1. $EDAP EPS diluted $0.26, http://investor.edap-tms.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=884056 ..is this bull or bear msg?

  2. $EDAP Pretty boring here....where s the juice!?

  3. $EDAP 220.stop.bottomed-out + 250.best-case.target + 145-165.worst-case.target

  4. @hle $EDAP Bruce & Co has been there long time, but looks like $GS is also back in. They have a history of adding for the run up.

  5. $EDAP major holders https://finance.yahoo.com/q/mh?s=EDAP+Major+Holders, noticed BRUCE & CO., INC which holds >1mil shares,

  6. $Edap major holders https://finance.yahoo.com/q/mh?s=EDAP+Major+Holders

  7. $EDAP so undervalued at these levels.

  8. @StockTwits $EDAP , http://seekingalpha.com/symbol/EDAP, PE 7.04.. looks good!!!!

  9. $EDAP, PPS $2.29 today 12/04/14, Current Q Report EPS is 0.32, its PE should be 7.15 this should be good for long term investment

  10. $$EDAP PPS $2.29 today 12/04/14, Current Q Report EPS is 0.32, its PE should be 7.15.. this should be good for long term investment

  11. $EDAP i got some 2,25s. hope this is the bottom

  12. $EDAP rising on low volume. This is a very strong signal!

  13. $EDAP Back in @ 2.39

  14. $EDAP nice pullback today giving a chance to buy. The big buys (large green bar) at the end of the day means it will bounce from here

  15. $EDAP 2,24 might be next entry point.

  16. $EDAP Out at 2.36. Didn t like how it broke 2.40 support. Revisit later.

  17. $EDAP Not a good day for IBB. Counting on EDAP to hold critical support @ 2.40.

  18. $EDAP BREAKOUT WATCH for possible breakout above 2.62, no resistance in area just above. Target: 3.04, 18.3% http://www.stockconsultant.com/consultnow/basicplus.cgi?symbol=edap

  19. $EDAP with a .32 eps last quarter ...this will pop over $3.00 short term ...then much higher longer term

  20. $EDAP Anyone else notice this rising wedge? It suggests EDAP will top out at 2.70. http://stocktwits.com/message/29729919

  21. $EDAP another nice day....$3.00 next week

  22. $EDAP Time to raise the ask...

  23. $EDAP Shorts will not succeed here with their low bids

  24. $EDAP Good base at 2.60 forming. ~2.50 sellers drying up.

  25. $EDAP This should see $5.00 in no time with that huge .32 EPS quarter and PMA catalyst