1. $DRWI The longer it consolidates the higher % it will drop further - if it jumps back by early next week we ll see some quick short covers.

  2. $DRWI Bottom should be right around here.

  3. @Jaybert Genuine frustration is a potent signal in calling bottoms... hope that is the case with $drwi. GL

  4. @Jaybert $DRWI new 52 week low. So what? Do you have anything intelligent to add? Lol.

  5. $DRWI there we go! New lows again today!

  6. $DRWI No volume, trickling down....new lows today?

  7. $DRWI hey, look....52 week lows.

  8. $DRWI On the Toronto exchange, up 5.5% today!

  9. $DRWI Trading within range, however still controlled by the Daytraders and those that wish to accumulate via lower volume at a reduced cost.

  10. $DRWI @MandoTrader looks like may test 08 low

  11. $DRWI patience folks, fundamentals are and catalysts are still in place. Give it time.

  12. $DRWI down 15% since Tuesday Morning. Earnings were in line, I dont get it. Market cap is just over 1 quarter of rev!

  13. $DRWI has Buy rec. reiterated by H.C. Wainwright and $3 price target reconfirmed. http://www.proactiveinvestors.com/companies/news/59294/dragonwaves-2016-results-could-far-outpace-hc-wainwrights-expectations-59294.html

  14. $DRWI Looks like we might test the 52 week low?

  15. $DRWI how can this sell so low? I dont get it. Frustrating.

  16. $DRWI Not a bad close considering.

  17. $DRWI out 1/3rd 0.96 from 1.326 avg, -27.6% loss, 2/3rd remaining, over 1.15 would be nice. (late post)

  18. $DRWI keeps accumulating.

  19. $DRWI In way better position than before with a lot more expensive stock, we need a good stomach to ride this one.

  20. $DRWI earnings dud.

  21. $DRWI Solid consolidation with a floor between .94 and .96 - I expect a gradual increase over the next few days. I have a sell set at 1.10.

  22. $DRWI Dont watch the stock LISTEN TO THE NUMBERS.. numbers are 4 qrts improved! Patience

  23. $DRWI huh!

  24. $DRWI like last quarter, they deliver massive growth and the stock goes down.

  25. $DRWI how can thisi possibly go down today? Regardless, heading in the wrong direction in PM.