1. $DRWI this is the most undervalued stock I know about. 40% revenue growth, turning towards profitability, and only at 1/4 revenue market cap

  2. $DRWI Like the bottoming tail hammer candles the past couple days, today close at high.

  3. $DRWI good call

  4. $DRWI looked who called that

  5. $DRWI I betcha this closesay 0.88-0.89

  6. $DRWI That is my time-frame. mid May. I can wait it out.

  7. $DRWI Assuming they hit their expected guidance in May, or pre-announce earlier, I think this is a good 20-30% gain in 2.5 months.

  8. @smeinvesting They had earnings in January, next one in May, though they have pre-announced with upgraded guidance in the past. $DRWI

  9. $DRWI When are earnings?

  10. $DRWI Now we could see (say more optimistic) $53M rev, (0.00) EPS, 21% margins. Do you think this would sit below $1.00 on that?

  11. $DRWI From July, $28.8M rev, (0.11) eps, 20.5% margins, raised cash couple weeks later at $1.80 canadian.

  12. $DRWI Last time it traded solidly over 50day MA was in June-July 2014 when they updated guidance for 2015 & came out with earnings on 20.5%

  13. $DRWI look at last July when they announced 20.5% margins with much worse EPS and revenue.

  14. $DRWI EIther in May or a pre announce PR, we should see, ~$52M rev, (0.01) on 19% margins. What would that headline do to PPS?

  15. $DRWI More signs that capex are increasing, that will for sure benefit $DRWI http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/sprint-expand-and-improve-lte-network-may-add-20000-cell-sites/2015-02-26

  16. $DRWI That s all I got on outlook and gross margins for DRWI, apologize for dwelling on it a bit here.

  17. $DRWI July 2014, they announced 20.5% margins. Then & now they talk about the software component improving the number http://stocktwits.com/message/33278670

  18. $DRWI http://seekingalpha.com/article/2822666-dragonwaves-drwi-ceo-peter-allen-on-q3-2015-results-earnings-call-transcript?page=4&p=qanda&l=last CIBC World Markets analyst wanted their guidance on margin improvement.

  19. $DRWI I trust that the CEO is correct and that we will see better gross margins in the next Quarterly report.

  20. $DRWI We do expect gross margin to improve in Q4 over Q3 based on customer and product mix & a higher software component that we see for Q4

  21. $DRWI Assuming operating expenses remains $12.5M. Really want to see gross margins over 20%

  22. $DRWI $53M revenue at 23.5% margin = operating income break even. They need to increase margin. $67.5M needs 18.5% margin for break even.

  23. $DRWI I dont know why it would merit a $60M or smaller market cap when they will take in over $50M revenue next quarter at cash flow neutral

  24. $DRWI I don t understand any fundamental reason why investors would sell at 0.80 or lower

  25. $DRWI Short volume was high today, 58.6%, type DRWI in symbol field and hit return http://shortvolume.com/