1. Some of the big boys breaking down today keep an eye out for a bounce http://y.ahoo.it/ajmCNFIu $PFE $BBRY $GTAT $GM $EA $UPS $HZNP

  2. $GME If this is a reaction to $EA, then it s nonsense. XB1 is failing, and $EA is cannibalizing itself, with very limited game selection.

  3. $GLUU it s not KK. It s about making more KK type games. Prob won t check back for a couple months. Welcome to the new $ea newbs!

  4. $EA Why GameStop (GME) Stock Is Slumping Today http://y.ahoo.it/BJCEhATH

  5. $ea announces subscription services and $gme drops out. lawl.

  6. It s not in the $GME. GameStop down nearly 8%. Chatter about new $EA subscription games seems to be hurting the stock.

  7. $EA $GME FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2, and Battlefield 4 for 30 per year - not a bad deal considering the games retail for over 100

  8. Streaming for $EA games on XBox One? http://y.ahoo.it/KH2TQ5pr

  9. Midday Market Update and $SPX Stock Scanning for July 29 $EA $WYNN http://y.ahoo.it/DyNZ5ZDE #mkt $$

  10. $GME Reason for selloff $EA lhttp://y.ahoo.it/vymLZd2w

  11. $GME s inventory becomes worthless after one year. Good job $EA

  12. $GME seems to be holding up around 45 for now, better than expected after that news from $EA

  13. @clarkevii I agree, everyone already knows you can buy games online, what does it matter if you buy through $EA online now??

  14. GameStop $GME dips; $EA, $MSFT partner on new subscription service $$ http://y.ahoo.it/asQW58PZ

  15. Shorting $GME on the news... 30 bucks/yr for all of $EA s old games? $GME can t keep an inventory for a year then.

  16. Sold my $GME share at 46.53 on the news of $EA launching its own Netflix-for-games service on the Xbox One (profit of 10.13/share).

  17. $EA Launches A $30 Per Year Netflix For Games On Xbox One http://y.ahoo.it/z22OFAoN

  18. $EA how does the valuation look at this point???

  19. $EA Beat set. On ER, PEG only .75 and $2.32 in cash. Why down, then down? Unjustified

  20. $EA OUT 34.42 +.18

  21. $EA

  22. $EA LONG 34.24

  23. $EA liking this dip to get long. starting to look O/S on the lower BB. On buy radar.

  24. Covered $EA at $34.55 (-21%)

  25. $EA Why is this so down?