1. $DRWI I don t know why but I have a feeling next this some news is going to come out to pop this back up in the 0.70 range

  2. $DRWI I just went all out and slapped the ask on a buying spree

  3. $DRWI http://finance.yahoo.com/news/ericsson-boost-swedish-digital-industry-225610280.html

  4. @LarsonLE did you buy $DRWI today?

  5. $DRWI I urge every shareholder to send a professional inquiry to DRWI investor relations urging clarification on the revenue and ops

  6. $DRWI very tempting to buy here. Only concern is why did it even get this low in the first place without a good bounce

  7. $DRWI just filled 25k more shares .55 - .57 in the last 20 minutes

  8. $DRWI No new orders since November? or?

  9. $DRWI I wonder when will manage stop thinking on running the dragon with only debt and equity for years.

  10. Gehman Capital holds an allocation of 2.3% in $DRWI in his Undervalued Growth Companies Investment Portfolio

  11. $DRWI Once my funds clear on Thursday I m buying this bad boy

  12. $DRWI and the bottomless stock keeps getting pounded.

  13. $DRWI Why the drop all of a sudden? Maybe a day-trader or something from yesterday?

  14. $DRWI looking for an entry here. Waiting for a base to be established but .54 could be the low

  15. $DRWI reverse split coming up or chaper 11

  16. $DRWI it hit 54 but my order didnt get filled

  17. $DRWI Looks prepping to open lower. Needs to bounce off that .54 low if it does.

  18. $DRWI keep in mind, next quarter should have an additional $5 Million revenue which puts us in the $55 - $60 million range close to net even

  19. $DRWI I m funding my acct with more $$$ to buy cheap shares if the pps stays similar to what it has been this past week.Buy fear,sell greed

  20. Inverted Hammer http://www.dailystockplays.com/Inverted-Hammer-2015-03-20.html $TIF $INDA $APP $GEVO $MTSN $MMP $NEWL $UMC $MERU $RLD $NFJ $CNCO $SJT $DRWI $WPCS $ORMP $ACUR $SARA

  21. $DRWI I m still feeling the bullish close

  22. $DRWI trading for 1 quarter worth of revenue. When you subtract cash, it s trading for 45 days worth of revenue. Absurd.

  23. $DRWI I m thinking we close at 0.61-0.62

  24. $DRWI I asked investor relations if they were about to file bankruptcy.Look at the replies below in order to view it (too long to post here)

  25. $DRWI are they going broke or something?