1. $iyr $xhb $srs $drv real estate is weak. nice. especially REITs valuations pressured by bonds.

  2. $drv $rek US: Annual Pending Home Sales fall 9.0% in January http://y.ahoo.it/EBCyhx3T

  3. $twm $drv $udnt $rek $edz record foreclosures in California not weather related, in Connecticut 82%, Maryland 126%! http://y.ahoo.it/1tehbesQ

  4. $russ $drv $rek $ Record number of foreclosures in January not weather related Connecticut 82%, Maryland 126%! http://y.ahoo.it/yR4o8bJq

  5. Is Housing Set To Lift Off? http://y.ahoo.it/uxKnAMdW #housingliftoff $VNQ $DRV $DRN

  6. long $DRV (M) $DUST (M) $SPXU (M) $UCO (M) $XIV (M) $YINN (M)

  7. closed trades 2/5/14: $XIV (stopped out -4.5% rebought) $SCO -0.5% $DUST +4.7% $DRV +1.9% $YINN +1.6% (day trade) - overall finished down

  8. long $DRV (M) $DUST (M) $EDZ (M-new) $SCO (M) $UPRO (M-new) $XIV (M-new). Prob a few hours early for $UPRO

  9. long $DRV (med) $DUST (med - rebought) $EDC (med - rebought) $SCO (M) $UGAZ (M) $YINN (M-at close). looking to buy $UPRO some time 2morrow

  10. Long $DRV (med) $DUST (med) $EDC (med) $SPXU (med) $TLT (med) $UCO (med) $YANG (med)

  11. $DRV planning to buy some of this today at some point

  12. $spy short REITs. 2 fall after retail short $iyr / pick up $srs $drv.hitting res still a fresh short http://y.ahoo.it/uSZy1ksj

  13. $TZA $spxu $drv all 3x bears appear safe to start compounding up except $faz which could struggle days on $xlf bank interest rate strength

  14. long term charts $FAZ & $XLF vs $DRV & $IYR great swing opps for months

  15. $SPX $ES_F $DRV $TBT $EDZ just bankin it, have a small $NUGT at the moment.

  16. $UVXY (BREAKOUT?) $GLD (BEAR FLAG?) $UGAZ (PARABOLIC) $DRV $TZA $ERY $FAZ (BREAKOUTS?) http://y.ahoo.it/eO2cndJ7

  17. $XLF may go the way of $IYR ($DRV) $FAZ

  18. Short $LUX added to $IBKR $ETFC longs Long $AAPL and short $IYR via $DRV. IYR big outside day if holds looking to get out.

  19. Is it a good idea to sell short leveraged ETFs? $AGQ,$DRN,$DRV,$EDC,$EDZ,$ERX,$ERY,$FAS,$FAZ,$TNA,$TZA,$ZSL Answer: http://y.ahoo.it/j4lXHRy2

  20. $ETFC $IBKR bought both breaks, have $AAPL from last week and $DRV on support breakdown this morning

  21. $DRV holding DRV

  22. @hertcapital: $IYR RS line came into today with the RS line in new lows before price. 6th consecutive day.Price falling in-line. $DRV $SRS

  23. $IYR RS line came into today with the RS line in new lows before price. 6th consecutive day. Price falling in-line. $DRV $SRS

  24. $SPXU $SQQQ $DGAZ $DRV $DUST looking to open/add to these positions tomorrow. Very ST on DRV and DUST

  25. Best & Worst from Last Week: http://y.ahoo.it/gCZnPSL9 -$SPY left in the dust compared to $DRV $BRZS $BZQ