1. If U R a short term trader & long term #investor $ECTE Buy Btw 2/2.76 near term tgt abv 3.78 @ 5.54 & long term @ 8.2/9.58, avg @1.33 #ECTE

  2. @ELLu411 $ECTE Below 2.76 likely to fill 2 Also short term sup & best buy for near term traders, Daily resis 2 watch for 3.13

  3. @ELLu411 $ECTE bottoming process has some bearish momentum as of daily till 2.96 -2.84, It also acts as sup / best buy 4 wkly tgt 3.26/3.77

  4. @ELLu411 $ECTE Yes, here you are, Monthly Trend is making a base & bottoming b4 the Big BO above 3.77 targeting 5.54 - 8.20 - 9.58 whatever

  5. $ECTE Come on. Just get approval already.

  6. Ideally id like to see the market TANK but $KOOL $BONE $BSPM $SSH $GALE $ECTE to spike. How does one make it happen?

  7. $ECTE Low volume. Looks like those who are in, are in and those who are out, are out. Now we are just all waiting.

  8. why isn t $ecte saying in proxy about the proposal of the board member by platinum? $ECTE http://y.ahoo.it/wjJM5KqJ


  10. @barna I like the sound of this! Hopefully soon. Do you think this will happen before $ECTE CE approval?

  11. Echo Therapeutics just filed its Other definitive proxy statements http://y.ahoo.it/RIJSVqf3 $ECTE

  12. First time I ve come out of meeting with more money than I came in with for weeks. Slightly more. $ECTE $BLDP $KOOL

  13. $ECTE Added more. $plug $app.

  14. @BenzNY @barna $ECTE yea..me too. Look for a good entry price. Holding tight on this kinda market, stronger than I thought. Like a $3 entry?

  15. $ECTE everytime I get anxious I just read this again http://y.ahoo.it/gddODmUb

  16. @furious $SSH I m out of most of my biotech now. Just dropping too fast. Holding $ECTE and that s it! Sitting on cash till things settle!

  17. @barna when is this CE news for $ECTE suppose to be coming?

  18. @evand $ECTE ... & ECTE may go below 3 as people move on to other investments. We could see $MNKD approved before $ECTE :-)

  19. @evand $ECTE .... & EU device review periods are *averages*, not firm dates. Playing becomes more challenging : eg $MNKD will go under 6 ...

  20. @evand $ECTE In theory, that s true re $ECTE & $MNKD dates, but some FDA rulings are issued before an official extension date . . .

  21. $KOOL $BONE $ECTE @barna r u still holding?

  22. @evand $ECTE & $MNKD both in extended approval. If approvals are separated, I will use gains from first to buy more of the second :-)

  23. $ECTE $BONE $IMPV Should be a great rest of april

  24. @micheleciani: #biotech buylist $SYN $CPRX $AGEN $IPCI $PGNX $ECTE $ALXA

  25. #biotech buylist $SYN $CYTK $CPRX $AGEN $SGYP $IPCI $MSTX $SPHS $PGNX $ECTE $ALXA $EVOK $OPXA $CYTR and others http://y.ahoo.it/PyCcZsR4