1. Will nibble some longs here $EDC

  2. $EEM $EDC remember just two months ago, pundits slammed emerging markets. look at it now. however its now OVERBOUGHT. need a 5% correction

  3. $EDC shorting this. need a 3-5% pullback. RSI over 75.

  4. dumped $YINN lightened up $XPP $EDC

  5. Emerging Market Stocks Advance to Four-Month High as Vale Jumps http://y.ahoo.it/MVrp2Ms4 via @BloombergNews $EEM $EDC $VWO

  6. Last week a 24.7%, 8.8%, and 13% gainer came off our Weekend Edition. Check it out now http://y.ahoo.it/kRDwOVJS $mygn $upl $algn $edc $IBB

  7. We Have some stocks Market Protection during correction $TZA $UVXY $EDC $JCP $ERY

  8. 3/31 Monday pre market reco s for LT Trends $upl $edc $eem $tas $aci to our subscribers. Inflation, Commodities coming back

  9. $EEM $EDZ $EDC exited..nimble nimble. take anything on the short side i get, which was a buck on EZA

  10. $EEM $EDC $EDZ EEM LOD putting up a fight

  11. $EEM $EDC $EDZ Snapback retest in progress, 200MA ~39.92, 200EMA ~40.11.

  12. $EDC looking a lot like NUGT when gold hit 1393 super bullish ... then POP POP POP down she went..

  13. $EDC notice was going up when dow spx was weak 2 weeks ago and now just keeps going up w/market.

  14. $EEM $EDC $EDZ trying a nimble short here..

  15. $EEM $EDC well...finally took profits on this trade. should see snap back retest of 200mas in the near future

  16. $EDC can you say top heavy? shaping up for a massive correction tomorrow IMHO

  17. $EEM $EDC Gravestone doji warning from friday is being neutralized. even if turns down, can not confirm. Above 200 EMA and MA

  18. Long term ideas to go with the new trend $edc $aci $upl $sn $clr to name a few. Also $mux $tas etc.

  19. How $CHINA Propaganda Keeps Fooling The $NYT $EU And America http://y.ahoo.it/lmYQxLYj via@forbes $FXI $EEM $CNY $EDC $JJC $GLD $SLV $EEM $YINN

  20. Americans Tax Dollars Subsidizing The Rise Of $CHINA -By The $FED ? http://y.ahoo.it/vtZJZbNj via@forbes $FXI $YINN $BACHY $CICHY $ACGBY $EDC

  21. $EEM $EDC good week to have been long emg mkt. ncan it continue? that is one ugly gravestone doji on EDC. needs to negate that on mon.

  22. $EDC uo 24%since March 20 low

  23. $EEM $EDC 200MA broken..wedged between 200MA and 200EMA. Breakout....

  24. $EDC Up again look out gold!

  25. $edc $chxx $eem $ewz - all up today - what I m watching