1. $DVAX http://investors.dynavax.com/releaseDetail.cfm?ReleaseID=898970 CEO will present@Cowen&Company CC 2Mar@1:30ET-Track if there is any deviation on DSMB discussion from RBC CC.

  2. Covered Call Alert: DYNAVAX TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATI $DVAX returning up to 43.63% through 17-Jul-201 http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/02/27/covered-call-alert-dynavax-technologies-corporati-dvax-returning-up-to-43-63-through-17-jul-2015/ http://stocktwits.com/message/33316859

  3. $DVAX Still my largest biotech holding.

  4. $DVAX Next 2 weeks we should have our trajectory determined until Jul 15. IMO, this is the highest risk DSMB. Good luck to us longs!

  5. $MGNX $ABLX $TGTX $ISIS $KPTI $DVAX $BDSI $SRNE $TLOG futures red-ISIS ER@1030 ET, expecting good overview&status updates(no pop)-Good Luck!

  6. $MGNX $ABLX $TGTX $ISIS $KPTI $DVAX $BDSI $SRNE $TLOG Ablynx ER webcast@9&buying opp soon,decreased burn35%&P/Lprogressing-ISIS ER tomorrow.

  7. $DVAX 18s soon?

  8. $DVAX Good RBC brief--Nothing new. Heavily dependent on binary DSMB recommendation in March. 15 Milestones attached. http://stocktwits.com/message/33135528

  9. $MGNX $ABLX $ISIS $KPTI $TGTX - (10-bagger potential list) $DVAX $BDSI $SRNE $TLOG - (100% gainers in nxt year list)futures flat&Good Luck!

  10. bakbo Feb. 24 at 07:50 AM $DVAX 18.stop.toppy + 16.target Bearish

  11. $DVAX limited order filled

  12. $DVAX sell off overdone

  13. Added on this little blip.FYI: Eddie s presi at RBC today was on the mark. He s such a visionary CEO, transforming $DVAX into something huge

  14. $DVAX Presentation must not have unveiled anything significant. Johnny-Come-Latelys are bailing.

  15. $DVAX selling March 16 strike puts. Have limit order set

  16. @riskybusiness07 Don t know what the shorts are doing. If they can t see that they re on the wrong side with $DVAX, then what can i say?

  17. $DVAX Down on no volume. Market scaring away the ribbon cutters. Players holding for higher prices, especially the institutional investors.

  18. $DVAX ok, my last add before the news. :) Let s pray for the good one.

  19. $DVAX No report today?

  20. $DVAX http://investors.dynavax.com/releaseDetail.cfm?ReleaseID=897338 CEO presenting@ 15 RBC Capital CC today@9:30AM-Heplisav DSMB early Mar known-listening for rest of P/L updates.

  21. $MGNX $ABLX $ISIS $KPTI $TGTX $DVAX $BDSI $SRNE $TLOG-futures flat;DVAX&BDSI@RBC CC;Bio seems a bit exuberant but some good deals out there.

  22. $DVAX 18.stop.toppy + 16.target

  23. $DVAX I like it. Ready for a breakout that s been a long time coming. Today Grey will deliver. And its not wishful thinking. Watch.

  24. $DVAX is still one of my top picks & largest positions in this space. Keep your eyes on the prize--> http://elite.finviz.com/publish/022315/DVAXm234355808i.png LT PT = 50 - 60

  25. Covered Call Alert: DYNAVAX TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATI $DVAX returning up to 42.69% through 17-Jul-201 http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/02/23/covered-call-alert-dynavax-technologies-corporati-dvax-returning-up-to-42-69-through-17-jul-2015/ http://stocktwits.com/message/33036242