1. $DVAX

  2. $DVAX what are you seeing?

  3. $DVAX Took a small position here for a swing

  4. $DVAX I ve been holding this pos for couple years. I am truly sick & tired of it.

  5. Small Cap Best Stocks To Buy - February 4, 2016 $GERN $NVAX $DRYS $FRAN $QLGC $QLTI $DVAX $EBIX $MTSI http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/small-cap-best-stocks-to-buy-february-4-2016?post=84824

  6. $DVAX Where is the leg

  7. $DVAX taking gains here....

  8. $XOMA Hot biotech stocks! With $AGEN and $DVAX! http://www.istreetwire.com/scorching-hot-biotech-tape-dynavax-technologies-corporation-dvax-agenus-inc-agen-xoma-corporation-xoma/1432517/

  9. $DVAX activity in FEB19 25 strike calls...

  10. $DVAX feeling sanguine about this one.....feel like things are lining up.......

  11. $DVAX going long......

  12. $GILD I wonder if $DVAX is on Milligan s mental shopping list?

  13. $DVAX Keep the faith...when they submit their application to the FDA in March, folks will start to jump back on the wagon.

  14. $DVAX all most time for another buyout rumor...

  15. $DVAX shorts will have a nasty wake up one day (soon)

  16. $DVAX did you check yahoo board for DVAX? Some of these guys are shorts and they act like they know it all, read their posts for a laugh

  17. $DVAX out DVAX +0.9

  18. Long $DVAX , Short $BABA

  19. $INO $NNVC $APRI $ ATRS $ CTIC $IBIO $DVAX $ENZ Which one is playing the best this month? Place your bets!.

  20. Been a strong fundamental start w/holdings b/w $DVAX Heplisav PH3, $RLYP DDi&now $MSTX AIR ...but sector sentiment just chewing thru gains.

  21. $DVAX I heard that more than 80% of the shares are held by institutions, so how come the pps fluctuates like this...The HFT must be the 666

  22. $DVAX bullish bullish tomorrow

  23. $DVAX 13.77% of share float are short ~5.3 mil

  24. $DVAX DVAX should buy AGEN for mosquito vaccine

  25. $DVAX was there another buyout rumor?