1. $DVAX 5x volume interesting, watching closely

  2. $DVAX S&P 1.48 will re-enter

  3. $DVAX Great opportunity here. Watching tomorrow closely. Price target $7.50 LT. If you picked up shares down here you should feel lucky.

  4. $ANGI $DVAX reduced to 1/2 position

  5. Today s price for $NVAX is the price of $DVAX in mid 2015!!!

  6. @Keynesonomics $DVAX flying high with huge volume...

  7. $DVAX now 1.45 became support, let s see if it break

  8. $DVAX And, it just broke 1.45.

  9. $DVAX the 1.45 barrier looks formidable

  10. $DVAX Cooler heads always prevail.Buy shrs of grt co s when others r selling indiscriminately & chance for LT success is magnified immensely


  12. $DVAX Manipulation ? 1 barre + 4.3M vol !!! http://y.ahoo.it/j1D3SZjs

  13. $DVAX Huge volume? Up up up!!!

  14. $DVAX Long Dvax at $1.5 ,LJPC long at $8.8 bought CLDX 4LT at $14.1 lets see what i gonna make after 1year !!!!((: $$$$$$$$$

  15. $DVAX glad i didnt start a pos when it was 1.60. i d be an unhappy camper right now.

  16. $DVAX Down another day I said weeks ago when this was being pumped it would go lower, getting closer to my buy point

  17. $DVAX Added some more right here at 1.33

  18. Added $ZGNX at 1.47 to a full position & $DVAX added 1.33 full. $GRPN added to 1/2 . $ANGI full

  19. $DVAX Anyone who thinks Eddie Gray &the rest of the A Team took this job for anything other than unequivocal success, better think again.

  20. $DVAX Stick to the facts, understand the opportunity, and invest based on your own DD. Stock is multibagger over the longer-term. IMHO

  21. $DVAX Hopefully will start the slow climb, watching for entry

  22. $DVAX if this falls below 1 dollar won t it get kicked out of the NASDAQ? Any thoughts?

  23. $DVAX ... The fundmentals and strategy for my LT investment... and waiting for mid 2015, next add area....

  24. $DVAX Add here, and already constituted half of my LT position. Now following the development stages of the CI, assuring the deliverables...

  25. @Penetrator $DVAX it s not has to take place it s can or possibly take place. It doesn t necessarily mean they will. An option if needed.