1. $dsco bounced back after a huge washout now consolitating on very low volume. Need some news to pop again

  2. @moneymatter $dsco what do you think is happening?

  3. $DSCO Anyone knows what s going on here. No news. Crazy weird action??

  4. $CALA reminds me of another $DSCO in the making. superb rally days that got investors so excited but no happy ending in the long run.

  5. $DSCO - forming a red candle today, but currently NOT a bearish reversal pattern -

  6. Thursday Gainers: $CALA 35%, $ALDR 31%, $SRNE 23%, $TGTX 21%, $DSCO 20%, $LJPC 18%, $ABCO 18%, $WLT 17%, $HBOS 17%, $HK 17% #hotstocks

  7. Gainers $ALDR 28%, $LJPC 22%, $DSCO 22%, $TGTX 19%, $HBOS 18%, $WLT 18%, $ABCO 17%, $CVTI 16%, $FRO 15%, $HK 13%, $CCO 12%, $GDP 12%,

  8. Biotech popping- $CALA $ALDR $LJPC $DSCO $TGTX $DERM

  9. $DSCO 1 million

  10. $DSCO This should never have traded down to $1.00 Thanks for the cheap shares.


  12. $dsco.....certainly there could have been some tax loss selling, but I think someone wanted in cheap for upcoming trial news....poss. buyout

  13. $DSCO maybe a few days ago, someone just did loss?

  14. $DSCO no news down, no news up.

  15. $DSCO

  16. $ZIOP $DSCO on watch

  17. There you go $dsco

  18. $DSCO Think it is some sort of options playing here by an instit.

  19. $DSCO where is the bottom?

  20. $DSCO must be trying to get this delisted

  21. $DSCO not a scam...definitely maneuvering by mm to get price down. The purpose??? We shall see....

  22. $DSCO what happens with this stock? no news and so hard dropping. scam, or not?

  23. $DSCO wtf?

  24. $DSCO mm want in

  25. $DSCO very interesting dump.....no basis............hmmmmmmmmmmm. Could be the shakeout before something good. Unless we hear bad news soon