1. $DVAX EOD run? It would be sweet if we could break HOD.

  2. $DVAX looks ready!

  3. $UGAZ Added a tiny bit at $2.66, but have to wait for my recent Citi sell to clear, or for $DVAX to go up before I can buy more.

  4. $DVAX Blackrock increases stake from 623,483 to 1.69 M (6.4% of float) ahead of Feb s DSMB review. http://investors.dynavax.com/secfiling.cfm?filingid=1086364-15-1284&CIK=1029142 Tick tock, folks!

  5. Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1414489 $DVAX

  6. $DVAX Added to my position today. Missed the high 16s, too.

  7. $LJPC so strong. $STML doing well on odd news $DVAX RECOVERING aswell. Loving my port right now.

  8. $DVAX I just added. I wish I were fast enough to grab some high 16s, but I was not lucky enough

  9. $MGNX $ABLX $ISIS $TGTX $KPTI $DVAX $BDSI $XENE $TXMD futures DOWN-$ONCE IPO today-opened XENE position-BDSI/ISIS/DVAX big cats this qurtr.

  10. @ganeshprasad @ckbike $DVAX hit $18 at one point...slowly creeping back up from $17. Bought at $15 - was my 1st stock; very happy so far.

  11. @ganeshprasad @ckbike Was never in $INO, just suggested $DVAX $AGEN. Holding, plus: $GBHPF $AMBS $HD $VLTC $VRNG and ?Add: $LMT $FEYE $HACK

  12. $DVAX -100.00 on Wm%R. When it stays down here (over a few trading days), it is generally a great place to buy as it sets to curl back up.

  13. $DVAX Heplisav: Immunogenicity has shown to peak around week 20. No adverse safety and if good recommendation by DSMB in 2nd review = $$$!

  14. $DVAX 2015 Heplisav Catalysts: DSMB 2nd Review = Q1, DSMB 3rd Review = Q3, Last Patient Finished = Q4

  15. $DVAX By Feb 9, all of the Heplisav-immunized subjects will have reached very important milestone of 20 weeks from initial vaccination.

  16. $DVAX Makes no sense, but last chance to buy more shares before the DSMB report next week Bad news on vaccines shows up early not this late.

  17. $DVAX As my buddy @Keynesonomics says, the risk with this one is not being in the trade. Mkt cap will double from here in a hurry this year.

  18. PnL liftoff. Tempted long $AOL $DVAX short $TUP http://www.actquant.com/PairStrategy http://stocktwits.com/message/31880032

  19. $DVAX added some more down here ..:)

  20. $DVAX on sale. Would add more but my money is tied up elsewhere.

  21. $MGNX $ABLX $ISIS $KPTI $TGTX $DVAX $BDSI $TXMD futures DOWN-After rise ystrdy&global concerns-think flat@best-BDSI gains Onsolis NA rights

  22. $DVAX A little late on the recovery that should have happened on Friday afternoon. DVAX is steady. Dreaming if you think we see 14/15 again.

  23. $DVAX Nice bounce off the 20MA. Soon the question will be...you get in under $20?? Stock will continue to rip this year. Watch.

  24. $DVAX Extremely nice looking candle today. Now to retest that 9 month high and go for the 52 week high

  25. $DVAX Nice!