1. $UWTI $DWTI $EXXI Just facts..US&Canada cut and international output hasn t grown what are we left with stop the lies

  2. $UWTI $DWTI Greece saving the day for Oil dollar tanks because possible deal Greece staff level accord with creditors http://www.cnbc.com/id/102710575

  3. $DWTI $UWTI Congrats to everyone that got their Fro on. http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=FRO

  4. $uwti $dwti gap closed, now what

  5. $UWTI $DWTI waiting to see which way oil break out of this channel $USO $DBO

  6. People gave me crap (U know who U are) when I switched to $DWTI yesterday. Guess $ price and charting DOES matter! Switched to $UWTI at 3.16

  7. $UWTI $DWTI Will enter UWTI at some point

  8. $UGAZ $UWTI $UGLD $DGAZ $DWTI - Until the dollar pulls back forget commodities - Go on the short side - $DXY

  9. $DWTI sold at 74

  10. $SCO ,$DWTI ,$ERY ,JIM CHANOS: There s a disaster waiting to happen in the oil and gas industry Read more: http://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Oil-Majors-Falling-Out-Favor-With-This-Hedgefund-Boss.html#ixzz3bLUGlChx

  11. $UWTI $DWTI - If 10:30am is anything but a large draw down this will be a bloodbath - $DWTI is a much safer play - IMHO

  12. $DWTI don t forget to lock some profits! Play the downtrend for now but stay frosty

  13. $UWTI $DWTI I think the dollar slows down here at ($98)..... If we get a flat or bullish report at 10:30 oil will pop hard.

  14. $DWTI Fly Pelican!

  15. $DWTI $UWTI im out of oil for now as there won t be a trend (ltdan) just choppy from here until june 5th

  16. $DWTI We can finally start saying the trend is your friend on this board? man i hated longs saying that when I was buying this

  17. $DWTI Still digging out, but better than bailing out...need to get to 90!! lets go

  18. $UWTI $DWTI like I said last week oil peaks on memorial day

  19. $UWTI testing support. Chart http://www.stockmarketexpress.com/uwti-technical-analysis-of-stock-chart/?utm_content=buffer0ee7e&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer $DWTI $CL_F

  20. $DWTI It s gonna get bloody.....

  21. $UWTI $ISR $PBMD $FXCM $GENE $BIOC $DWTI Watchlist for today $OPXA $GALE $CBLI

  22. $DWTI isn t holding above the 20 or 50 day, $UWTI at least has 20 day support.

  23. $DWTI - Wants more again today

  24. $UWTI $DWTI another leg down here will be great, thinking WTI will retest $54. I may take my profts around $56 if candles change.

  25. $UWTI $DWTI $EXXI For all those people naive enough not to check facts 1970 we had higher US production than now