1. $INO Awww ya china GDP BEAT $kerx $arna $dvax $GALE

  2. Other preliminary proxy statements http://y.ahoo.it/0PxwkRfW $DVAX

  3. $DVAX Thank you seller....

  4. $DVAX This thing should go lower. $85mil forecasted by GlobalData even if conservative is closer than the $700mil forecasted by DVAX.

  5. $DVAX $ACHN $ISR Buy the fear .. Sell the greed..

  6. $DVAX Even with the awaited good news, stock is tanking. What s going on???

  7. $ACHN $DVAX Do not get panic and sell.. The bottom is almost there. Will at more at 2.50 and 1.30 respectively ..sometime next week.

  8. $DVAX This stock will probably trade like $MNKD chart?

  9. $DVAX Probably going to regret it in a few months. But going to stick the fork in this one. Have too much cash tied up in this. Big loss.

  10. Healthcare Most Volatile: Dynavax Technologies $DVAX, Opko Health $OPK, CEL-SCI Corporation $CVM, Zogenix $ZGNX http://y.ahoo.it/tWCyjKsF

  11. $INO Take solace knowing that most super spec. stocks have taken a hit last few weeks $RNN $GALE $DVAX

  12. Volatile Stocks: Halcon Resources $HK, Dynavax Technologies Corporation $DVAX, Inovio $INO, HMS Holdings $HMSY http://y.ahoo.it/SlTA4EFg

  13. $DVAX Dynavax Initiates Phase 3 Study of HEPLISAV-B

  14. $DVAX PH III initiated.. About dam time

  15. bio bubble has burst, and now how much will it bleed $ACAD $DVAX $ETRM $RNN $SRPT $EPZM $ATOS $PPHM $PGNX $GALE $ABIO $VTUS $ONTY etc...

  16. $DVAX Next stop is 1.30

  17. $DVAX crashing down to 1.43

  18. $INO Now time to buy bios will watch tomorrow $ino $gale $kerx $mnkd $DVAX

  19. The bleeding continues: $DVAX $INO $MNKD $CYTR $ITMN $OPK $ISIS $PPHM $PTN $XON $ACAD $AMRN $LJPC $EPZM #BiotechPainGame

  20. $DVAX volume is high compared to past few days.

  21. $DVAX when they are starting the trial. As per their plan they should start in Q1 2014. Q1 is passed already.

  22. $DVAX all it takes is a press conference or some sort of news about their clinical trial and the SP will soar like anything

  23. $INO $kerx $dvax $mnkd they blame the bios but look at $p $yelp $fb $twtr $king

  24. $DVAX SIR over 8....could pop high on good news...has been gaining short interest steadily while maintaining 1.70 range..primed for squeeze