1. $ECTE I completely understand people jumping. Didn t get a quick pop bc news baked in. But this stock will double by this time next year

  2. Exited $ECTE for a +5% Gain in 7 Days was expecting a 15% here but it is what it is! (not enough swinging to my liking, why I exited)

  3. $ECTE i feel we have a ceo with integrity,transparency and a lot of connections.

  4. $ECTE liked the conf call moving forward not wasting money patience,partnership right the corner IMO

  5. $ECTE they made more changes/improvements than i expected in such a short time. Good change of direction. I see good things ahead.

  6. $ECTE So it looks like a partnership announcement is the only thing that will raise this up

  7. $ECTE ...to enable 3rd-party software dev to create their own apps as well as interfaces for other devices.

  8. $ECTE Echo will develop a simple app that tracks glucose curves while also developing a software API...

  9. $ECTE I like the quicker speed and the new design changes. http://lifetechcapital.com/ltc/2015/03/echo-ecte-note-03-04-15/

  10. $ECTE watching

  11. $ECTE Upgraded to Neutral by lifetech http://lifetechcapital.com/ltc/2015/03/echo-ecte-note-03-04-15/

  12. $ECTE This should take off today!

  13. $ECTE A very good insight in to the CC last night http://www.investorvillage.com/groups.asp?mb=17850&mn=437&pt=msg&mid=14722627


  15. @barna so $DRL finally got laid to rest. Meanwhile $ECTE is close to where we bought it ages ago. Update for u if u haven t checked lol

  16. $ECTE has the right strategy. Mobile app space will explode with integration into CGM for wellness. Sports Science market alone is $$$

  17. $ECTE Very good CC now in talks with big data and app partners. China will be in production in Q4. Would not talk about a buyout.

  18. $ECTE Now only development and optimization no longer R & D

  19. $ECTE $2.83 PM

  20. $ECTE http://wearables.reviewed.com/features/how-wearables-will-revolutionize-healthcare


  22. $ECTE added also added cytx two run homer!$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  23. $ECTE where do you see this going with good news?

  24. $ECTE looking for good news tomorrow

  25. $ECTE lets do this