1. $DSCO Discovery Labs to Report 2014 Second Quarter Financial Results and Hold Conference Call on Tuesd.. http://y.ahoo.it/brOj6UVu

  2. $DSCO I think this is a great buying opportunity for people who would go LONG in this one. Hedge with covered calls also

  3. Watchlist: $ARQL, $ATOS, $DNDN, $DSCO, $IMRS, $NSPH, $REE, $SNWV, $SPHS, $STRI - Will go Long if I see the trigger signal on my system...

  4. $DSCO Hedge with some covered calls if can here

  5. $DSCO Good time to enter if out IMO. I got in some time ago around 1.70. Still holding. LONG

  6. $DSCO any rhoughts on phase 11 completion coming up? im thnkn good data.

  7. $DSCO Not going to cross two before opex. All bets are off after that.

  8. #Interesting #stocks $FATE $CYCC $MEIP $DSCO $KBIO $ANTH $ATHX $NVAX

  9. $DSCO wants to cross that $2 mark. My covered call options are for $2. Some in options here and holding the rest

  10. $dsco another up day.......this one is going to move in the near future

  11. $DSCO A basing pattern indicates that a major bull run is expected after positive earnings and phase2 Aerosurf as catalysts.

  12. July 11 2014 Morning Market Bio-Tech Update http://y.ahoo.it/DUrDNSZJ $RNA $AEDX $XNCR $DSCO $MGNX $BLUE $GALE $MNKD $CLDX $ARNA $ARRY

  13. $DSCO signal continue up

  14. $DSCO opened a position. Positive Ph2a data pretty much guaranteed.

  15. $DSCO Fast track grant. Data upcoming. Baker Bros ... Shares under $2 are gold

  16. $DSCO Very nice. Not quite a gapper. But sure fun to play!

  17. $DSCO

  18. $dsco at HOD ........been in this forever!

  19. $DSCO back to 3??

  20. $DSCO bullish option activity yest today up 1.62 in weak tape

  21. $DSCO chart http://y.ahoo.it/u8Ng6sDc via http://y.ahoo.it/AXryYxOK

  22. @TounyTrader @invesd Starting to see which Analysts are puppets. Been holding a long time...no gain.$ZGNX $CTIC $IPCI $DSCO $NAVB $KBIO etc.

  23. @WallStJesus: TODAYS UNUSUAL BULLISH CALL FLOW: $DSCO $SEAS $ALLY $PPP $RKT $VAR http://y.ahoo.it/p0phthfD


  25. Looks like anticipation have been driving $PSDV up. $DSCO will be next..