1. $DRYS is delisting for this name a real possibility in 2016?

  2. $DRYS Gets bumped down due to overall market decline

  3. $DRYS Does someone else feel this is getting ready to pop in a big way? It has been trying to push higher over the last few days 1/2

  4. $DRYS buyers lining up on the gangway again... :)

  5. $BALT $DAC $DRYS $DSX $GNK $ISH $NM $PRGN $SB $SBLK $SFL September 1 2015 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) +8 to 911.

  6. Which one to buy with 1000 dolor. $ALBKY $DRYS $FREE ?

  7. @LoneTrader $DRYS nice to catch a fair wind in a stormy sea...

  8. $DRYS nice to catch a fair wind in a stormy sea...

  9. DryShips Receives $1.19 Consensus Target Price from Analysts $DRYS http://sleekmoney.com/dryships-receives-1-19-consensus-target-price-from-analysts-nasdaqdrys/448577/ via @RatingsNetwork 8/30/15

  10. $DRYS own 40% of $ORIG. Why is it down? $FREE $RIG $NBG $GREK

  11. $CVEO $UWTI $YANG $SPEX $JNUG $NUGT $APP $DRYS $CLTX $SD $FCX $GLD - some of the green on my big board screen -

  12. Europe Stock Loses: $UBS $MNK $DRYS $PACD $RIG http://www.investorwired.com/europe-stock-loses-ubs-group-ag-ubs-mallinckrodt-plc-mnk-dryships-drys-pacific-drilling-sa-nysepacd-transocean-rig/1752252

  13. $DRYS owns 40% $ORIG why is $DRYS so undervalued?

  14. $DRYS Then if we can get the BDI 2 turn positive and break the 1222 level then we ll really be talking about being bullish!

  15. $DRYS need 2 see this break the .49 level and if it can close above the .57 level I ll turn bullish :)

  16. $DRYS yeeeeƩ hawwwww!!!!!

  17. $DRYS WOW. Strong buying into the close.

  18. $DRYS chart - a close above the middle Bollinger Band @ 0.417 today would be bullish -

  19. $DRYS is stuck at .44

  20. Top % Gainers: $STXS 105%, $BTU 37%, $LOOK 34%, $NQ 34%, $LINE 32%, $GBR 28%, LNCO 28%, $CRK 27%, $MDR 27%, $RGSE 27%, RNO $JAGX $FCX $DRYS

  21. Top % Gainers Since Open: $STXS 102%, $IGC 48%, $RGSE 38%, $BTU 37%, $DRYS 28%, $ACI 26%, $LINE 26%, $RJET $WLB $CRK $LNCO $CENX $ZQK $NOR

  22. $SD and $WRES looking good for my portfolio today. Small play in $DRYS I will take it!

  23. $DRYS nice day for me drys!!!

  24. $DRYS I need to average down but I m still not ready to throw any more money at this POS company. Needs more than one day to give me hope.

  25. $DRYS Margin selling over that s why we are seeing a bounce today. Should go higher from here. Good time to add.