1. @munhoi I thought wiseguys had higher pain thresholds... It looks like it goes higher tomorrow but profit is profit... Nice trade ;-) $DRV

  2. Try different angle $SCO $ERY like $DRV is like FOREX fisting @GerardoHGarcia http://y.ahoo.it/4btkC5Wu http://y.ahoo.it/YbeqR5bn

  3. Unusual Call Volume [8/19] $DRV $BTI $RPRX $JRJC $ROST $AU $LZB $MHR $CPN $SPLS $SLXP $ANR $HAIN http://y.ahoo.it/SfnRpBLp

  4. $IYR wkly a dbbl top or some sort of c&h or other base in the making $DRV

  5. A few possible OS bounce plays I like: $UPS, $ANF, real estate short $DRV, oil&gas cont plays $VLO $MPC.

  6. $DRV both bond and REIT sector sell off short term - it was inevitable this will occur nothing lasts forever

  7. LONG $DRV SHORT $IYR $TED $XED $TNX $TMV $IRX http://y.ahoo.it/7bgiwJyu

  8. $spy $tlt $tbt $dia $iyr $srs $drv REIT sector short w/ $gs inference http://y.ahoo.it/WB33tSqJ

  9. $DRV once central banks stop their REIT buying cash inflow just like stimulus watch out below for REITs the overleverage kills both ways

  10. $DRV the time is ripe for DRV move up

  11. $DRV my thesis is that the Fed reserve committee left Wall Street out of their retreat - they got major bubble leverage issues they cant fix

  12. $DRV confirmed time to sell the REIT sector

  13. Share an idea on $DRV recalibration of risk coming REIT sector has topped and may get a short term hit

  14. Share an idea on $DRV potential triple top head and shoulders for the reit plan for short term correction soon

  15. Share an idea on $DRV scalped $10,000 profit this morning , no guts to trade anymore had quit came back one last trade if I can really quit

  16. $IYR $IWM wkly back test failure continues to print $DRV $TZA

  17. $IYR rollover ww $DRV

  18. $DRV Long Setup #drv #elliottwave http://y.ahoo.it/ibMieFlX

  19. $VHC Shorted at 16.12. Covered $DRV. A flier

  20. Short holdings $VXX $TZA $DRV $NUGT $FAZ $SOXS. You must make a friend of leverage or leverage is an enemy to be feared

  21. $DRV: stopped out #drv

  22. $DRV: I am long stop 43.30 #drv #elliottwave

  23. $DRV : (Real Estate Bear 3x ETF) Bullish Watchlist #drv #elliottwave http://y.ahoo.it/6JROtmMo

  24. $iyr $xhb $srs $drv real estate is weak. nice. especially REITs valuations pressured by bonds.

  25. $drv $rek US: Annual Pending Home Sales fall 9.0% in January http://y.ahoo.it/EBCyhx3T