1. Upgrades 7/30: $TWTR, $UAL, $RESI, $DSX, $INVN, $OSK, $WIN, $RRTS http://y.ahoo.it/YnBGAWa6

  2. Most TECHNICALLY OVERSOLD (by RSI) #stocks trading UP on > 125% average volume $OSK $CRNT $GALT $WCG $DSX http://y.ahoo.it/YRUneaiJ


  4. $DRYS $DSX $NM $EGLE $GNK $BALT $SBLK $SFL July 30 2014 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) +7 to 754.

  5. Diana Shipping upgraded by Stifel Nicolaus to buy. http://y.ahoo.it/4EuEMSwJ $DSX

  6. Diana Shipping s PT cut by MLV & Co to $10.00. hold rating. http://y.ahoo.it/5mVRMJFV $DSX

  7. Going through CEO questions stated in the $DSX transcript http://y.ahoo.it/zCR2FylP

  8. My entire dock ($DSX, $DRYS & $SBLK) are feeling the pain today. Thanks Diana!

  9. $DSX agrees to purchase $40MM in $DCIX. http://y.ahoo.it/7z6hI4R4

  10. $DSX - http://y.ahoo.it/rlQUJJLc - New 52 Week Low - Crossed daily lows support. Next support 9.46 from 6/25/2013.

  11. $DRYS $DSX $NM $EGLE $GNK $BALT $SBLK $SFL July 29 2014 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) +4 to 747.

  12. Listen to $DSX Q2 2014 earnings call - live at 09:00 AM, ondemand after - http://y.ahoo.it/i8EaJfbn

  13. Diana Shipping announces earnings. ($0.09) EPS. Misses estimates. $43.20m revenue. $DSX http://y.ahoo.it/AJUoN2BM

  14. $DSX Diana Shipping Inc. Reports Financial Results for the Second Quarter and Six Months Ended June 30.. http://y.ahoo.it/Sjygzu2b

  15. Diana Shipping Inc. Announces Equity Investment http://y.ahoo.it/2C0X9wRC $DSX

  16. Diana Shipping to release Q214 earnings on Tuesday. Analysts expect -0.08 EPS. $DSX http://y.ahoo.it/IK98iGX0

  17. $DSX Diana Shipping Inc. Announces Equity Investment in Diana Containerships Inc... http://y.ahoo.it/SeSNSbBP

  18. $DRYS $DSX $NM $EGLE $GNK $BALT $SBLK $SFL July 28 2014 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) +4 to 743.

  19. $DSX Since Last ER, Shares dropped -9%. Will the drop continue following ER on 2014-07-29 Before Market Open? http://y.ahoo.it/6xrfkkfs

  20. $DSX clearTREND Research DOWNGRADES Diana Shipping Inc. on emerging downward primary trend, confidence rating of 76%

  21. $DRYS $DSX $NM $EGLE $GNK $BALT $SBLK $SFL July 25 2014 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) +7 to 739.

  22. $DRYS $DSX $NM $EGLE $GNK $BALT $SBLK $SFL July 24 2014 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) +5 to 732.

  23. Holding $DRYS, Adding to $DSX and starting a position in $SBLK

  24. Brokerage Give Consensus Hold Rating to Diana Shipping $DSX http://y.ahoo.it/AkQKkLMF

  25. $DRYS $DSX $NM $EGLE $GNK $BALT $SBLK $SFL July 23 2014 Baltic Dry Index (BDI) +4 to 727.