1. On my watchlist: $WBA $TTWO $ESNT $THOR $SRPT $DVAX $ALK $RAD $AMCC

  2. @ChartEyez: re-entered $DVAX 30.34 for LT hold. partial posn

  3. re-entered $DVAX 30.34 for LT hold.

  4. On my watchlist: $WBA $TTWO $ESNT $THOR $VLRS $SRPT $FCSC $SONC $DVAX

  5. $DVAX breakout above $30, makes me a buyer tomorrow.

  6. $DVAX confirmed breakout, good volume 96% above normal

  7. $DVAX Going up on a Tuesday.....

  8. $DVAX Solid

  9. $DVAX The much anticipated close above $30.

  10. $DVAX looking real good breaking this key level. On volume. Far higher reward awaits those willing to invest the time to see this through.

  11. $DVAX Just break 30 n let s get it done....

  12. $DVAX trying hard to leave $30 behind. Blue sky above.

  13. $DVAX seems to be holding nicely despite downward market pressure!

  14. $DVAX can we get a close above $30 today?

  15. $DVAX what are your gents thoughts on fair value for this comp? Assuming Heplisav s approved..

  16. $MGNX $TGTX $SRNE $CEMP $DVAX $LBIO $KPTI $TTOO $OMER $FGEN ;TTOO ER Tues AH,MGNX ER Wed AH,expect TGTX&KPTI to announce ER timing this wk.

  17. $DVAX for more setups http://www.upstockstrading.com/2015/07/upstocks-newsletter-review-of-this-month-setups-outcome/

  18. $TNA $XBI $IBB $BIB Weekend Review: $DVAX

  19. how we made this week up to 5K and 25K for the month trading predefined Setups ( plan) http://www.upstockstrading.com/2015/07/upstocks-newsletter-review-of-this-month-setups-outcome/ $KITE $CYBR $DVAX $ETSY $SPY

  20. $DVAX Weekly. haDelta rolled over. Need a breather? LT -->

  21. $DVAX we still looking really good, haven t sold since 26.50

  22. $DVAX Did not make list as it closed in the red today. $XBI $IBB $BIB $QQQ

  23. Long $MGNX $TGTX $SRNE $CEMP $DVAX $LBIO $KPTI $TTOO $OMER $FGEN Great way to start the weekend! Also, have a new bundle of joy to cherish.

  24. Still watching $DVAX to see if it breaks out

  25. $SGYP Risk on day IWM SBIO up.most my bios up including $SGYP $ACAD $TGTX $DYAX $DVAX doing best.