1. $DVAX I hate this stock right now... it s one of those ones where I knew it I knew it I knew it... but never pulled the trigger. XD

  2. $DVAX tap tap tap

  3. @gtlackey: $DVAX What a nice look & a 20% short float as a bonus... Venkysrinivasan also blesses it..consensus! LONG

  4. $DVAX nice move today, I continue to expect it to move higher to my previous 33-35 target

  5. $DVAX What a nice look & a 20% short float as a bonus...

  6. The Nitrous Scan 7/6/2015 http://gtlackey.com/the-nitrous-scan-762015/ $DVAX $RMAX $TWC $AWH $SCLN <- doubt it stays this short for very long

  7. $DVAX The 7-Day. Confirmed close above 200SMA = ex bullish event. HA candles forming J w/ haDelta looking strong.

  8. $DVAX Week just started, but here is a 9-day chart with PTs.

  9. 7 breakouts: $ABCD, $DVAX, $OMG (gap). One sub-$1. While only a handful of opportunities, there are some hanging stocks hanging on.

  10. $DVAX very

  11. Scan results - Expansion Breakout today: $VSAR $DVAX $OMG $DY $CBOE $HT $FAF $VGR ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/45/equities?selected_date=2015-07-06

  12. $DVAX can t find any news, but glad I kept my shares!

  13. Trade Ideas for Tuesday, July 07 $DVAX $ARO $BURL $MO $ANY $UVE $APOL http://fonsietraderblog.blogspot.pt/2015/07/trade-ideas-for-tuesday-july-07-dvax.html

  14. @quidprobro: @mdombro22 $OPK $DVAX

  15. $DVAX good thing I didn t buy any, I may have accidentally made money this week.

  16. $DVAX There we are... More to come!

  17. $DVAX $RDUS BMoney your stocks is popping @BiotechMoney18 havent seen him twit lately. Many thanks again

  18. $DVAX Strong close

  19. $DVAX talk about right timing :-) $anac $reph this week keep your eyes on them

  20. $DVAX high volume day for Dynavax

  21. $DVAX is today s strong on high volume in biotech http://cnafinance.com/todays-biggest-gainers-in-biotech-enzon-pharmaceuticals-enzn-enteromedics-etrm-bg-medicine-bgmd-oncolytics-biotech-oncy-dynavax-technologies-dvax/4318

  22. Big Gainer Alert: Trading today s 7.4% move in DYNAVAX TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATI $DVAX http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/07/06/big-gainer-alert-trading-todays-7-4-move-in-dynavax-technologies-corporati-dvax/

  23. $UWTI Added 800 more shares with the extra margin I got from $DVAX. I dunno why I invest in anything else but DVAX. Stupid me.

  24. $DVAX now past their prev. PHIII clin hold window of 8 mnths. Poised to supplant the current HepB vaccines upon FDA approval in 16-LT.

  25. $DVAX beast mode.