1. $DVAX If you follow this stock closely you know its headed higher. Significant move on volume due to multiple catalysts coming. Watch.

  2. Bird flu plays $CFRX $DVAX $INO $SVA all hawt today.

  3. $DVAX How this was below $20 a week or two ago just amazes me. This will be at least 30 within the next 3 months for sure.

  4. $DVAX As of 4/30 short interest is 22%. In the process of breaking out...we see where this is going, right?

  5. $DVAX nice move here...heading up to $30?

  6. $DVAX shorties covering their A$$

  7. $DVAX My baby, can always count on you!

  8. Go ahead $DVAX make my day!

  9. $DVAX Breaking out

  10. $DVAX Go ahead and get on up thru 50dma at around 22.00 then we can sail on up to 24, 26

  11. $DVAX $CEMP charts.. likey

  12. $DVAX AZD1419 PHII should be starting shortly...at least by EoJune.

  13. $SRPT $ATNM $DVAX $KBIO $OXGN $IMUC What a great day! So much potential here.

  14. $DVAX has that look...

  15. $OXGN Wish I had access to more $$. Would love to load up on $OXGN at these prices... $DVAX $MEIP $PPHM

  16. 10 biotech stocks in Clinical Trials stage w/ most hedge fund holders in Q1: $BLUE $AAVL $ACAD $VSAR $ACHN $ALNY $DVAX $INFI $INSM $KYTH.

  17. $INO $SVA $DVAX not bad looking, @RaginCajun

  18. $DVAX I ve been told the final DSMB will be late Q3, has anyone heard otherwise?

  19. $DVAX 30 s will soon be the new 20 s....

  20. $DVAX Marubozu candle yesterday... Looking for follow through to high $21s+ today.

  21. $DVAX Great close!

  22. $DVAX Hello again, :)

  23. $DVAX looking good...

  24. $DVAX By baby is back in action

  25. $DVAX Buying another small lot here.