1. $DRV Eventual rate hikes should cause this ETF to do rather well, just trade the swings to cover cost basis and hope to catch the boom.

  2. If bios crash pulls mrkt below support the last strong sector housing may get hit. $DRV $DRN show minor strength already.Watch related names

  3. Housing in my mind, (besides crude to an extent) is the last bellwether. Watching $DRN & $DRV for opportunities,new for me. $SPY $UVXY $VXX

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  5. $IYR Haha! Real estate sucks $drn $drv I MADE $$$

  6. $DRV time as $DRN has failed it s two minor breakouts. Detailed analysis at https://www.b12trader.com/stocks-on-the-watch-9-7-15/

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  10. $DRV chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/DzKJ7okZ/ via https://www.tradingview.com/

  11. Not sure if it s rational but I m long $DRV $SPXS and $TMV So short $SPY $TLT and $DRN (real estate)

  12. $DRV $DRN $IYR $RMZ $O Scaling into real estate short. another pullback is in order

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  15. Plan accordingly for upcoming real estate crash. Lots of opportunity coming. $spy $spx $iyr $DRN $DRV

  16. $spy $spx $iyr $DRV tons of people just hoping they can still get out of there positions on Monday. Market in for a HUGE correction.

  17. $drn $IYR $drv real estate market will tumble from here...people loosing there A$$ $SPY

  18. $DRV all the Real Estate shorts are about to cover, epic squezee in the coming weeks and months... $DRN $IYR $VNQ $SPY

  19. $DRN the breakout begins: still time to get long! Target $100+ $DRV $SPY $IYR $VNQ $TLT $TMV

  20. $DRV : Real Estate shorts are about to capitulate, let the squeeze begin! ! $DRN $SPY $DIA $TLT $XLU

  21. Bearish on $DRN as it can t break $73.50 - $74. Playing $DRV with a tight stop.

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  24. @MurphyInvestments how s that decay thing going? ;) $DRN $DRV .. I m

  25. $DRV going to jump