1. $EDAP Hope we can head into the weekend green !! $$$$. EDAP you can do it!

  2. $EDAP AH trading records: at 16:25:27 PM $ 3.08 vol 58 & at 16:25:28 PM $ 2.9705 vol 58... looks like some trader playing shorting game

  3. $edap AH trading doesnt make sense

  4. $EDAP Great run up, I bet green day tomorrow and rest of week

  5. $EDAP Nice run up!!! $ green tomorrow I bet. All day

  6. $EDAP on watch beware of low volume

  7. $EDAP Recently received approval from Canada on HIFU Device(prostate cancer play). Stocks pulling back into key moving averages of support.

  8. $EDAP green day!!

  9. H.C. Wainwright s 8 Healthcare Stock Picks: http://tradingcommonsense.com/?p=1032 $ADXS $ALDX $ALQA $EDAP $GNSZ $IGXT $MELA $SRNE

  10. $EDAP Run up $$$$

  11. @daytrader21 I don t have a position in $EDAP. if I had this, I d set stop under today s low or under ma200.

  12. @daytrader21 I ll be watching for reversal signals. $EDAP

  13. @daytrader21 I m more concerned with where it goes from here and how fast. after today it could head for the gap near 2.25 /// $EDAP

  14. @momentumstocks What is your price target on $EDAP ?

  15. $EDAP chart update from InPlay List /// no pos http://stocktwits.com/message/31548424

  16. $EDAP :)

  17. $EDAP it s about time for a run up. From a TA standpoint, it is hitting support points at bottom IMO. Excited for this week Let s go bulls $

  18. @Gentlemansjack82 What do you think $EDAP will move to tomorrow??

  19. bakbo Dec. 10 at 10:41 AM $EDAP 220.stop.bottomed-out + 250.best-case.target + 145-165.worst-case.target Bullish

  20. $EDAP It will skyrocket soon as the new approve of Canadian FDA will jump up sale in Europe and Canada.

  21. $EDAP http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/edap/time-sales?time=13 see last 100 trade of Friday.. doesn t make sense with a drop from $2.96 to $2.92 (low volume again)...

  22. $EDAP http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/edap/after-hours price drop with low volume after hours ???? (manipulated?)

  23. $EDAP Lets get above $3.4 today $$$ HUGE run after market correction I hope GREEN DAY IMO $$$$$$

  24. $EDAP does anyone know when q4 results get released?

  25. $EDAP We need some GREEN $$$$$