1. In $ECTE on $KOOL earnings #LGR

  2. @jwlawrence06 @Sprietkerk @StocksThatDouble $ECTE Agree re normal range. There were a couple of peaks in mid/high 20s in the past two weeks.

  3. @Bullsallday $ECTE I bought in @ $3.12 & continued to add up to $3.25 for 7K total. Now waiting for sub $3.15 for further add :-)

  4. @ELLu411 $ECTE I think the worst thing re approval waits are that they tie up cash which could be used elsewhere pro tem :-)

  5. @Bullsallday $ECTE These pending approval ones are tricky. ECTE has had some volatility = your friend. I buy on dip & add when lower :-)

  6. Echo Therapeutics just filed its Preliminary proxy statements, contested solicitations http://y.ahoo.it/rIL0Sbzc $ECTE

  7. $ECTE @ELLu411 Still potentially another +/-80 days to go.

  8. @barna Nice, $ECTE looks like a coiled spring on the daily http://y.ahoo.it/lvHvZwYX

  9. $KOOL back to my vacay, see u guys back here in 10 days. When $BONE and $ECTE double ;) GL #LGR

  10. @Chris1029384756 i made 25k on it. Ill sit and watch. Got other stocks to nuke. $BONE $BSPM $ECTE $SSH

  11. @jwlawrence06 next to blow up for sure. As soon as Guy Crook sells all his $BONE shares and $ECTE gets CE Mark

  12. $ECTE Dammit, only partially filled at 3.12 :S C mon.

  13. $ECTE Is it a bad sign this hasn t been approved already?

  14. $ECTE Are there any risks involved with CE Mark Approval? Chances of rejection? Thanks in advance.

  15. Anyone playing $POZN for PDUFA on Friday? Thoughts--? $ECTE $MNKD $KNDI

  16. @ianlebeau @Bullsallday $ECTE Same here!

  17. $ECTE Freed up some cash, I just need this to go down a bit to add. 3.10 would be wonderful.

  18. 3 trades today: $ZBB $ECTE $INUV http://y.ahoo.it/D82shB2i

  19. @StocksThatDouble $ECTE If ce approval had been leaked, I guarantee you this would be much higher than it currently is.

  20. $ECTE Has 6 consecutive hours of up moves. This normally does not happen. CE approval may have been leaked.

  21. $ECTE long 1500 shrs at 3.22 for a swing trade. CE approv trade.

  22. $ECTE Another low volume day. In are in. Out are out. Now we are all just spectators waiting for the CE.

  23. $KNDI $BLDP $ECTE $DDD Now is the time to buy and sit tight. Cannot wait to sell all of my KNDI shares. Hope it goes to 22 then back to 11.

  24. Echo Therapeutics just filed its Additional definitive proxy soliciting materials and Rule 14(a)(12) material http://y.ahoo.it/DtInNNWm $ECTE

  25. @mazlat10: $ECTE board acting again on their OWN AGENDA throw them out