1. $DRYS negative more to http://y.ahoo.it/WRuOUB58

  2. $DRYS

  3. $SPY $DRYS $HMC Bull Market 2.0. Only 7% of Chinese own cars. Just 5% of Indians own cars. Car Sales Rise every day

  4. $DRYS Rio Tinto Bets Big On Iron Ore Volumes. Loading docks are firing on all cylinders. http://y.ahoo.it/9a71mCRt

  5. $DRYS Dry Bulk Rates Set to Rise By a Very Large Amount http://y.ahoo.it/8qjIc7nk

  6. Hottest Transportation Stocks Now - $DRYS $GLOG $TGP $RYAAY | InvestorPlace http://y.ahoo.it/k0p24VCy @investorplace

  7. @nance @stockwin $DRYS forget stock prices before, it s been heavily diluted, you need to check market capacity over the years instead


  9. $DRYS we can have another hours days of sideways and dips before real move, but it is coming up

  10. $DRYS if can t hold 3.32 then 3.27 3.22 but I think it s going to hold and go to 3.35 3.55

  11. $DRYS above 3.31 meaningful http://y.ahoo.it/TbrkfJpy

  12. $DRYS all the past runnups I think were based on hype,pump & dump but really feel shipping sector & drys finally turning profitable,

  13. $DRYS $DSX $ISH $NM $EGLE $DAC $PRGN $BALT $SBLK $SFL $SB $VLCCF August 29 2014 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) +28 to 1147.

  14. $DRYS watch for bear raids dips - best to buy shares there , or on break of 3.35 with big volume or 3.55 with major volume

  15. @spikedoctor: $DRYS @roadkingtrdr you can laugh at me all my want , but all my calls lately been right on./good luck

  16. $DRYS if you want to squeeze the strong shorts, you need 3.56

  17. $DRYS all the bears starting to get angry their shorts doesn t work here, there have been sell signals but then gut burned like I said

  18. $DRYS @roadkingtrdr you can laugh at me all my want , but all my calls lately been right on. :) . will stay long

  19. Parabolic Sar Sell Signals 2/3 $CTRP $DRYS $DXLG $EA $ERIC $EXPE $FIVE $FMER $GLNG $GOOG $GTAT $IDCC $JACK $KIM http://y.ahoo.it/RI4U6IPS

  20. @spikedoctor: $DRYS like I said at 3.15 it will go right back up. this is going to $6 this year nope but very entertaining

  21. $DRYS >3.35 and she is GONE!

  22. $DRYS - you all could not be more clueless about what moves this thing but relax in the safety of your own delusions.

  23. @shavitmi $DRYS my lil fav

  24. $DRYS Some analyst finally got the memo! Hey boss do you think this BDI is for real?

  25. $PRGN at hod! $BALT $DRYS