same happend to $DRTX. Dropped after announcement, few weeks later, it s more than green.

  19. $DRTX Based on Friday s closed, DRTX has broken resistance and $21 in our future.

  20. $MNKD is showing similar trends to $DRTX as it dropped significantly after hours on Friday on FDA approval and lower after release. Tricky.

  21. $DRTX record close. thank you very much!

  22. $DRTX Nice little pop. Almost hit the alll time high today.

  23. $DRTX makes me happy. Almost 20% gain. Buyout announcment to come soon

  24. $DRTX trying, with more volume today. PT still $22 http://y.ahoo.it/wtDVF7LD

  25. $DRTX Solid close