1. $DSLV Long. Full position. Charts show waterfall for silver and copper. Deflationary collapse for commodities underway. Not good news. $SLV

  2. $DSLV 66 gap closed. $14.5 was butter not support. Next gap 70-72.

  3. $DSLV In @ $59; out @ $67. Might re-enter if it drops below $50.

  4. $DSLV should have held on longer.

  5. $DSLV Reduced and locked profit because of 14.4 strong support (bounce) zone. Silver s still following copper down.

  6. $SLV Trader Dan on silver COTs. Hedge funds under water. http://traderdan.com/?p=7846 $DSLV

  7. $DSLV Waterfall confirmed. Just let it run.

  8. $DSLV 57 gap filled, next gap ~65.

  9. $USLV I will be in when it hits new lows, hanging onto $DSLV before that point.

  10. $DSLV looks like I just might hit my target of 60 this week.

  11. $DSLV Gaps to fill this month: 56-57, 64-66, 70-72. $SLV

  12. $SLV my $DSLV position is looking very good.

  13. $DSLV I m in. Record number of fat hedge fund longs in silver sitting pretty for the Commercial s wood chipper.

  14. $DSLV 😉

  15. $SLV is still holding strong, but I still believe there is a little more downside potential. $DSLV

  16. Pre-market looking good for $DSLV

  17. $SLV looking good. $DSLV

  18. Will hopefully see $DSLV in the 60 range this week.

  19. $JDST $DSLV $DUST The only glitter I see is a burning meteor headed towards me. Any hope here? Say 3 month time frame?

  20. $DSLV hold till next week?

  21. $JDST $DUST $DSLV $JNUG $NUGT $USLV Like everyone else on this forum, I too have an opinion but often times factually wrong!

  22. $SLV $GDX Excessive bullishness (naive exuberance) in $DUST and $DSLV. Oops. Unlike counterfeit paper, Silver costs money to obtain.

  23. Expecting a reversal on $SLV, holding onto $DSLV for the time being.

  24. @KevinBantz Long $DSLV?

  25. $SSRI $FNV $HL $USLV $DSLV two debt-free mining companies that are selling well below their cash on hand:http://seekingalpha.com/article/3553276-2-under-the-radar-companies-are-potential-takeover-targets-for-their-cash