1. $NUGT $DUST $XIV $DWTI $UWTI happy thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy the family time. See you Friday morning

  2. $UWTI what an exciting week so far, but hey, a lot better than stressing over it during thanksgiving. Sold all @ $7.53 from $6.75 $DWTI $uso

  3. $UWTI $DWTI what a surprise, zzz. Happy thanksgiving everybody

  4. $DWTI So how many times does it need to be rejected by $43 before it collapses??

  5. $DWTI WOW cooking bears for thanksgiving what a reversal into pit close

  6. $UWTI $DWTI Resistance at $7.46 on UWTI

  7. $USO $WTI $DWTI $UWTI OPEC dec 4th meeting should be huge. Saudi s have to rethink their policy. Risk of OPEC internal fallout is real

  8. $DWTI small position at $125.85

  9. $DWTI $UWTI bears are mighty quiet. I figured they would wander off early to lick their wounds. HAPPY TURKEY DAY TO EVERYONE LEFT! 🍗🍗🍰

  10. $USOIL Right at resistance. This is a tricky one. $USO $DWTI $UWTI. Are we going above October 27th high or below Augus

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to All..!!! $NG_F $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNG $GC_F $JNUG $DUST $SI_F $USLV $SLV $HG_F $UWTI $DWTI

  12. $UWTI $DWTI now have positions in both- you can all go enjoy TG now, there will be no further movement in either direction until I sell

  13. $UWTI ,$USO,$UCO,$SCO,$DWTI,Baker Hughes U.S. Oil Rig Count Change Change for 11/25 is -9

  14. $DWTI $UWTI Will this trade Friday? I assume not for tomorrow and yes for Friday?

  15. $DWTI rig count down 9

  16. $DWTI probably premature, sm first entry 126.50.

  17. $fas $faz $tza $tna $vxx $xiv $erx $ery $ugaz $dgaz $nuct $gdx $dust $uup $uwti $dwti $uso $sco $spy intraday S/R

  18. $UWTI $DWTI what time is rigs count ?

  19. $DWTI $UWTI Bob, I d like to take rig counts for another dollar...💰💰💰💰

  20. $UWTI $DWTI wow! I try to save all the bears some money so they can afford some punkin pie, and do I get any thanks? NO! Ingrates...🐻👎

  21. $fas $faz $tza $tna $vxx $xiv $erx $ery $ugaz $dgaz $nuct $gdx $dust $uup $dwti $uso $sco $spy intraday S/R

  22. $JNUG $DUST $GDX $GDXJ $GLD $USO $UWTI $SCO vs $DWTI $UCO $UNG $UGAZ vs $DGAZ are flat too, price is at key point..

  23. Oil prices have moved into ‘super contango’-—commentary $UWTI $DWTI http://www.cnbc.com/2015/11/25/oil-prices-have-moved-into-super-contango-commentary.html

  24. $UWTI Time for shorts to cover, the # s are out and we are headed up into WAR times, bombing oil $DWTI plus long till Dec 4, short after?

  25. $DWTI sold this, done shorting big money and listening to the media