1. $DRWI: New SEC Filing for DRWI: Form 6-K, No. 0001104659-16-095999 http://stocknewsflow.com/1178946_000110465916095999_0001104659-16-095999

  2. DragonWave: Computershare Trust Company Of Canada http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=2420751 $DRWI

  3. $DRWI any news today?

  4. $DRWI anyone still in this?

  5. $FREE $GBSN $ASTI $CTIC $AMDA $DRYS $DRWI I m just listening all on watch list not what I m in. what are you in right now if you don t mind?

  6. $FREE $GBSN $ASTI $CTIC $AMDA $DRYS $DRWI I would much rather burn my money and roast marshmallows then lose it in that crap on robinhood

  7. Hey this is for all you Robin Hood traders. Don t miss out. Follow for tips and updates. $FREE $GBSN $ASTI $CTIC $AMDA $DRYS $DRWI

  8. $DRWI nice start

  9. $DRWI really nice gains.

  10. $DRWI Volume is low because they reverse split to a 3M share float. Tiny floats don t have big volume

  11. $DRWI This was over $100M market cap in 2014, it is priced in for bankruptcy now, $100M = $33 PPS Risky still, but if they survive, big up

  12. $DRWI you guys are nuts buying into this which no volume.....GLTA though

  13. $DRWI running

  14. $DRWI been trading for 2 months now. I sold early, but made like 2K. Never made this much off stocks. :D Anybody know of any other R/S?

  15. $ASTI and $DRWI are getting my week off to a great start!

  16. $DRWI Sold at 1.87 :( damn

  17. $DRWI low volume but its going up.

  18. $ASTI $DRWI $JNJ its pretty spectacular. tread carefully man

  19. $DRWI http://theenterpriseleader.com/stocks/momentum-rating-dragonwave-inc-nasdaqdrwi-2/67057/

  20. $DRWI Momentum Rating DragonWave Inc

  21. $DRWI theres an ask of $199,999 lol

  22. $DRWI 😕 held somewhat

  23. $DRWI Very cheap

  24. $DRWI Time for a take over.

  25. $DRWI I m going to hold. Still a lot of potential.