1. $DRWI Big volume at the end of today.

  2. $DRWI oh right now it ticks back up on this news? Get real this stock is a joke stay away

  3. $DRWI the market has been harsh lately to micro caps. Short interest went to multi yr low for DRWI. Why the defenestration style selling?

  4. $DRWI on Aug 5th will shares still be trading after the Aug 4th conf call? Sure seems like a pre bk share price already baked in.

  5. $DRWI: New SEC Filing for DRWI: Form 6-K, No. 0001104659-15-053378 http://stocknewsflow.com/1178946_000110465915053378_0001104659-15-053378

  6. Dragonwave Inc. To Provide Update To Market On August 4Th Conference Call http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=1869018 $DRWI

  7. $DRWI I guess my big buy at .17 won t happen today.

  8. $DRWI looks like bad news coming on the 4th most likely

  9. $DRWI Going down again today. Bid under last weeks close

  10. $DRWI http://finance.yahoo.com/news/dragonwave-inc-market-august-4th-114500423.html

  11. $DRWI what happened, seriously

  12. $DRWI is a Top growth pick. hahaha http://theenterpriseleader.com/stock-watch/top-growth-pick-dragonwave-inc-nasdaqdrwi/11960/

  13. to the pink sheets next! $DRWI

  14. $DRWI Waiting for news....

  15. $DRWI Most likely related to Nokia/Alcatel and very weak Russell micros

  16. $DRWI something must have leaked

  17. $DRWI I cant believe i once owned this at 3+ So glad I sold

  18. $DRWI I mean, if they can have a positive EPS on $50M I d sign up for that.

  19. $DRWI I don t know, they ve talked about it in earnings calls, if it means DRWI can have higher margins and less revenue, would be fine.

  20. $DRWI it looks like this selling is related to EU accepting Nokia/ALU merger. It s assumed, I guess, that DRWI is fried due to the merger.

  21. $DRWI barely missed the .19 entry point. Couldn t type it in my order fast enough

  22. $DRWI the DRWIW warrants have a .065 bid. Imagine if the common shares trade lower than these warrants? Why do the warrants have a bid

  23. $DRWI Could be forced selling or a fund just exiting.

  24. $DRWI Well it is a 67M share float and volume is only 1.5+M shares so far.

  25. $DRWI News definitely linked. .19 is a joke