1. $ECTE Ay, caramba !! Wouldn t touch this stock.

  2. $YHOO 2k 42.66 $DRL 5K 6.27 $XXII 17k 3.00 $SSH 5K 6.15 $ECTE 30K 3.11 $CNAT 5k 6.68 $OREX 5K 5.89

  3. @barna @closingcash guessing he s referring to $ECTE

  4. $ECTE @Onward Is abbots system needle free system ? because, Echo s symphony cgm system differentiate being for icu patients & needleless.

  5. $ECTE Abbott glucose monitor eliminates finger sticks, receives CE mark.

  6. $ECTE Abbott Receives CE Mark for FreeStyle® Libre, a Revolutionary Glucose Monitoring System for People with Diabetes.

  7. $ECTE So when s the next round of dilution? Or are they just looking to close up shop in a few months when they are broke? Love the tech.

  8. Boring day on the market today. I m going to paty. Have fun guys. $DRL $OREX $SSH $XXII $ECTE $CNAT

  9. $ECTE note2self: bought at 1.90,averaged down 1.96

  10. $DRL 5K 6.27 $XXII 17k 3.00 $SSH 5K 6.15 $ECTE 30K 3.11 $CNAT 5k 6.68 $OREX 5K 5.89

  11. $XXII 17k 3.00 $SSH 5K 6.15 $ECTE 30K 3.11 $DRL 5K 6.27 $CNAT 5k 6.68 $SCOK 3k 6.35 $OREX 5K 5.89 <--- PDUFA tomorrow

  12. $ECTE just about ripe for resubmission

  13. @barna: $XXII 17k 3.00 $SSH 5K 6.15 $ECTE 30K 3.11 $GTXI 30K 1.27 $DRL 5K 7.08 $SNSS 4K 7.51 Sweet..$$))

  14. $XXII 17k 3.00 $SSH 5K 6.15 $ECTE 30K 3.11 $GTXI 30K 1.27 $DRL 5K 7.08 $SNSS 4K 7.51

  15. $ECTE Nice upward turn on this stock hope for a continued run

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  17. Which medical-equipment stocks should you buy? $BSX $MDT $DGX $SYK $ZMH $COV $STJ $LH $ECTE $BONE $INGN http://y.ahoo.it/h8Kl3gNR

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  19. $BONE Sorry guys. I just sold all my shares. Made up the loss elsewhere in total today. Still in $BSPM $ECTE $SSH $GTXI

  20. $ECTE Starting to avg down for resubmission

  21. $ECTE company cuts its workforce by 35%. 28 employees — which would translate into 10 positions being eliminated http://y.ahoo.it/VnIoTRdT

  22. $ECTE Took a bath on this one ... bought at $5 sold at $3. Best sale I ever made this year. Ugghhhh! Onwards to under $1

  23. $ECTE I can t beleive what has happened to this company. May not even exist in a year or two. Board ran this into the ground. Needs a buyout

  24. $BSPM 20K 1.76 $DRL 6K 7.52 $BONE 10k 6.85 $SSH 5K 6.15 $GTXI 100k 1.27 $ECTE 30K 3.11

  25. Echo Therapeutics, Inc. Announces Second Quarter 2014 Financial Results And Provides Business Update http://y.ahoo.it/7Cs8l6Dm $ECTE