1. $DSS Haven t heard anything about a settlement with coupons.. How long do negotiations usually take?

  2. $DSS Authetiguard is a great idea.. Hasn t taken off at all.. Been trying for years.. Any thoughts?

  3. $PIRS $ROSG <Holding $DSS $WIN <Watching

  4. $DSS New Technology for DSS to Market - Awarded New Smart Phone Patent by USPTO http://www.4-traders.com/DOCUMENT-SECURITY-SYSTEMS-8472084/news/Document-Security-Systems--Assigned-Patent-21284876/

  5. $DSS DSS Sept 2015 Investor Presentation, Patent Suits against, Dell, $INTC, Samsung, $AAPL, $QCOM http://cdn.irdirect.net/PIR/604/1460/DSS%20IR%20Presentation%20-%208-20-15%20v3pptx.pdf

  6. $DSS See Interview with DSS CEO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1scgOKUIt0&list=UUsfHh2dIAkEkXlXp1HcpuAw

  7. $DSS announced that it became a minority investor in XPRESSMO in 2014. See lawsuit versus $BABA http://irdirect.net/pr/release/id/1222898

  8. $DSS Big Insider buys,CEO Pay cut, New CEO Patent Incentive, Win against $AAPL at patent review board, $18 mill Sales = Stock price too low

  9. $DSS can turn this ship around via patent enforcement strategies + underlying business opps https://www.dsssecure.com/index.html

  10. $dss Apple failed @ USPTO challenging inter partes review (IPR) rehearing. (Aug 12th) Read here http://ptabtrialblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/IPR2015-00369-Denying-Rehearing-of-Institution-Denial-20150812.pdf DENIED

  11. $dss Check out the Vice President of Research and Development - David Wicker on the Wicker Ticker website http://wickerticker.com/

  12. $dss CEO Ronaldi cuts compensation by 57% but stands to earn MUCH more via the Performance Bonus

  13. $DSS Insider Buying: Document Security Systems Director Purchases 227,273 Shares of Stock (DSS) (Oct 21st) http://www.dakotafinancialnews.com/insider-buying-document-security-systems-director-purchases-227273-shares-of-stock-dss/544896/

  14. $DSS Should Apple been granted IPR on all grounds, there would be 0% chance so at least we have a glimmer of hope.

  15. $DSS I think DSS chances of winning are 10% and most likely the patent will be invalidated. SP shows that.

  16. $DSS They granted them IPR because they find it reasonable that Apple would win at trial on the other grounds.

  17. $DSS Apple was only denied IPR on one ground.. The potentially stronger argument. Although great, AAPL still has IPR on other grounds.

  18. $DSS Had to do some digging but this is huge. Wondering why this wasn t reported.

  19. $DSS DSS - Secure Print Technologies - Authentication Technologies Webinar Registration https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3728567445457488642

  20. $DSS $18 million Annual Sales = $10 million Market Cap does not compute.

  21. $DSS Major new Patent awarded. New Smart Phone Technology. Apple should love it. See

  22. $DSS Huge Insider Buying, CEO cuts pay, now performance based, new patented technology #9171347, major cost cuts. This cake is ready.

  23. $DSS Was this a Q3 beat? what where the estimates?

  24. $DSS CEO salary decreased and now performance based.. I like it

  25. $DSS increase in revenue and decrease in costs from last quarter.. Not by a lot but I ll take that as a positive