1. $DSLV hmm no position still, but silver looks to gain a little bit more before it reverses ...

  2. $DSLV

  3. $DSLV nice!

  4. $DSLV aaaaah put in too low, missed op, will try again next time lol

  5. $DSLV waiting at 39.97 come to papa.

  6. $DSLV will pick some at 39, all in at 36 lol.

  7. $DSLV DSLV looks like one or two days more....just not yet for me.

  8. Bought 15% position in $DSLV. Not my system s signal. A reversion trade.

  9. $USLV $DSLV Don t get greedy...take your profits while they re there!

  10. $DSLV shall I buy?

  11. Gapping Down $SBLK 9% $VSLR 9% $DSLV 8% $OREX 8% $EXAR 7% $ZSL 6% $DD 5% $DUST 4% $RICE 4% $ELMD 4% $DWTI 4% $UGAZ 3% $HOTR 2% $SCO 3%

  12. The Biggest Silver Haul in History. $JPM has acquired 350-500M ounces of silver? http://www.silverseek.com/commentary/biggest-silver-haul-history-14401 $SLV $USLV $DSLV $SLW $SI_F

  13. $DSLV might take small profit. This sucker could snap back violently lol.

  14. $DSLV i m out. $2 gain today is good enough for me.

  15. $DSLV Yub, I like the way it is heading....

  16. $DSLV in at 51.76 with tight stop-lost let see

  17. $UUP $GLD $UGL $GLL $UGLD $DGLD $SLV $AGQ $ZSL $USLV $DSLV - Gold should dip below $1000/ounce...Silver should dip below $12/ounce

  18. $DSLV Bid/ask spread on this has been terrible lately - almost as bad as DGLD.

  19. $GC_F lolwut $GLD $SLV $DSLV

  20. $DSLV up good on drop in silver

  21. Closed $DSLV trade. Negative CCI divergence on 30&60min charts. About 4% profit

  22. @Project_Pat Banking $DSLV

  23. $NUGT $DUST $USLV $DSLV I sometimes consider silver ETF s to be more interesting & faster.

  24. I m back. 15% position in $DSLV

  25. Gold ETF’s Recent Strength May Be A Head Fake $DGLD $DGZ $DZZ $GLL $DSLV $GLD $ZSL https://www.vetr.com/posts/5926681628-Gold-ETFs-Recent-Strength-May-Be-A-Head-Fake