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  2. $XONE Day four. $TQQQ $SPY $DRYS $TNA http://y.ahoo.it/rbkcCRx7

  3. $DRYS year of the shippers!!!

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  6. @webmiztriz: $DRYS wow.. looking good... agree...5 good days now

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  8. Solars and Marine: $CSIQ Up today $DRYS Up 3% today $SPY http://y.ahoo.it/rjgG4674

  9. $DRYS Woe! Maybe turn around?

  10. @cheri1 @DMJX $DRYS surprising, given GNK BK?

  11. $DRYS nice PM move

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  13. $DRYS GL all Longs

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  15. $DRYS Weekly, I still working http://y.ahoo.it/rJSkxaO8

  16. Baltic Dry Index up 9 to 939 $DRYS

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  22. $DRYS bdi?

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