1. New breakouts: $DRNA $CEMP $CVTI $TKMR --> Almost there $ECTE $USAK $ALDR $OSIR $OVAS $TSRA $CTAS $MRK $INGN $LEG $PANW

  2. $ARWR $ACHN $MNKD $TKMR $FXCM $AMRN $CLDX $PCYC $NAVB $ECTE Chart of the day triggered on huge volume: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b10v74p7p3hojzz/Capture.PNG?dl=0

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  4. @Ding_Ding 2500 shares only, then 500 at 2.20, around 24 seconds after close...no volume $ECTE

  5. @Ding_Ding: $ECTE up to $2.41 AH whats going on? It s a partnership with Chinese company MTIA

  6. $ECTE Sit Back & enjoy the blast Off tomorrow

  7. $ECTE up to $2.41 AH whats going on?

  8. $ECTE Getting ready for another big bump. Coming soon.

  9. $ECTE http://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/echo-therapeutics-and-medical-technologies-innovation-asia-mtia-reaffirm-operational-partnership-20150121-00253

  10. $ECTE Patent transferred over to mtia for use in China only. Man, revenue will get so nice!

  11. $ECTE re enter @1.80$

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  13. $ECTE To late to jump in?

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  15. $ECTE Lifetech capital analyst should upgrade stock as soon as plan is announced

  16. $ECTE still expecting good things ahead. reduced position a bit at 2.26, should have waited a day for 2.40. Letting the rest ride.

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  19. $ECTE Liked the movement. Put in a second gtc_ext buy order in at 2.10

  20. $ECTE Well done! Soon I ll enter again..

  21. $ECTE is this frozen?

  22. $ECTE closed yesterday before the close for a 45% gain... Will step in again below 1.80$.. LT very good! in the meantime adding $MNKD!

  23. $ECTE Opening a position on this pullback.

  24. $ECTE blood bath

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