1. $DVAX Back to business as usual now that the short term pumpers are gone.

  2. $DVAX nice, glad I held

  3. $DVAX Always -->

  4. $MGNX $KPTI $TGTX $DVAX $ISIS $ABLX $SRNE $AERI $TLOG $TTOO Secured $BDSI profits Fri.(thank goodness)&entered $CEMP ;SRNE TRIBECA data soon

  5. 1-2-3 Pullback http://www.dailystockplays.com/1-2-3-Pullback-2015-03-29.html $PSO $ICPT $GLPI $EXPR $MSCI $EXPD $NUS $SCS $STRZA $PBH $EDU $DVAX $WCN $SIAL $AGRO $TILE $HMHC $EYES

  6. $DVAX I said I was done buying this for 2015, but recently liquidated swing shares will become core if this hits my butter zone: $20.4-20.8.

  7. $DVAX And the big guys look pretty good today, as do the little guys.

  8. $DVAX Cramer didn t say he didn t like it right now, he said he wanted to see the stability of CELG and other big guys before buying DVAX

  9. $MGNX $KPTI $TGTX $DVAX $ISIS $SRNE $ABLX $AERI $BDSI $TLOG $TTOO -Added AERI/entered TTOO; Good adds out there prior to AACR/ASCO(esp.)-GL!

  10. $DVAX When it goes up, we make money. When it goes down, we add and make a deferred killing. PT = 50-60. It s a #WinWin w/ #EddieGray. IMHO

  11. $DVAX Not is not one of those stocks that s going to give people too many opportunities this year.Reason why I ve started adding again.IMHO

  12. $DVAX Added 2K @ 22 & change

  13. $DVAX will be on mad money today will see what cramer thinks !

  14. $MGNX $KPTI $TGTX $DVAX $ISIS $SRNE $ABLX $BDSI $AERI $TLOG -Bio taking a breather(not bubble pop)&Attractive +s; ABLX&Merck extend collab.

  15. MFI Over 80 http://www.dailystockplays.com/MFI-Over-80-2015-03-25.html $MTG $TEVA $GFI $HBI $PIR $RADA $ORMP $OWW $RTI $MVIS $CNDO $EXPR $AIV $SUPN $DVAX $SLG $DGLY $MYGN $EBND

  16. $CYTK $DVAX $LJPC $RXII $RJET $RM just combined to erase half of my gains for the year. Bad day. Tomorrow will be better.

  17. $DVAX should fall below 18

  18. $DVAX should be on the lightning round on mad money tomorrow !

  19. $DVAX should be in the lightning round on mad money !

  20. $DVAX I want to buy more here but I m waiting and watching as the daily rsi is no below 70

  21. $DVAX Easy come, easy go.

  22. $DVAX Yesterday s action was telling. Looking to add, but not there yet, IMO.These are such great LT opportunities #CostAverage

  23. The $IBB cracking is hurting some good names in my portfolio... $CYTK $DVAX $LJPC - buying opportunities for all

  24. $DVAX Ouch, this dumping hurts but it s a marathon, not a race. Been holding patiently for 21 months. Prob 6-9 more to go.

  25. $DVAX technical alerts: Shooting Star Candlestick, Volume Surge, and New 52 Week High http://swingtradebot.com/equities/DVAX