1. September 23, 2014 RS Movers http://y.ahoo.it/PJZDfQsw $IYZ $CF $COH $EBAY $PRGO $TXN $BA $QCOM $CLF $EXK $COG $ADBE

  2. is $EBAY in trouble? $AAPL http://y.ahoo.it/psS7SudC

  3. $EBAY - hopefully this breaks above $53 resistance tomorrow.

  4. $EBAY Short term BEARISH, will hit 51 soon

  5. $BABA $AMZN $EBAY $JD CHART OF THE DAY: People Spend Over $9,000 On Alibaba Every Second http://y.ahoo.it/nITCilhH

  6. Have no fear $EBAY, bitcoin is here! #paypal #applepay $AAPL

  7. Paypal extends hand and pockets to Bitcoin ... Very cool http://y.ahoo.it/36qvDYwB $ebay

  8. $EBAY gap filled, new downleg coming before earnings.

  9. eBay Boyar Research, And Investing in Companies with Significant Hidden Assets http://y.ahoo.it/xe4Z9GN1 $EBAY $AMZN

  10. $EBAY Bitcoin deal giving PayPal a lift. http://y.ahoo.it/PE39DKSd

  11. $EBAY come on...break 53 already!

  12. Alibaba is aiming at eBay and Amazon but not inside the US — everywhere else http://y.ahoo.it/rwUfruDM $BABA $EBAY $AMZN

  13. $EBAY The 2 year range this is in is hilarious. Will we see $60 or $49 first?

  14. #USell: Why This $2 Stock Should Be Trading Above $6 Today $EBAY $USELL http://y.ahoo.it/NWJpdIy2

  15. $ebay Didnt know Paypal owned Venmo...very interesting...

  16. PayPal enables Bitcoin transactions for merchants selling digital goods. (@TechCrunch) http://y.ahoo.it/dqRTlHHJ $EBAY $BCOIN $BTCUSD

  17. Thank you based PayPal $EBAY

  18. $USEL could explode higher soon. uSell Hits Record Numbers for iPhone and Total Orders http://y.ahoo.it/is7LRb4l $AAPL $BABA $EBAY

  19. Eyes on $USEL ,stock is setting up for a sharp move higher. Potential Aquisition Target. $EBAY

  20. $USEL With todays news http://y.ahoo.it/ERYyqMvo i believe it s now a serious takeover candidate by $EBAY $BABA or even $YHOO

  21. $EBAY Continuing a nice chug upward. This happened last year too and had many sharp moves down while on the way up!

  22. $EBAY Giddyup! I m buying NOV 55 calls.

  23. $EBAY might be having a nice little breakout here

  24. $TWTR about to pass $EBAY in price Holding 55 calls in each name.

  25. $IEP WTF did Ichan go out of business today?? most $IEP holdings up today!! $EBAY $AAPL