1. $EA posted Yday. now above ma50

  2. $EA Wasn t able to find an entry point on this today. Will try again tomorrow.

  3. $EA upward trend again.

  4. 7 Best Large-Cap Tech Stocks to Buy Right Now @JonnyKnews $EA $FISV $ATVI $CTSH https://alpha.finbox.io/marginhunt?idea=561d2689bbbac9d500419f49&r=Y3IUO

  5. Time to play a game? Quick question. Which do you think is a better buy? $ATVI or $EA? Both on fire. Both have big hits now & in pipeline.

  6. Glu up 5.9%, taps EA veteran Wilson as global CTO http://seekingalpha.com/news/2825216-glu-up-5_9-percent-taps-ea-veteran-wilson-as-global-cto?source=tweet $GLUU $EA

  7. $EA: Party with the Minions in Minions Paradise, an All New Game ... http://stockwires.com/party-with-the-minions-in-minions-paradise-an-all-new-game

  8. Notable Active Stock’s News Update: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/notable-active-stocks-news-update-wells-fargo-nysewfc-williams-companies-nysewmb-electronic-arts-nasdaqea/1535240/ $WFC $WMB $EA

  9. When $GLUU hires an $EA exec that s good news. But when $ZNGA does, watch out.

  10. $EA moved down on a very low volume. Don t give too much significance to this move.

  11. $EA is a BUY with 15.3% upside to current price of $68.11 based on averages of all analyst ratings/targets http://manyratings.com/EA

  12. Oct 12 Divergent Range Market Update and Stock Scan $PCLN $SPX $EA http://blog.afraidtotrade.com/oct-12-divergent-range-market-update-and-stock-scan/ $$

  13. $EA shares rally on strong buzz around Star Wars Battlefront

  14. $EA hitting the 100MA, 20MA, 34EMA at 68. Basically, a wall.

  15. From my custom scans, some of the technically best looking #US charts for shhort term: $AQXP $ASTI $ CCL $EA $PIR (Do ur DD.)

  16. Insider Selling: Cisco Systems, Electronic Arts, And JetBlue Airways http://www.businessfinancenews.com/24890-insider-selling-cisco-systems-inc-csco-electronic-arts-inc-ea-and-jetblue-a/ $CSCO $EA $JBLU

  17. $EA posted earlier..yes reversal day

  18. @howardlindzon Am I missing someone or is Electronic Arts $EA the comeback in tech of the decade ? I say yes

  19. $NVCR $FB $JUNO $EA strong. $VMW Finally in 69 s- slow fade. $LLY $ESPR predictable chop. $CELG nice run up on news. $AMGN Nice recovery.

  20. $EA at best, a double top formation in the near future. Looking to short soon.

  21. $EA Woke up to an all green portfolio!! way to go baby!!!

  22. $EA If the non-stop weekend posts on 9gag and facebook are any indication, Star Wars will not disappoint!

  23. $FB $EA Not seeing follow through on rev s today. Looks like seat warming day... market volume very light outside of open. $VMW slow burn.

  24. Am I missing someone or is Electronic Arts $EA the comeback in tech of the decade ? I say yes

  25. $EA Would we see $69 this week?! It seems to be the next resistance level. Any input?