1. $DRYS https://www.americanbulls.com/SignalPage.aspx?lang=en&Ticker=DRYS

  2. $DRYS http://www.stoxline.com/quote.php?symbol=drys

  3. $DRYS got stopped out. moving on

  4. $DRYS see you at fib retracement !!!!

  5. $DRYS dont be a Tool....collect your gainz and roll out!!

  6. $DRYS Tankers Support DryShips’ Net Income and Adjusted Earnings, However DryShips agrees to sell tanker fleet.

  7. $DRYS - Fearnleys says oil tanker rates topped. Ignore EURN pumper. He should be dumped off stocktwits.

  8. $DRYS. The key to shipping is knowing what to avoid - drybulk. Oil Tankers will be printing money during next weeks quarter meetings - EURN

  9. $DRYS warned all wks ago - not too late to get out as worst is ahead. George will 20:1 rev split then issue shares next qtr. Research EURN

  10. $DRYS I have a feeling reverse split is coming! Or they ll be delisted what a POS

  11. $DRYS ugh...can t be happening....

  12. $DRYS OUCH! Who pulled the plug?

  13. $DRYS $DSX $ISH $NM $DAC $PRGN $BALT $SBLK $SFL $SB $GOGL April 23 2015 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) -1 to 599.

  14. $DRYS .

  15. $DRYS updated chart. MACD still showing a positive divergence. A bounce could be in the cards.

  16. $DRYS green !!!! Buyers here...

  17. @playav16: $DRYS should I invest in this? i bought shares but struggle to use the word invest. It s more like a charitable donation to GE

  18. $DRYS should I invest in this?

  19. $DRYS $DSX $ISH $NM $DAC $PRGN $BALT $SBLK $SFL $SB $GOGL April 22 2015 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) -1 to 600.

  20. $DRYS very interesting move in the final minutes

  21. $DRYS EOD bounce on volume...

  22. $DRYS Stupid. More manipulation just like when they tanked $HERO. I m very bearish, but only until the positive news magically appears.

  23. DryShips Announces Day of 2015 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders http://www.marketwatch.com/story/dryships-announces-day-of-2015-annual-general-meeting-of-shareholders-2015-04-20?mod=mw_share_twitter $DRYS

  24. $DRYS Management considering r/s. Not good.

  25. $DRYS in at 0.74