1. $DSLV C mon slowpoke. May go to cash Friday if gold holds 1084 bearish reversal level. Could mean a 2 week bounce.

  2. $SLV Consolidating below triangle breakout at 14.70. Completed backtest (kiss of line). Wile E. Coyote hanging in mid-air now. $DSLV

  3. Top leveraged ETFs and ETNs from last week: $DUST $TQQQ $TECL $DSLV $BIB

  4. $DSLV No change to $100 target.

  5. $DSLV Swing target $100. We ll get there in a couple months. Charts say ignore the conspiracy nuts and sell every silver bounce. $SLV

  6. $DSLV - http://www.trade-ideas.com/ticky/ticky.html?symbol=DSLV - Might need a medic...we have a bleeder - Running down: -0.68 in 1 minute 32 seconds

  7. $DSLV today s alert..more details send us email RoboticTweet@gmail.com

  8. Top % Gainers: $DEPO 37.26%, $DGSE 32.50%, $IPDN 28.71%, $PBMD 25.88%, $YANG 18.59%, $DSLV 16.12%, $JDST 15.92%, $DUST 14.20%, $PLUG 12.56%


  10. $DSLV

  11. $USLV I got half out yesterday during the spike. Waiting with the other half. $DSLV is the only silver I ll touch going forward, if any..

  12. $DSLV nice profits

  13. $DSLV in at 54.37 out at 58.54 looking for 53.5 re-entry

  14. $DSLV $DGLD dollar is rising

  15. $UWTI $DWTI $UGAZ $DGAZ $JNUG $JDST $NUGT $DUST $USLV $DSLV Thank god the markets closed for 2 days. Trading these make me sick at times

  16. Parabolic SAR Sell http://www.dailystockplays.com/Parabolic-SAR-Sell-2015-06-17.html $AZO $HHC $VSS $PCAR $HEDJ $IEFA $GMT $PDCE $VGK $CCK $DSLV $EFV $BNS $SCZ $VXUS $ADM $BSTC $CLR

  17. $slv $uslv $dslv $jnug $jdst $nugt $dust $gdx $gdxj $sil silver hits new 4 week low

  18. End Of Day Scan: Aroon New Uptrend $LNKD $ATHN $LPNT $DSLV $GB $SPH $EMES $BNFT $FNBC $HQY www.dailystockplays.com

  19. $DSLV hi ho

  20. Sold $DSLV position. 20% profit on a 15% position in less than 3 weeks. $SLV

  21. We hates our precioussssss $GLD $GC_F $GDX $NUGT $DUST $DSLV

  22. Still long $DSLV. Still have $GLD Sep put option. Both are doing well.

  23. $DSLV Taking profit and reducing all exposure due to NFP crapshoot tomorrow AM. Forget your charts - it s a binary gamble. $SLV

  24. Still long $DSLV. Still have $GLD Sep put option.

  25. Still long $DSLV. Still holding $GLD put option. Both doing well.