1. $DSCO: New SEC Filing for DSCO: Form SD, No. 0001140361-15-021390 http://stocknewsflow.com/946486_000114036115021390_0001140361-15-021390

  2. $DSCO up 5%

  3. $DSCO looks like it might be turning around. Took an entry position.

  4. $DSCO @kld Why post defending the stock. It is being shorted so short it and piggyback and profit along with whomever is pulling it down.

  5. $DSCO bailing and short interest would be much higher (4.5%). Have enough money until 2016, and in discussion with potential collaborators.

  6. $DSCO HUGELY reputable collaborator in Battelle (read up on them). This company and its science is not a fluke; if so, tutes would be

  7. $DSCO And this is before data that CONFIRMS science. Shorts are in control, no doubt, helped by incompetent management; but have science and

  8. $DSCO Last quarter--before data--Broadfin and Vanguard increased shares; Fidelity (at 12m, 20% of tute ownership) held firm; 1% drop only.

  9. $BGMD...hope our stock is like $PBMD soon...$CYTX $NSPR $DSCO bio-techs unite!

  10. $DSCO welcome to penny land

  11. $DSCO It doesn t matter what the analyst believe if I place a bid right now at .07903 it will accept it bypassing the current ask.

  12. $DSCO thanks for the buy opportunity. http://www.lulegacy.com/2015/05/18/discovery-laboratories-downgraded-by-zacks-to-sell-dsco/486235/

  13. $DSCO I m watching level II and the algorithmic program is set to accept the lowest bid regardless of the ask. Not a buying opportunity yet.

  14. $DSCO wow this one got killed. might go in for a bounce play around 75

  15. $DSCO is deas once again

  16. $DSCO

  17. $DSCO This stock has been destroyed since its press release I may get in after the HF or MM stops shorting via the algorithmic computers.

  18. $DSCO I ve added again. 70m MC for co. with PROMISING Ph2 data for unmet medical need with potential annual sales of 1.2b.

  19. $DSCO PS. I m not a rocky, but I have climbed several peaks in the Rocky Mountains.

  20. $DSCO U don t know squat about this company, the drug, the delivery mechanism, and U write like a 4th grader. Go somewhere else.

  21. $DSCO ...poss of an offering. Yeah, trials R expensive. This stock has tremendous reward for the risk involved. Also, who the hell R they ?

  22. @McMickey777 $DSCO U said data would be bad. Data was better than expected. So clinical studies R progressing. Selling is concern about....

  23. $DSCO this stock has nothing to do with shorts. The company needs money for phase 3. So they have to do the big dilution to trap ya money

  24. $DSCO learn ya lesson all rockies. They announced a specific data to announce trial to trick investors to buy it and they dumped to trap ya

  25. $DSCO No matter what shorts say (actually, they say nothing); stellar Ph2a data; drug getting to lungs; unmet medical need; 1.2b sales