1. http://theiphawk.blogspot.tw/2015/03/total-pipco-value-3272015.html Total #Patent #Investment W/E 3/27/2015 $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $PRKR

  2. http://theiphawk.blogspot.tw/2015/03/3272015-market-wrap.html #Patent #Investment 3/27/2015 Market Wrap $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $OTIV $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $WILN

  3. $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $WILN Trade Idea: SHORT $VRNG until 04-04. Huge insider sells on MARCH-31

  4. http://theiphawk.blogspot.tw/2015/03/3262015-market-wrap.html #Patent Market Wrap from last night. $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $WILN

  5. http://theiphawk.blogspot.com/2015/03/3262015-market-wrap.html #Patent #Investment 3/26/2015 Market Wrap $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $OTIV $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $NLST

  6. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3028916-new-patent-legislation-impacts-on-publicly-traded-patent-investments My thoughts on #patent reform and the impact on PIPCOs. $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $SPEX $VHC $VRNG $WILN

  7. http://theiphawk.blogspot.tw/2015/03/3252015-market-wrap.html #Patent Market Wrap from last night. $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $WILN

  8. http://theiphawk.blogspot.tw/2015/03/3252015-market-wrap.html #Patent #Investment 3/23/2015 Market Wrap $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $OTIV $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $NLST

  9. http://theiphawk.blogspot.tw/2015/03/3242015-market-wrap.html #Patent Market Wrap from last night. $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $WILN

  10. $DSS Nice big candle (9.5%) on moderate volume today. Closed right on the 50 day SMA. Daily chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/wACnznNs/

  11. http://theiphawk.blogspot.tw/2015/03/3242015-market-wrap.html #Patent 3/24/2015 Market Wrap from last night. $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $VRNG

  12. http://theiphawk.blogspot.com/2015/03/3232015-market-wrap.html #Patent 3/23/2015 Market Wrap from last night. $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $VRNG

  13. http://theiphawk.blogspot.com/2015/03/3232015-market-wrap.html #Patent #Investment 3/23/2015 Market Wrap $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $WILN

  14. http://theiphawk.blogspot.com/2015/03/total-pipco-value-3202015.html Total #Patent #Investment W/E 3/20/2015 $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $PRKR

  15. http://theiphawk.blogspot.com/2015/03/3202015-market-wrap.html #Patent #Investment 3/20/2015 Market Wrap $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $WILN

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  20. http://theiphawk.blogspot.in/2015/03/total-pipco-value-3132015.html Total #Patent #Investment W/E 3/13/2015 $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $WILN

  21. http://theiphawk.blogspot.in/2015/03/3132015-market-wrap.html #Patent #Investment 3/13/2015 Market Wrap $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $WILN

  22. http://theiphawk.blogspot.in/2015/03/3112015-market-wrap.html #Patent #Investment 3/11/2015 Market Wrap $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $WILN

  23. $DSS dead and gone.

  24. $DSS returned to jan. lows. nothingin the pr dept.or any good news of anykind.

  25. http://theiphawk.blogspot.in/2015/03/392015-market-wrap.html #Patent #Investment 3/9/2015 Market Wrap $ACTG $CRDS $DSS $FNJN $IDCC $MARA $TSRA $TIVO $SPEX $RMBS $VHC $VRNG $WILN