1. correction /// $EDAP closed at $1.69 from $1.50 for 12.67%


  3. LONG: $ARIA $PRAN $EDAP $XOMA $ECX.DE WATCHING: $EXEL- some signals are from RUHUK http://y.ahoo.it/DjkMLsLx

  4. $EDAP Conference call Aug 28th 8:30 am Always like when co s have pre-market CC s. Usually they have positive news.revenues/updates.

  5. $EDAP I m happy, I m not holding the bag . HA HA HA I will day trade it but you are a fool holder. I m good and you are , well you get it.

  6. $EDAP get back up there

  7. $EDAP seemingly no move till earnings

  8. $ARIA $PRAN $EDAP $XOMA good start.

  9. $EDAP The lawsuit firm had a hard time getting investors to come out. NO worry. It s very bullish to me. http://y.ahoo.it/ikSxHW2d

  10. Very bullish todday: LONG: $ARIA $PRAN $EDAP $XOMA $ECX.DE WATCHING: $EXEL- some signals are from RUHUK http://y.ahoo.it/xOuPTfQ9

  11. LONG: $ARIA $PRAN $EDAP $XOMA $ECX.DE WATCHING: $EXEL- some signals are from RUHUK http://y.ahoo.it/eAhOYuCk

  12. $EDAP So can anyone tell me how an ultrasound can take out prostate cancer? I don t understand their technology and how it could work

  13. $EDAP No reason not to hold this for 6 months. I m speculating with reasons $4-5.

  14. Only me? newarly all stocks heavy DIP und immediatly up again? Software error or market crazy? LONG: $ARIA $PRAN $EDAP $XOMA WATCHING: $EXEL

  15. $EDAP Slow climb is better than no climb.

  16. $XOMA moving on, $ARIA nice too, $EDAP green, $PRAN waiting for volume...

  17. $EDAP It should be trading at $3 - Hedge funds coming in. Matter of time when it goes back at $3

  18. $EDAP Sky rocket today...hopefully some people see the undervalue stock. Rallying again...yay!!

  19. $EDAP & $PRAN bullish on it...

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  21. LONG: $ARIA $PRAN $EDAP WATCHING: $EXEL- some signals are from RUHUK http://y.ahoo.it/Wyg9BAUU GL and lets have a green week

  22. $EDAP anyone else seeing a 4.72ask in AH?

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  25. LONG: $ARIA $PRAN $EXEL $EDAP $ENZN - Panic regarding Russia is gone. Up again.