1. $DRV how dare you go down $DRV, shame on you.

  2. $DRV - - Might need a medic...we have a bleeder - Running down: -0.41 in 31 seconds

  3. $DRV trying to choose $DRV or $JDST

  4. $drv dont forget about mortgage applications numbers tomorrow. No position, any hint of poor numbers she flies. Raise rates w/ down numbers?

  5. $DRV other than gold, this is the best place in the market to be

  6. $DRV still looks one the best buys in the market

  7. $UVXY $TVIX $sh $spxu $dog $fax $drv $yang short $gxc short Russia energy etf bearish on Russia currency

  8. $DRV its about to get real (excuse the pun)

  9. $DRV going in on this again Monday! We looking at a morning with a pop?

  10. $DRV sell your real estate.....trust me

  11. I am bullish on $DRV with a target price of $30.88 in 3 mos. on Vetr! https://www.vetr.com/posts/5804581087

  12. $DRV MAJOR double top sell signal on the index that this tracks

  13. $DRV all eyes on IYR....big test coming up

  14. $DRV DRN broke support, lets see if it stays under

  15. $SPXS $DRV or $SPXS?????? Cant seem to choose which one!

  16. $DRV going to be a fine day today :)

  17. $DRV bought some more, just because

  18. $DRV the quietest place on earth.....but the potential to be the biggest winner...I m talking to myself in here

  19. $DRV can I say it enough?.....dont leave it late to buy this

  20. $DRV now we cooking

  21. $UVXY and $DRV potential monster

  22. $DRV dont fcuking sell !

  23. $DRV out for even, tired of waiting for it to breakout, resistance @ $20..

  24. $DRV pre-pared top take the short term pain here, upside is huge, patience

  25. $DRV Will this ever blow up...markets have been getting creamed...I m frustrated b/c I ve got $$$ tied up in this...need some moves here 😝