1. ABN Amro Begins Coverage on DryShips $DRYS http://www.mideasttime.com/abn-amro-begins-coverage-on-dryships-drys/384730/ via @RatingsNetwork 3/26/15

  2. $DRYS important to see where the BDI is headed today

  3. $DRYS Love how all the shorts come out to sing when the stock goes up

  4. $DRYS dangerously close to 30day under $1..... what s your plan George? http://finance.zacks.com/nasdaq-delisting-rules-7450.html

  5. $DRYS...Grandma Snootington bought this at over $4 per share way back when. She s dead now.

  6. $DRYS $DSX $ISH $NM $DAC $PRGN $BALT $SBLK $SFL $SB $VLCCF March 26 2015 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) unch at 598.

  7. My Big Fat Watchlist for 3/26: $CHK $CLR $DRYS $FEYE $FXCM $GT $KBR $QIWI $QTWW $VA

  8. Shipping Sector Update: Golar LNG , ($GLNG) , FreeSeas , ($FREE), DryShips , ($DRYS), Frontline , ($FRO) http://www.streetregister.com/shipping-sector-update-golar-lng-nasdaqglng-freeseas-nasdaqfree-dryships-nasdaqdrys-frontline-nysefro/256911/

  9. $DRYS slowly creeping

  10. $DRYS $DSX $ISH $NM $DAC $PRGN $BALT $SBLK $SFL $SB $VLCCF March 25 2015 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) +1 to 598.

  11. @larrythelobster $DRYS closed @ 85. Why is it showing .82 on Stocktwits? Down in after hours

  12. $TWTR These are my big picks of the year. $FXCM, $TWTR, $UWTI, $DRYS and $F.

  13. $DRYS Synthetic Long Discount Alert: OCEAN RIG UDW $ORIG trading at a 13.28% discount

  14. $DRYS Ocean Rig has paid cumulative cash dividends of approximately $75 million in 2014, out of which DryShips received $44 million

  15. $DRYS large block trades at the end of everyday. Beautiful.

  16. $DRYS closed @ 85. Why is it showing .82 on Stocktwits?

  17. $DRYS Block Trade 133,400 shares @.85 Time 16:00. http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/drys/after-hours

  18. $DRYS Do you think we can hit a $1.00 by Friday?

  19. $DRYS is going up from here. $1.25.

  20. $DRYS selling position and adding to NMM with recent upgrade to Buy and 16.5% dividend in 6wks trading at 11 with $15 price target.GLTA

  21. $DRYS liking it more.

  22. $DRYS Wouldn t a reverse split be good since they have too many shares outstanding anyway

  23. The only reason dryships made any money was oil tankers...get over to EURN for pure tanker play. $DRYS reverse split soon (compliance)

  24. Lay ups in the dry bulk sector? http://seekingalpha.com/article/3022526-dry-bulk-sector-anchoring-capes-on-the-horizon $DRYS $BALT $DSX $NM $SBLK $SALT $VLCCF

  25. $DRYS $DSX $ISH $NM $DAC $PRGN $BALT $SBLK $SFL $SB $VLCCF March 24 2015 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) +3 to 597.