1. ETF heat map http://finviz.com/map.ashx?t=etf $GDX $SPY $EDZ $XLE $EDC and more

  2. $EDC sold some

  3. Premarket Gainers- $BID $SPLK $JNUG $CLF $ERX $JRJC $RESN $EDC $ROST $SBGL $SFUN $SCTY $NUGT $EYES #stocks #trading

  4. $TNA $EDC will go higher today later

  5. I ll take a little $EDC at $25 if I can get it.

  6. $TNA $EDC strong buy still

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  8. $UCO $BNO $DBO $OIH $TNA $TZA $VEU $VWO $EEM $EDC $EDZ $LBJ $ERX $ERY oil bulls, analysis for a cheap growth pick: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2566285-petroamerica-my-additional-take

  9. $EDC EDC VS EDZ. EDC VS EDZ http://stocktwits.com/message/28832437

  10. Enjoy your money with the Market until by year end $AAPL $TNA $ARMH $MU $EDC $JCP $KLAC $FB $TWTR $OPEN

  11. $KLAC pay $16.50 one time Dividend say $75+16.50 =$91.50 by year end Good value play. Buy $LRCX $SOXL $EDC $AAPL Bullish signal

  12. @wisdom_trade: $TNA $EDC $JNUG all buy signal very strong today. $JCP time to buy again

  13. $TNA $EDC $JNUG all buy signal very strong today. $jCP time to buy again

  14. $EDC and $TNA long term buy signal triggering now

  15. $EEM appears to be putting in an inverse head and shoulders pattern. Something to keep an eye on. $EDC $EDZ

  16. $EDC I am new to market , this stock is 3x of which index? s&p or what? sorry I am the dumb one here

  17. @ja3hood $TNA $EDC Buy List lot of room to go up

  18. $EDC first shave 1/6

  19. $EDC Moving higher

  20. $TNA $SOXL $EDC $ERX $SVXY $$JCP $ all buy here the Correction 8.5% is over . Market will test new high

  21. $TNA $EDC Best buy here. The Correction is over now. $TNA go to $70

  22. $EDC taken

  23. $EEM $EDC article from SA, the cheapest oil producer now is in an emerging market: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2562065-petroamerica-oil-welcome-to-the-cheapest-oil-producer-worldwide-part-2

  24. $EDC $TNA SIVX XIV All up After Hour: $EDC up $1 $ SVXY up $1.50, $XIV up $1 $TNA up $1.50

  25. $INTC $TNA $EDC $XIV all green after hour trade