1. A catch-your-breath day? Holding $acor $aegr $espr $ziop Watching $dyn $icon $kmi $terp $bofi

  2. Scan results - New 52 Week Low today: $CSC $BBL $GLNG $ENI $BHP $LUK $CAR $CBL $DYN $TRGP ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/4/equities?selected_date=2015-11-30

  3. Treacherous trading 3 wins: $DDD $DYN $DAR 3 evens: $NUAN $EWZ $BCS 3 loss: $HPE $CSTM $WPX Performance report at https://www.estockpicks.com/slow-slower-slowest-market-9-stock-alerts-for-112515/

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  5. $DYN Going to 17 again

  6. $DYN at $ 16.93 - Buy Stock Picks Alert at 11:39 AM ET #stocks

  7. $DYN Entered @16.62

  8. Covered Call Alert: DYNEGY $DYN returning up to 27.15% through 18-Mar-2016 http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/11/18/covered-call-alert-dynegy-dyn-returning-up-to-27-15-through-18-mar-2016/

  9. Dynegy Inc. s President and CEO just picked up 10,000 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2190574 $DYN

  10. $DYN jeez jus noticed this broke under 17 today. Talk about a gift rally for short entry . Setting an alert for 17.75

  11. $DYN: New SEC Filing for DYN: Form 4 http://insideri.com/1620387_000114036115040649_0001140361-15-040649

  12. Dynegy Inc. s EVP just picked up 1,000 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=2174272 $DYN

  13. $DYN, 13G filed by Massachusetts Financial Services Co Ma http://www.filingsanalysis.com/sec/26817R108/2014/09/30/, http://www.filingsanalysis.com/managers.php?id=0000912938

  14. Massachusetts Financial Services Company just provided an update on share ownership of Dynegy Inc. http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/13G/summary2/?id=2168563 $DYN

  15. $DYN: New SEC Filing for DYN: Form SC 13G/A, No. 0000912938-15-000404 http://stocknewsflow.com/1379895_000091293815000404_0000912938-15-000404

  16. $DYN Share price is $17.52 vs Future cash flow value of $30.41 and at a substantial discount (> 40%).

  17. $DYN End of Day Scan: Stochastic Oversold

  18. Video of Stocks to Watch on November 9th http://dailytradingsignals.com/2015/11/09/video-of-stocks-to-watch-on-november-9th/ $WPRT $EROS $BIOS $TRUE $DYN $STRP $IFON $EYEG $EFOI

  19. $SPY day trade watchlist http://www.tradewithjoe.com/day-trade-watchlist-1192015/ $WPRT $EROS $BIOS $TRUE $DYN $STRP $IFON $EYEG $EFOI

  20. Video of Stocks to Watch on November 9th: $WPRT $EROS $BIOS $SPY $TRUE $DYN $STRP $IFON $EYEG $$EFOI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0M2Mgt1Wr4&feature=youtu.be

  21. Reading CEO admissions put forth on the subject of $DYN transcript http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://seekingalpha.com/article/3655416-dynegys-dyn-ceo-bob-flexon-on-q3-2015-results-earnings-call-transcript

  22. $DYN Bearish DailyPlay for 11/6 after breaking below $20 support on earnings announcement. https://app.optionsplay.com/#share/563bcc9e99d19a0ee0c65dfd

  23. Dynegy Inc. Just Filed Its Quarterly Report: Note 18—Earnings (Lo... http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/Q/summary2/?id=2153374 $DYN

  24. Looks like $DYN has been repurchasing shares. The drop in share count ranks them #49 on this buybacks list: http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/cannibals/

  25. $DYN: New SEC Filing for DYN: Form 10-Q, No. 0001379895-15-000018 http://stocknewsflow.com/1379895_000137989515000018_0001379895-15-000018