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  2. $DRYS down like 17% in 2 days. no company news. this all because of Greece?

  3. $DRYS the greek saga will be over in 3 hours every thing will work out for the best. After announcment a big nasdaq spike and drys!! Doubled

  4. $DRYS At Caesar s Palace. The Magnificent George. Master of Illusion! DryShips confirms sales of Aframax fleet http://seekingalpha.com/news/2606625

  5. Top 10 Hottest Stocks: (Most Volume, Most Active) $SIRI $FTR $LOCM $AMD $ZNGA $AXPW $DRYS $STEM $XOMA $FCEL

  6. $FREE Added 3500 shares on Monday at 2.62 avg price. It’s a risk investment but w/ high risk comes high reward. $DRYS $EGLE $PACD

  7. $BALT $DAC $DRYS $DSX $GOGL $ISH $NM $PRGN $SB $SBLK $SFL June 30 2015 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) -13 to 800.

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  9. @StockTwitsTwit $DRYS looks like DryShips committed the crime of being greek today! lol ever been to Greece and seen their ships? I have

  10. $DRYS looks like DryShips committed the crime of being greek today! lol

  11. $NBG $ALBKY $FREE $DRYS $GREK or ...... TVIX ?

  12. $DRYS I have 5k shares at .7. I gonna be rich!

  13. $NBG $GREK $FREE $DRYS $ALBKY So..... Almond Joy s got Nuts & Mounds Don t! $tvix $uvxy $vxx

  14. $DRYS..The Greeks owe the von Snootington Family a couple of islands. We bought this stock at over $4 per share.

  15. Greek stocks listed in the U.S. get hammered $NBG, $SHIP, $DRYS

  16. How would #grexit affect $DRYS

  17. $BALT $DAC $DRYS $DSX $GOGL $ISH $NM $PRGN $SB $SBLK $SFL June 29 2015 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) -10 to 813.

  18. Greek shipping ADRs / stock list http://tinyurl.com/mmyfhkp $CPLP $CMRE $DAC $DCIX $DSX $DRYS $DLNG $ESEA

  19. $DRYS It looks like im going to make some green today. The article from seekingalpha will make this stock shine today

  20. $BALT $DAC $DRYS $DSX $GOGL $ISH $NM $PRGN $SB $SBLK $SFL June 26 2015 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) -6 to 823.

  21. $DRYS It can t go pass $0.75 without getting hammered the next day.

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  23. $BALT $DAC $DRYS $DSX $GOGL $ISH $NM $PRGN $SB $SBLK $SFL June 25 2015 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) unch at 829.

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  25. $NBG $DRYS Greeks suck at business. Let them all default. Stick to making Calamari!